The Twinnies and the Canoe Trip

I happened upon a picture of a canoe in a magazine I was reading. That’s all it took and my mind was going back to a wonderful and treasured memory. Autumn’s and my very first canoe trip when we were very young Twinnies. We must have been maybe about 7 years old and the trip was with our Dad and beloved Uncle Tony. It was such an anticipated trip and Autumn and I had been told a couple weeks in advance. Dad was probably sorry he shared the happy upcoming event too early, we about drove him crazy with questions! When was the day we were going? He patiently pointed out the day on the calendar and marked it with a big red star for us, too.

Still, Autumn and I had other questions, did anyone doubt it? Needless to say, when the big day arrived the pair of us were just literally jumping for joy! Yay, off we went to pick up Uncle Tony and on our way to our much loved Pine Creek for our canoe ride! It was maybe a half hour drive from our house, enough of a car ride to have both of us Twinnies being overly chatty.

I know, that sure never changed kind readers…Autumn and I always have plenty to say it seems. We also loved singing with our Dad, so we had a song or two with Uncle Tony joining in also. Autumn and I only bugged them a couple times about when we would get there, how much longer? Anyway, we arrived at where the canoe was docked and got on our life jackets with Dad’s and Uncle Tony’s help of course.

We Twinnies got another going over about water safety, we were taught quite early about it all. But Dad went over it all one more time, just to be safe and sound he explained. Wow, the sights and sounds when floating along on the water! The water so clear, you could see all the underwater treasures! The birds singing happily, those beautiful and awesome mountains surrounding us. Autumn and I were being well behaved for us, we only got a warning about trailing our hands in the water.

Oh yeah, we had made up a song about the water, the canoe and after singing the same couple verses for too long…Well, Dad asked us nicely to give it a rest. The canoe trip was truly such a magical experience and so wonderous to us Twinnies we weren’t going to do anything dumb to mess it up for ourselves! We might have our moments, but we were no fools! The ride ended much too soon for Autumn and me of course because we would happily have ridden for hours. It was a magic day, one that sticks in my mind as so special and happy. Dad and Uncle Tony are both in Heaven now, so the memories are a joy to have.

Do any of you kind readers have any memories of an adventure like this one? If you would like to share, it would be great hearing all about it! 🙂 PS The only small mishap of this perfect day was after docking the canoe Autumn and I got our socks and sneakers wet stepping into the very shallow water. Never fear, our Mom had packed extras! 😉 🙂


12 thoughts on “The Twinnies and the Canoe Trip

    • It really is a fun memory isn’t it Twinnie? 🙂 What blessings these good and special times were for us. It was a wonderful day with Dad and Uncle Tony and canoe rides are awesome! 🙂 TF ❤

    • Thanks so much Sunshine, it really is a wonderful Daddy memory to treasure forever and ours was the best. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and I am happy you liked it! 🙂

  1. This post made me smile Gabby..such sweet memories and you have written about it so beautifully.
    I love writing and reading memoirs…and a well written memoir like this one takes it readers to an amazing journey.
    oh what fun childhood you have had.
    My parents were adventurous types..long morning walks with my mom in the forest nearby,or to the nearby small mountains, to find river or a stream and have a picnic, or huge mango or orange plantations, in the villages..oh so many fun sweet memories..
    you took me to my childhood days too
    Hugs what a lovely twinnies rock

  2. I am so happy this post made you smile Soma and thank you for saying it was written beautifully. It’s so easy when we get to telling about our precious memories of childhood days. Especially the ones about our Dad, he was such a special one. Autumn and I were so blessed to have had such a wonderful childhood with our Dad, as well as our Mom. It sounds like you had an amazing and fun childhood, too Soma! The things you described are just such sweet and awesome memories and good adventures. I am happy this post took you back to your childhood days, too…It’s so nice for us to look back on those times and feel happy! Thank you for the rockin’ imagine, I just loved it and Autumn will, too…You rock, too Soma! 🙂 Hugs and Love! 🙂

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