Run Rabbit Run!

This title could be so misleading, I am writing about a real live little bunny rabbit. Somebody could look at the title and think, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album…It’s a line from the song Breathe. So, no sorry we’re not talking about Pink Floyd today. But I had to pick this title, read on please and you will see why!

This happened on my way home from a quick jaunt to the grocery store and thankfully it had a good ending. Living in a more rural area there is always a chance of rabbits, squirrels, possum, skunks, maybe even a deer running in front of your car. The thoughts make me shudder, seriously. I haven’t ever hit anything except years ago a possum…I pulled over and check if it was OK. Sad news, it wasn’t and I sat in the car and cried about ending its poor little life and felt so guilty.

Anyway, I am so careful because that incident so upset me and I never want to repeat it. Autumn is so much the same way, we just cringe at the mere thought of hitting any living thing. Anyway, back to my story of last night… So, it was almost dark outside by now.  I am driving carefully home and a mere few blocks from my house a little rabbit decided to cross the road. No, not in front of my car… Run Rabbit Run!

I of course was only driving maybe 15 to 20 miles an hour and nobody was behind me, I slammed on the brakes. I know, something we are never supposed to do, since it may cause an accident. We learned that early in our driving lessons, but come on…Who isn’t going to slam on brakes or swerve? I think it has to be an instinct, or maybe not…I could be making up excuses perhaps? I really am a safe and cautious driver, so please don’t think I am some crazed driver who makes up her own rules.

Well, I will need to ask you kind reader’s opinions on this one. Who wants to snuff out an animal’s life, it’s so traumatizing and very sad! This little bunny rabbit really was so kind, it quickly ran the other way…Running like it was practicing for a bunny marathon race. So a happy ending and I am so glad that little bunny will live to see and hop through another day! 🙂


Walking in the forest …

All dressed in pink

she stops and thinks

her unicorn in tow

she knows where they want to go

through the forest of green

walking and in between

stopping to see

what all there might be

that will part of this lovely scene

it is just like a dream

she loves the forest, it’s true

she looks for a clue

here and there

and laughs without a care

Oops time slipped away

she has a bit farther along the way

till she gets to her house

she scampers along, quiet as a mouse …

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Dogpaddling Through Life

I need your help.

A hungry kitty came to our house and Jen fed it. The next day she moved 4 kittens into our yard.

They have to go.

I had hoped the mama would at least move the kittens out of the yard, but she hasn’t. I thought to not feed her again, but after reading the info at Alley Cat Allies, I fear the mother will become more desperate.

I have contacted everyone I thought could possibly help me.

If you’ve ever tried to find some help with feral relocation, you know what obstacles I’m facing. My options are to

A: Find a safe space to re-release.

B: Socialize the kittens and put them up for adoption.

I have to be honest with you- I CANNOT take these cats into my home permanently, and conditions here are not conducive to socializing kittens (two large dogs sniffing at the…

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