Would You Open the Door?

You may be asking yourself…Open what door? I will explain, it’s kind of fun question. You may have guessed I have been reading way too many mystery type of books! Just pretend you are a facing a door and it has a lock, but the key is right there in the lock…Would you take it upon yourself to open the door?

We will call it a mystery door, in nobody’s house we know. It’s just a pretend door, but picture it in your mind…Do you see it? Now, it’s right there in plain sight! Of course, this image of a real door with the key pictured below should help you visualize! Now, what would you do? Do you think it’s not your business and walk away from the door? Or are you inquisitive and just unlock it and go check things out? What’s behind the door? It could be scary and then on the other hand…It coud be exciting and fun! You can do whatever you feel like doing, nobody is going to get mad or upset with you. You just have to decide for yourself! So, it’s your call and just let the first thing you think of and whatever pops in your head and just roll with it. Don’t ponder too long on it, go with your immediate response!

Autumn and I both discussed this funny, but rather mysterious question….We really did have the same answer. Did anybody ever doubt it? I am sorry to report, neither Autumn or me would take it upon ourselves to unlock the door! Why? Well, because it could be scary (also perhaps not our business) and we Twinnies are awfully brave but not quite that brave! Just the thought of someone or something freaky or scary on the other side of that door, no way! We just don’t want to take the chance…What if something horrible comes out and stays?!

Well, sorry to disappoint but we would both walk away from the door. Now, kind readers it’s your turn…Would you or wouldn’t you unlock that door? Please do share your thoughts because you are among friends, sharing is fun and inquiring Twinnies would love to hear all about it! 😉 🙂


13 thoughts on “Would You Open the Door?

  1. OMG Gabby what a fun and unique post. So you twinnies wont open the door..its cos you are sweet 🙂
    But me i am curious cat… I will open the door even if someone told me horror awaits you on the other side!!
    I never poke my nose in any one elses business..but every locked door with a key on it is asking …no.. rather begging to be opened..i swear if they could talk they would say please open us.
    Its called open door policy you see 😉

    • I am so happy you are loving this post Soma. OMG, you are going to open the door…Why am I not that surprised? 😉 I don’t know if it’s because Autumn and I are sweet, it’s because we are kind of wimpy Soma. Lol, you are being the curious cat all right, you go girl! I was laughing so hard over your take that the key being in the door is an open door policy! LOL, if those locked doors could talk I bet they would say open us, too and they just might be begging! How do we know, right and it’s very possible and you may be on to something now Soma! 😉 Thanks so much for the fun comment! 🙂 Hugs 🙂

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  3. I probably wouldn’t open the door, if it weren’t mine to open. An invitation would prompt me to, and then again, I’ve seen too many horror movies to walk the other way! 🙂

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