Love Grows

Love keeps growing

It also keeps showing

and has us knowing

that all is so right

within our sight

love with all our might

each day feels stronger

the time seems longer

when we are apart

You hold my heart forever,

you honestly do

A love so right and true

To read the full poem, Click Here


16 thoughts on “Love Grows

  1. Hey 🙂
    how are you?! 🙂
    Nice write and image as always of course 🙂
    I thought you (twinnies) would like this….

    FW>>>>From asoulwalker:

    I was thinking about getting a group of poets together and having someone pick a topic for all of us to write a poem about. I would then post all the poems on this blog. I think it might be interesting. Now if you are a writer but have not written much poetry (or any) this does not mean that you should not consider it. If anyone is interested leave a comment below.

    click on link below:

  2. YES so true love grows… and grows deeper when it is genuien.. true profound.. sincer and fun.. love that four letter word powerful yet we make it so complicated… ONE LOVE..l!!!

    • I’m so lucky and have found my soul mate/true love 🙂 My first time was totally awful and we were too young, got it right this time and he was worth waiting for 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

      • Ok now you got me curious… This is awesome.. this is what i love to hear. My Mom found her’s in her late fifties.. you should see them,, melts my heart to see two people inlove, those moments they share,, Im so happy for you.. Im waiting for mine.. if it is worth waiting…when the time is right..!!

        • Well I’m younger than your Mom 🙂 but age is not even a factor 🙂 I am so glad your Mom is happy and with her soul mate!! Yay, it’s good to wait, I’d do it over if I could. I feel like he is the other part of me that was lost, but now we are both found. If that makes sense. It’s like a destiny thing, is how I see it, when it’s supposed to happen it will 🙂 I’m glad you are waiting!!!

  3. Beautiful poem, Autumn, and I especially love the lines of daring to take a chance on a lasting dance…I wanted to copy those lines in my comment, but I wasn’t able to….anyway, love it and wonderful image, as always! xo

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