I do believe


I believe in magic, do you?
It’s really true

the magic is real
it’s all part of the deal

A fairy, an elf
all by himself ?
maybe add, an angel, a pixie …

A unicorn, a Pegasus, too
they just flew through

the magic forest I see
flying high as can be …


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10 thoughts on “I do believe

  1. I believe in magic, magic of hugs,magic of love,magic of chocolates,magic of true friendships..oh there is magic every where..
    wonderful thought Autumn
    i know you are a true believer of magic
    hugs n love and yay to the power of magic 🙂

    • Right, Soma, there’s all kinds of magic 🙂 chocolates 😉 that was a good one, for sure! I am a true believer, and anything is possible 🙂 hugs and love!!! P.S. HUGS to Bonita, she’s the best little magical fairy in training ever ❤

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