Young Twinnies Create a New Hairstyle

Oh yes we Twinnies did! At a young age of maybe about  8 years old, Autumn and I decided to give ourselves a hair style makeover. Well, that spelled trouble in the making…I will never forget the grand plans we were hatching. What brought this memory to my mind, a friend had told me of her niece giving herself and her doll a haircut. That’s all it took and my memories were flowing!

Autumn and I had very long curly hair, and we liked that part just fine. We still both do by the way! What we didn’t have were bangs, so we Twinnies would just have to get ourselves some! We had some rather blunt, safe kid’s scissors and obviously not meant for cutting hair. Also, really not supposed to be used without permission. Needless to say, Autumn and I had it in our heads we were going to have “the new look” and we would surprise everyone!

Mom was busy with our two younger sisters who were about 2 1/2 and 4 years old. So, Autumn and I thought we would be nice and not bother her…Oh, the mistakes of the young! Well, we Twinnies happily chatted as we set to cutting each others hair, creating those much longed for bangs. Oops, why was our hair looking so not right?!  Where were those pretty bangs we wanted so badly? We both started crying at the horrible results, the happy chatting was now over. Oh my goodness, we had a real disaster going on! Mom had heard our crying and had just put the little sisters down for a nap. We sure had her undivided attention now…Uh oh, she wasn’t looking too happy. The look on her face, well I do remember it to this day…Mom didn’t cry, but it sure looked like she wanted to.

Autumn and I had made a royal mess going on with our bangs, they looked like we had perhaps cut them with pinking shears! Up and down, so uneven but thankfully we hadn’t messed around with the rest of our hair. Mom fixed up our bangs, she did a pretty good job of straightening out our mess I must say. But the Twinnies were not at all happy with our new bangs, so we were still crying and asking Mom to glue on our real hair and get rid of those now hated bangs. Oh my, we were so delusional weren’t we? Well, we were young and you know how that goes!

Of course you can’t glue hair back on, we had bangs like it or not. Mom gave us a cheery little talk about how cute and stylish they were, making it a wonderful new thing. She was good because, soon our tears had dried and we were looking in our mirror and smiling…Mom sure had worked her magic! The dreaded bangs took awhile to grow out and what a lesson learned for Autumn and me. The story being told to all the younger sisters, none of them attempted such a stunt, thankfully for our poor Mom’s sake!

Have any of you kind readers did such a haircutting thing when you were young? Care to share? Oh, come on do share…You are among friends here! 🙂 🙂


24 thoughts on “Young Twinnies Create a New Hairstyle

  1. I know Twinnie, it’s a hard to forget memory! We really did do some really stange stuff and had plenty of lofty plans and ideas! 🙂 Those bangs were OK, we were blessed they grew in fast. 🙂 Also, Mom still remembers this one like it was yesterday and not a fond memory for her either! TF ❤

    • It’s good to know you never messed around trying to cut your hair Lauren. 🙂 Ouch, about the gum in hair though, not a pleasant experience at all! (Yes, we did that one, too.) I am so glad you liked this post, you know I will always be sharing. 🙂 xx

  2. 😆 we are truly soul sisters Gabby..what a fun story
    And yes yours truly did that too …..we were at a marriage i think it was my cousins marriage and in middle of that i saw a girl with a beautiful style so went right that moment and cut my hair all by myself with a small lil scissor..
    rest of the marriage i had to pin my front hair back cos in a hurry i cut too much hair of one side and created quite a small bald spot
    My hair grows fast but this bald spot took weeks to fill and one would think i wont repeat the act but no mam not me..i kept doing it and created new disasters every time
    It seems Gabby we have done quite a lot in one life time….in fact i have done so many such things that one can have a comic book series on that
    loved the post what an enjoyable read
    love n hugs 🙂

    • Wow Soma! You, Autumn and me really are soul sisters I would say…OMG about being at your cousin’s marriage and cutting your new hair style. It sure does sound like a disaster, you must have really gotten sicissor happy by the sounds of it. Creating a small bald spot and everything, which would be traumatic indeed. It’s no doubt the reason none of us will ever be dull or boring, will we? 😉 It is really true, seems we have done a lot in our lifetime so far. A comic book series you say…Well, it would be a top seller! 🙂 I am so glad you liked the post, too. love n hugs 🙂

  3. A very funny story and surely some of us have lived something like that .I didn’t my self but my son had the chance to create some funny thing on his hair when he was about six.I was more worried about he could hurt himself when I realised it.But his bangs looked quite funny and we laughed a lot with it.In fact we have a photo of his hair cut creation!!

    • Lynn, I am happy to hear you never tried this hair styling stunt. Sounds like your son sure made up for it, creating a hair cut creation at 6 years old! I’m glad you got to laugh about it with him and also glad he didn’t hurt himself with the scissors. How fun to have kept a photo, you can always look back and share a smile and a laugh! 🙂

  4. Sounds like a really nice mom you had in helping you girls after your bang cutting experience. I don’t have a story about cutting my hair myself, but I have always had long hair since I got a short haircut as a young girl. I hated it so much and never went back to short hair again. I can remember crying lots looking at that short hairstyle and was so happy when my hair grew out again! So I could relate to your tears when your hair got messed up. Cute story. Take care. Sincerely, Connie Webb

    • We were so blessed to have our Mom fix up such a mess we made with our bangs. That you can relate from having had a short haircut, after your long hair got cut. Oh, but that is sad and to wait for it to grow in, too. No wonder you never wanted short hair ever agin, I can totally understand! Autumn and I have never had short hair either, after the stunt with our bangs that did it for us. Thanks so much for liking the post and you take care, too Connie. 🙂 Hugs

  5. As a kid, the big in thing for guys was to get our hair long and tie it up like Rambo.. I remember tearing up one of mom’s scarf’s for it. The rest you can imagine….

    • I remember the Rambo hair Tito, kind of a cool look! 🙂 I bet your Mom was real happy to see her scarf torn up ;)! I can only imagine! 🙂 Thanks for giving us a guy’s point of view about hair! 🙂

  6. I’m not sure I ever met a child who did not cut their own or someone else’s hair at some point during childhood. You are very fortunate Mommy could fix the hair and the tears 🙂 Angie

    • That is probably so very true Angie, all kids want to style their own hair. Autumn’s and my other 4 younger sisters never did because they got warned very early. After hearing our story they didn’t want to even chance using those scissors! 🙂 We really were very blessed our Mom was so great at fixing us up to look presentable and got us to stop crying! Thank you so much for stopping in and reading, too! 🙂

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