A fairy so young

A young fairy learns

how the magic turns

crystal ball in hand

she sees a unicorn stand

a pixie at work

an elf that lurks

beside a tree

she also sees

and angel in flight

oh what a light

she studies and tries

and time passes by

she’s young but she knows

that the magic grows

a dash of love

a snow-white dove

the swirls

and whirls

as magic unfurls

she has got it so well

the music swells

she smiles and turns

she really has learned!



20 thoughts on “A fairy so young

  1. This has everything I like except dragons. But I know with the whole backlash thing of the dragon war, I can see why you wouldn’t want to put them on here. Keep making cool poems!

  2. Oh the young fairies do have a lot to learn to spread magic to learn about magical creatures..oh how wonderful their learning process is
    Beautiful world of fairies….
    loved the poetry
    Hugs 🙂

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