Forever we are …

I want forever and after

and loads of laughter

with you my darling man

I take this stand,

I know we can

soul mates we are

we both wished on a star

singing through the rain or sun

our time has just begun

years ahead to love through

we both knew

that we were meant to be

happy and everyone can see

that love so true, will never end

heaps of wishes to send

and as we go along our way

it’s just another wonderful day …


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14 thoughts on “Forever we are …

  1. It really is a beautiful poem and such a tribute to you and YDM’s love. Twinnie, this one is so wonderful and just so very touching…It’s straight from the heart. 🙂 TF ❤

  2. Autumn this is so beautiful…Oh God bless you both. 🙂

    May Both of you be blessed with the strength of heaven
    The light of the sun and the radiance of the moon ( Part of an Irish blessing)
    Hugs n love 🙂

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