Memories of Hiking With Dad…

I woke up early, it was a beautiful sunshiny weekend day. My mind does its own thing and thoughts and memories just pop into my head at random. Maybe this happens to other people, too and if so you will know what I’m saying. Most of you kind readers know me, so you will go with the flow and continue reading, I hope!

Anyway, I was just remembering all the hikes and trips in the mountains with our Dad. Autumn and I were so blessed to have trips alone hiking and meandering the mountains and all with our Dad. We both miss him still so much, we lost him to evil cancer close to 9 years ago. That makes these wonderful memories just all the more precious. Having been born the oldest of 6 sisters, Autumn and I had a lot of hiking trips alone with just our Dad. Mom kind of stayed behind at our cabin, minding those little sisters.

As they got older, then we all hiked as a family…So many, many times!  But, getting back to the Autumn and me, those hiking trips with Dad. We live only about 8-10 miles from where we usually hiked, so it was fun as well as being close to home. Dad was so patient when we had our first hike, pointing out all the interesting things on and off the trail. So many times we probably got on his nerves answering our wacky questions, but he never complained.

The stops for us Twinnies picking up little rocks that caught our eye, insisting the moss on rocks and trees needed investigating. But we walked and talked and so much joy and wonder as younger Twinnies we had! As we grew older we seemed to have gotten a pattern going, the hikes were fun and amazing, but the talking with Dad was just so awesome. He was a most special one, always ready to discuss just about anything and loving to share laughs, too.

Dad’s laugh, oh my goodness it was one of the most beautiful sounds ever! I remember it and can hear his laughter in my mind, talking it over with Autumn, Mom, our sisters and other family members…So can they! That makes me so happy, he had this contagious and most ear catching and pleasing laugh. It would just make you smile yourself and then join in laughing…Just so joyful, so full of love of life.

The hiking was just a wonderful memory that popped into my head on this fine spring morning. But I realize I am also writing lots of mine and Autumn’s love of our precious Dad. I think sometimes the tears we both have cried over remembering could fill more than a bucket, but that’s OK. Because ,never would we have ever missed one single hiking trip or one moment with our Dad. He was always so watchful and teaching us about good plants, bad plants, looking out for snakes, the balancing of your backpack and just so much more.

Autumn and I are still good hikers to this day, because Dad taught us well. We always had the best of hiking boots, too because that really does matter and any of you that hike know what I’m saying! Anyway, it was a beautiful memory and I guess I just wanted to share it with you kind readers. Thank you for listening and please do share any thoughts or memories of hiking and backpacking if you would like. Autumn and I will be planning our first hike of the springtime together…I can hardly wait! I know for sure Dad will be watching from Heaven and keeping his eye on us, too. 🙂


36 thoughts on “Memories of Hiking With Dad…

    • Thank you PJ and I am happy you liked this memory of our hiking with Dad. 🙂 I sure do hope you get to go hiking one day, too! 🙂 God Bless you, too sweetie and Hugs 🙂

  1. Memoirs are so heart warming…they tell you more about a person than any of their introduction page or post.
    i smiled and sighed when i read this..smiled cos you had such an amazing memories of hiking and i remembered my hiking and trekking exeriences when i was a kid..those were lovely days…
    sighed remembering every thing that was…somedays you just want to travel way back and live that one moment again…your post is so lovely, so rich Gabby….we are fortunate You,Me ,Autumn and every one who has had these moments in their childhood…our parents have given us such lovely memories….best gift ever. to be able to look back and smile that we had those days…
    its so beautiful that you and Autumn are planning a trip..yes your Dad will be watching and who knows may be He planted this idea in your mind 🙂
    take some pics when you do it will make a lovely post too 🙂
    Hugs n love 🙂

    • I agree Soma, these memoirs tell so much about the person and I am so glad you see this. But of course I am not surprised you see so much! 🙂 Thank you for the kind words as always and you are so right we are among the fortunate. You, Autumn and me, we sure are blessed with parents who gave us all these beautiful memories and I hope others have these, too. Autumn and me are planning a hiking trip soon, I am sure Dad will be watching and wouldn’t be surprised if he planted this idea in our minds either! 🙂 We will have to get some good pics and make sure to write a post of our adventures, too! 🙂 Thanks so much Soma, as always for your support and encouragement…You are just one rockin’ soul sister! 🙂 Hugs and Love 🙂

    • Maureen thank you so much, I am happy you had such kind words for this one! It means so much and glad you enjoyed the pictures of our hiking spot at our beloved Pine Creek, too. 🙂

    • Thanks Judith, we both are so happy we had wonderful times and memories with Dad, too. His spirit is very much around, checking in and that is such a blessing! Thank you for reading this post, it means a lot! 🙂

    • Thank you Wendell, I love sharing these wonderful memories and happy you enjoyed reading this! 🙂 I appreciate your kind words and glad to hear it made your day. 🙂

  2. Thanks both of you for sharing this nice and emotive post.I have never had the chance to have my father near me,so this is really beautiful to read.

    • Thank you Lynn, Autumn and I are always so happy to share the memories! 🙂 I am so sorry you didn’t get the chance to have your father near. But, I am glad you thought this was a beautiful read, that is so nice of you to say.

  3. What a beautiful memory, Gabby, for both of you and I know your Dad will be proud when he sees you two hiking again together…we also hike, camp, backpack and those times have really made the best memories for our kids. They love the outdoors as we do. When I was young, my parents had a cabin, though we weren’t into skiing, we tobogganed and sledded and went for many walks in the snow and sunshine during summer. My sister still has the old toboggan! I remember great times spent at our cabin, so I can appreciate your memories with your Dad. Keep up the hiking and you’re right, good hiking boots make a difference! Hugs to you! xo

    • I am so happy you, your husband and the kids also love the hiking, camping and backpacking! 🙂 There’s nothing like the outdoor activities and they do make for such wonderful memories. Autumn, me and our sisters are blessed with plenty of those and everyone in the family still does hike and all. We all have it so in our blood, we just have to keep up those good activities. Your cabin sounds fun and ours was, too…I love how you had walks in both the snow and the sunshine. That is awesome your sister still has the toboggan, too! 🙂 I am sure as anything that Dad is around when we hit the trails and smiling! 🙂 Hugs back to you! xo

  4. I used to work with special needs children and adults for a camping program. Loved hiking and being out in nature. I can still remember my first time hiking, having smores and pitching a tent. Sweet memories of your Dad. I’m sure he was an amazing man from the fonds way you speak of him. Beautiful share.

    • I’m so glad you have experienced hiking and camping, too Indi. There’s just nothing like it that’s for sure, I think everyone needs to try camping and hiking! 🙂 Thank you for the kind words about our Dad, he really was wonderful and Autumn and I (as well as our 4 other sisters) were so blessed to have him as our Dad. Thanks so much for reading this post Indi! 🙂

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