National Lost Sock Memorial Day

Yes today, May 9th is a wonderful holiday! Not celebrated according to the calendar, but again it should be. How many of you kind readers are identifying with this one? I know Autumn and I are so on board with this, lost socks do need a memorial day! I wish I had counted over the years how many socks have been lost. Somewhere between the washer and dryer they just up and disappear! Wherever do all those socks go? I wonder how many of us are asking ourselves that question over and over throughout the years…I have a feeling it’s a lot of people!

Very frustrating it is, those lost socks are no doubt having a good laugh at all of our expense. Perhaps somewhere in the world of lost socks a party goes on everyday. They get together and have many chuckles and as they are all snickering and having a grand time of it… When we all just want to know the answer once and for all! Where are those lost socks? Come on already, it really is so unfair and I demand an explanation!

Yeah, like those lost socks are ever going to come out of hiding and show themselves…No it isn’t going to happen. Hmm…I am just sort of in awe at their sneakiness and wherever they are hiding will no doubt remain a mystery. They are laughing it up at my indignation, at all of us and we can’t even start up a protest either.

Why, you may be asking? Well, it’s common sense of course, they are a secret society and nobody ever is going to solve this mystery! They are just too good at this, the socks have banned together years ago and they win! I can stomp my foot and they just smirk, those lost socks are just plain evil I say! So, today we will all celebrate Lost Sock Memorial Day, let’s pretend we just don’t even care…Any of you kind readers with me on this one? Autumn says, yes she is and that Twinnie gets much more irritated over this than me. Well, that was supposed to be a secret but Autumn says what the heck…Reveal her temper and maybe somewhere those socks (a few of them, anyway) are cowering.

The Twinnie has a worse temper than I do and those socks better remember her magic and the magical friends, so go Autumn! If anyone can get to the bottom of this perhaps the magic will reveal all, Yay! Oops, Autumn just wandered over to my place and told me she has tried…The lost socks are stronger than any magic that exists! Well, just go figure and who would have thought?

OK, we surrender, you stupid socks win and National Lost Sock Memorial Day is rocking stonger than ever…If we can’t win we can have the best celebration ever this year! Who is with us Twinnies? Any thoughts from you kind readers…Autumn and I would love to hear. Sharing is good and healing, we can vent our disgust about this sock thing on this post together! 😉 🙂


Forever we are …

I want forever and after

and loads of laughter

with you my darling man

I take this stand,

I know we can

soul mates we are

we both wished on a star

singing through the rain or sun

our time has just begun

years ahead to love through

we both knew

that we were meant to be

happy and everyone can see

that love so true, will never end

heaps of wishes to send

and as we go along our way

it’s just another wonderful day …


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