Celebrated and National Foods for May

It’s time for the news about the foods of May. We have 3 National foods and 6 Celebrated foods and they are all interesting, in their own ways that is. How about I start with the National foods and see what you all think! 1.Eggs 2.Salad 3.Hamburgers and all I have to say is Yay about eggs and salad (Yay) and hamburgers get a thumbs down. I’m not downing hamburgers, the problem is I don’t eat red meat so I just can’t be on board with hamburgers. Although I will share that Autumn does indulge in the occasional hamburger and she also likes eggs and salad.

Of course with the eggs we both are careful, we keep that cholesterol in check! Salads are both Autumn and my total favorites, so they come in as our # 1 National Food. How about all of you kind readers, any thoughts on Eggs, Salad and Hamburgers? Please do share, Autumn and I would love to know what you’re thinking about those 3.

On we go to the Celebrated foods and we’ve got 6 of them to critique kind readers and here they are: 1.Carrots 2.Cauliflower 3.Kiwi 4.Limes 5.Potatoes 6. Sweet Vidalia Onions. I have to be honest, I have nothing negative to say about any of those 6 and neither has Autumn! We are on board with fruit and vegetables, how about you kind readers? Any of those fruits and vegetables to your liking, do share because we Twinnies need your opinions!

I must say Autumn and I both simply love kiwis and limes are good for all kind of things, some people even to like limeade. I hear tell it’s an acquired taste though, neither Autumn or me are one of those people I need to report. Well, lime zest and the lime juice in baking is good, so there’s a positive! The potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, sweet vidalia onions are are the best in our book.

Well, that’s it for the foods of May and please do feel free to give Autumn and me all thoughts on any of these foods. Stay tuned, I will be happy to be bringing next months Celebrated and National Foods. Don’t worry kind readers, I won’t let you down for the foods of June! You know, sharing is always fun…So please let’s talk food! 🙂 🙂


Daisies and Butterflies

A lovely surprise

daisies and butterflies

right before my eyes

such a lovely sight

in the sunlight

ever so bright

yellows and blues

all sorts of hues

greens and whites

butterflies in flight

they’re orange and brown

as they zip all around

fast as can be

from you to me

a cute little game

they’re so very tame

hello  you darling flutterbys

flying high

never try

to get too close to the candle, little friends

wishes we send

be safe and free

and we will see

you another day

this very May!


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