A Broken Mirror…

Yes, I broke a small handheld mirror! Oh my goodness, what a mess it was, too I must say…How did it shatter all over the floor like that? Does it mean I am going to have 7 years of bad luck? NO, and just why not you may be wanting to ask? Well, because I am not superstious…I never have been and never will be. I am kind of sad about breaking the mirror, but that’s OK because I do have others. I got it all cleaned up so I won’t be having any cuts on my feet, so I’ve got that angle covered. I am not at all vain, so I don’t make it a habit of admiring myself in mirrors, so all good there, too. I had to put that vain thing in this post…Because I don’t want anyone thinking I was perhaps talking to the mirror. You know…The mirror, mirror who’s the fairest of them all thing! I do of course check myself out in a mirror before I leave the house though. I’ve got to look presentable after all, right? I kind of think we all must do that…Or do we?

It made me think about superstitions that people have though. No offense to anyone who is superstitious either, after all we are all different. Everyone thinks what they think, you know? Far be it from me to ever try to change anybody! But some people are superstitious and they do have their reasons and I have mine why I’m not. My theory is everything happens for a reason and it was the mirror’s time to be broken. It must have served whatever purpose it was supposed to and that’s that… Now, it’s gone. I didn’t have any real strong attachment to it, so my heart isn’t broken over its loss. The time spent cleaning up all those little shards and bits of glass? Well, I guess it was time well spent and I won’t be having any unwanted cuts…I was seriously very thorough!

I had a chat with Autumn about the whole deal, that’s what Twinnies do, we share these strange little happenings. Well, Autumn isn’t at all superstitious either. She just said, it was good I wasn’t cut in cleaning up the mess. Also adding, the mirrors time is over and you do have other mirrors, after all. We chatted about me writing a post on this and agreed I just had to! So, this thing of being superstitious…I am just curious and I do have to ask. You must have known I would! Autumn is also now pretty curious herself, too!

Are any of you kind readers at all superstitious? Are any of you not at all in this category? Do you not have a superstitious bone in your body? Please do share…You can, you are among friends here! 🙂 Inquiring Twinnies both would love to know your thoughts on this topic! 🙂 🙂


19 thoughts on “A Broken Mirror…

    • I know Twinnie, good I didn’t get cut and thankfully we aren’t superstitious! The mirror served me well, but like you pointed out…It certainly can be replaced. 🙂 TF ❤

  1. Omg Gabby you broke mirror ..do you know what that means!!!!!!!
    every soul has a dark evil side on the other side of mirror and sooner or later they find a way to crack the mirror and come out but if you break a mirror it becomes powerful :0
    see i know it all
    now you collect all the pieces neatly gift wrap them and present them to the nosiest the most irritating neighbour( with or without shirt) and then after they open and say hey what the @#$%^&
    you say thank god you are an angel you took my bad luck on yourself
    how cool will be that please Gabby try in once
    I dont have a single thred of superstition I just dont..but they do make fun reading …you know how to make us smile and laugh
    this is wonderful

    • OMG Soma, I just fell off my chair laughing! I swear you are the most awesome, funniest and most uplifting soul sister ever! You say I know how to make smiles, so do you. 🙂 You have me so tempted to seriously gift wrap the broken mirror and give it to one of those two neighbors…The shirtless guy or the nosy, somewhat irritating older lady. You know the one in everybody’s business, bless her heart and she can’t seem to help herself. Which one will it be?! I can’t decide…I will keep you posted Soma. Another idea, I can put the pretty package with the broken mirror in an Easter Basket, how cool is that thought? 😉 I do love how your mind works and thank you for the tweety bird with that rockin’ message, too! Love and Hugs 🙂

  2. This post reminds me of my younger years and my grandmother doesn’t want to clean our floor at night due to her beliefs that all the luck will be gone if we clean the floor at night, so what I did I intentionally step on the mud outside and bring my slippers inside to test what will happen next…. hm, one of those naughty things I did when I was a kid lol…. I am not that superstitious, what I believed is karma if you do good then the good karma will be back at you and vice versa…

    • What a good one, in your younger years you sure were busy with those little slippers! It is cute and funny, you must have been giving your poor grandmother fits. I am so glad you aren’t superstious either and I so believe in karma myself! Thank you so much for a wonderful comment and letting us all have some smiles. 🙂

  3. From an early age I realised I was not superstitious. It made no logical sense to me. From then on I made a point about deliberately walking under ladders and stepping on cracks in the pavement. I turned away from the superstition of religion at the age of 10 but strangely I’m attracted to the magical! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Stuart for stopping in and also commenting! It’s good to hear what people are thinking about the superstitious angle of things. 🙂 I do love that you caught on to turning against superstition at such a young age. It’s also funny how you went out of your way to walk under ladders and step on cracks! Being attracted to the magical is very awesome! 🙂

  4. Lol I don’t consider myself supersitious but I remember when I was living with my grandparents as a kid the electricity was down and so I had lit a candle inside the house just to see my bearings because I didn’t know where I put the flashlight. It was soo pitch black and I felt like taking a walk outside since it was an early summers day, but my Grandpa ran at me and blew out the candle as I was heading out the door. I asked him why he did that and he said “You should never walk from inside a house to the outside with a candle, it’s like taking your own Soul out the door because the fire of a candle is considered to be pure light”. Now I know that sounds nuts but he said that when he was a young kid he saw really bad things happen to those that did that. Also, He said that I can’t throw my trash away after 6pm because that’s like throwing your blessings out at an ungodly time. So for these reasons I don’t walk out the front door holding a candle or throw my trash out after 6pm…but I don’t really fear doing soo but I think that to some extent…supersitions come from somewhere or I guess you could say they are born out of peoples personal experiences that have been passed of as wisdoms from generation to generation and may now be considered a “wives tale”, but how true they are..well I can’t verify, but at the end to the Day you’ve got to trust in God above all else, supersition or no superstition. We can’t allow ourselves to be controlled by fear and end up obsessive compulsive about certain things when there’s no need to be lol 😀

    Sherline’s long 2 cents

    • I loved your long 2 cents Sherline! 🙂 That is so interesting about your Grandpa and the superstitions. I hadn’t ever heard those and it was good to learn about them. It’s true what you said about the superstitions coming from wives tales and having been passed on from generation to generation. You are so right about trusting in God above all else and not being controlled by fear and all. I totally agree with you there, too! You are such a wise one Sherline, I always enjoy what you have to say! 🙂

  5. Interesting that I got this post after just writing two posts about luck! I am superstitious, but not in an OMG I have to do this way, just in a salt over the left shoulder way. I own a black cat, who is now, I guess maybe, my mom’s cat since she lives there, but she is my second black cat, and she’s ten. The other one died when he was 18 — of diabetes, which for any of you who read my stuff, is my big bug-a-boo. I do avoid deliberately walking under ladders, and some of the others that I can’t remember, because they are just a part of me. Oh well — I am not the intellectual on this comments page!

    • I need to catch up on those posts of your Judith! It is interesting you wrote about luck and also that you are a wee bit superstitious. Everybody thinks differently, and Autumn and I have a friend who does the salt over the shoulder thing, too. Black cats are wonderful, Autumn owns one and I am sorry you lost your other one to diabetes. I know from reading your blog diabetes is quite the battle for you. It’s good what you said about superstitions are just a part of you, having maybe been handed down to you. You are always giving wonderful comments Judith, I don’t think it’s a case of being intellectual here, honestly. We all are just saying how we feel and thank you for adding your thoughts Judith! 🙂

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