A Faery Ring

The faeries gather in a ring

the birds start to sing

a happy tune

it’s just past noon

the meeting of the troop

they’re circled in a group

glad to have a meet

they smile as each one they greet

a lot to share

they all care

so very much

and now they must

talk and decide

and also confide

how the wish to grow

and they all know

their magic lives

and also gives

hope to humans around

and love must be found

to help all that wish to be

loved and free …


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20 thoughts on “A Faery Ring

  1. ….it’s just past noon
    the meeting of the troop….what a beautiful thought Autumn 🙂
    How lovely that the fairies meet at noon circle around to share and ponder over what more can be done 🙂
    Loved it 🙂
    Hugs n love 🙂

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