Daisies and Butterflies

A lovely surprise

daisies and butterflies

right before my eyes

such a lovely sight

in the sunlight

ever so bright

yellows and blues

all sorts of hues

greens and whites

butterflies in flight

they’re orange and brown

as they zip all around

fast as can be

from you to me

a cute little game

they’re so very tame

hello  you darling flutterbys

flying high

never try

to get too close to the candle, little friends

wishes we send

be safe and free

and we will see

you another day

this very May!


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9 thoughts on “Daisies and Butterflies

  1. This poem is so sweet Autumn..those butterflies are like little rainbows flying around,making the world colourful…..Image is so beautiful.
    Lovely poetry Autumn 🙂

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