A Magic Castle

There is a castle on the hill so high
listen close and you can hear a sigh

It’s where the Princess dwells
the sound of tiny bells

play a happy sound
all around

the castle so tall, flowers bloom
and fairies loom

I see a wood nymph over there
laying beside a tree without a care

Come closer if you dare

You twirl around
without a sound

and see the Princess smile and wave
she always tries to behave

but alas she spins and waves her hand
right before our eyes, a Pegasus stands

To read the full poem, Click Here


18 thoughts on “A Magic Castle

  1. Very magicial place, I just love this poem. I do believe I want to go live in that wonderful castle! 🙂 I hope everyone clicks where it says “Click Here” to be able to read the whole poem! TF ❤

  2. Another lovely one! 🙂 have you thought about making a children’s book with some of them??? I think kids, parents and teachers alike will like them because they are very beautiful, simple and easy to learn.

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