Tackle Your Clutter Month

Oh my goodness…April brings us Tackle Your Clutter! I wonder if we can do that? Were they aiming that at me by chance? Who among us doesn’t have a bit of clutter here and there? It seems linked in with the spring cleaning part of this time of year, doesn’t it? I know, I have a couple closets that seriously need my attention in fact. What to keep, what to part with…I just don’t know! Do I really have to make these decisions?

Well, it is Tackle Your Clutter Month so I guess I will try to give it a whirl! Anybody with me on this one? I, not too long ago did tackle my one closet and got rid of some shoes, that was just a bit traumatic…But it needed done. Off to Goodwill they went and somebody else can enjoy some of those way too impossibly high heels! I have so many clothes, accessories, and they all need sorted out. You know things I haven’t worn for years, the closet organizer people say if we haven’t worn it for a year toss it in the to go pile. Well, easy for them to say! Who can honestly and really do that, come on girls reading this what do you all have to say! Who does go by this rule? If you do, please tell me just how you do it…I’m sorry it really is quite difficult.

I have this black beaded dress, just gorgeous and I haven’t worn it for 10 or so years. But I love it, I can put it on and just hang out at my house just to say I wore it again…I just can’t give it up! Oh my goodness, sounds like I may need an intervention of some kind! Autumn really doesn’t like this dress by the way, she would pay for somebody to make me give it up once and for all. I have other clothes, perhaps too many that I just hold onto because “I might need it someday”! Oops, it doesn’t sound like I am going to be tackling any clutter does it?

I have bought the dear Twinnie clothes and they are just not her style…So usually back to me they go! She has always said, I am a wee bit primpy and she is leather and lace…Well, the truth comes out. Some of our clothing choices are just not at all alike. Then, on the other hand some are and here I am writing on and on about clothes.OK, so enough about the clothes because clearly that type of clutter isn’t being tackled. I am being so bad writing a post about tackling clutter and confessing I can’t do it! Well, I have other amounts of clutter here and there and maybe I can do better elsewhere. I promise to give it a try, I really will.

How about all of you kind readers, ready to tackle your clutter this month of April? If so, please do share, it’s clearly obvious I could use some help! 😉 🙂


Magic in the Air Again

Try and find the magic if you dare

it’s really in the air

it’s swirls without a care

Up and down

and all around

barely a sound

through the ages learned

and pages turned

yet nothing burned

The sages knew

the magic grew

and Pegasus flew

from far and wide

sometimes side by side

they never would hide

so many spells

ringing of the bells

through every dell

there is magic all around

all without a sound

a spell will yet be found …


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