May is Better Sleep Month

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Sleep, something we all do at least 8 hours a night, right? Wrong, sometimes it’s not so easy at all! I am speaking from experience of course. I have a very comfortable bed, great pillows and awesome color schemes of my own liking going on. Sheets, comforter and shams all have the sage green,  rose and lilac…I have made my bedroom a real cozy sanctuary! Why was sleep eluding me over and over again? Well, it was kind of normal when my husband Dave first left this earth after losing the battle to evil cancer. I was just way too sad, very lost feeling, and the bed seemed so overwhelmingly empty.

Dave would often sing to me when I had trouble falling asleep and I really missed that. The recordings are good, but it really isn’t the same. I kind of got used to it after a while, but to be honest I still have the insomnia thing going on from time to time. Unfortunately, I then got a large case of depression rolling for months and slept sometimes off and on for  days. Thankfully, I did have grief counseling and I do also have a very good doctor.

Anyway, seeing this month of May was better sleep month got me  thinking. I was wondering if any of you kind readers had any sleep problems or woes, I sure do really hope not. But, if you do would you like to share your thoughts on this sleep thing? Even if you don’t, would you have any helpful words to share? Autumn has a sometimes difficult time of getting good sleep, but happily not as often as I seem to. One thing I have learned is that I can’t and don’t talk to anyone stressful, watch scary or upsetting things on TV, or read anything too troubling before I try to sleep. I don’t watch all that much TV as it is. But I do wonder how people can watch the news and go off to sleep.I couldn’t because it’s not exactly the stuff that good dreams are made of. Whoever thought up the idea of counting sheep is off base…Please don’t be offended if you do it! I just personally don’t quite get the point of it all.

Well, these are some of my thoughts for better sleep month and I will be ever so grateful if any of you kind readers will share some thoughts on this one. I am all for the thought that we should all experience a better sleep month not only in May, but always! Sweet dreams to us all!


18 thoughts on “May is Better Sleep Month

  1. Gabby, I meditate about 15 min. just sitting up straight with my eyes focused on my bedroom prayer altar (of my own design–unique!), then pat each of my dogs on the head, stretch, sigh, and turn out the bedside lamp and crawl in. Of course, you will understand that will I have hiked/jogged a minimum of four miles each day, watch NO TV, have lots of night birds in the shrubbery areas I have worked hard on around my house, and will have usually read from a good work of fiction and/or notes for future writing projects before my meditation period. Genuine physical fatigue and mental release from having “closed” a chapter on reading matter and spiritual release from the mediation all help. The only problem I have sleeping continuously all night is if one of my dogs thinks I need to be made aware of some “critter” outdoors! Oh, well, they are learning what I deem dangerous and what I don’t! Love the sound of your bedroom–so lovely! Praying for your continued comfort in your mourning process.

    • Granbee all the things you do sound wonderful to relax and sleep well. Well, except when those sweet dogs think you need to know of all the critter noises outside! 🙂 You know I can be so physically and mentally exhausted after a busy day of it, with work and exercise, too. Meditation is so good and I also really do pray myself asleep sometimes. God always wants to hear from me or any of us is comforting, too. I feel it’s the missing Dave my husband and thanks so much for your prayers for comfort in this mourning process. It will be 9 years on May 30th and I still miss him so very much that it maybe sounds rather odd to people…But I know everyone mourns and grieves in their own time and way. Your words really helped so much Granbee, I appreciate your kindness more than I can say, Thank you! 🙂

  2. Gabby, this post made me smile and teary, thinking of how difficult is must have been when you lost Dave…my hugs go out to you right now! On the lighter side, your bedroom sounds lovely! We’ve never had any problems sleeping, but our mattress is now in need of replacing, so there have been nights when I haven’t slept well and feel it in the morning…when we are ready to shell out mucho money, we’ll replace it! Also, my hubby snores more now; he didn’t used to, but with me being a light sleeper, it’s not easy! It’s more funny, though, than problematic! I’ll also admit that I worry about being behind in reading blogs and sometimes, that prevents me from falling asleep right away. Silly, huh? But, like Granbee, I try to read something before it’s time to turn in, then I’ll drift off easier…you make me smile when you talk about watching the news and I’m in total agreement. I don’t watch it often, so I rely on hubby to keep me informed of important issues. It’s just too depressing and scary, knowing it’s reality! So, sweet dreams to you tonight, my friend! 🙂

    P.S. Thank Goodness Copper is sleeping well at night and has been since we brought him home. That was like bringing a new baby home! 🙂

    • Lauren, I am glad you got a smile, but I’m sorry about the getting teary. It was horrible to be honest at first after losing Dave and thank you for the hugs and those kind words of yours. My bedroom being so calm and peaceful does help, I changed color schemes a bit and I do love it. The new mattress thing, I know it can get so pricey and praying for you to be able to replace it soon. I wish you would stop worrying about getting those blogs read Lauren, because it’s supposed to be fun for us, but I know I get that way myself! It’s not silly, I think we are just very sensitive. You’re like me with the news, too… It’s just awful to watch that and try to sleep since it’s always pretty much disturbing and scary for sure. I read before falling asleep like you and Granbee (She is awesome with her words, isn’t she?), sometimes I listen to music, too. Thank you for the wishes of a good night’s sleep…I have a feeling since it’s close to the 30th of May it’s going to be harder. I am so happy Copper has been so wonderful sleeping well at night and a new puppy is like a new baby! Thanks again for your kind and so sweet words and also for your friendship Lauren, Hugs! 🙂

        • We are doing the best we can Lauren, but knowing how we are we will kind of always worry! Autumn and me are so blessed with your friendship, the upside of blogging! 🙂 I just got home from doing a little shopping that I needed to do, so don’t worry I wasn’t sleeping yet. Thanks for the good wishes to sleep well Lauren, I am tired out today because it seems like Monday again! 🙂

  3. Autumn, i rest well each night within his grace and also a lot of wonderful poems put my mind, heart and spirit at ease…so here is a poem that might bring peaceful sleep your way. Much love to you always!

    “A Certain Peace That’s Always True”

    Only in your presence
    can i find the joy
    my heart needs…

    Only when walking
    with you can i find
    what only brings me peace…

    Only by sharing my
    quiet moments with you
    will i know what it is
    i should do…

    And only in the love
    You give, my Lord,
    Will i find a certain
    peace that’s always

    Wendell A. Brown

    • Wendell that is just beautiful 🙂 Thank you so much! I’m going to read this every night now, I do have trouble sleeping sometimes. What a sweetie you truly are, much love to you always! Bless you, Wendell.

    • I also just read your poem, it’s so beautiful Wendell just as Autumn said. You are such a blessing to both of us with your poems and like Autumn said, it will be wonderful to read every night. Thank you so much, sending love and hugs your way! 🙂

  4. Nothing like a good sleep Gabby…but sometimes the day just get the better of you..and the thoughts no matter how much you try to shrug them off do not leave you…I just get up have coffee or tea listen to some music and then give it a try again….
    and then there are those sleepless nights,i have learned to live with them
    taking sips of a hot drink,watching t.v,reading books
    some nights do not want us to be asleep
    the moment i go to bed i have disturbing thoughts so i just dont go there

    you are such a lovely brave soul Gabby after what you have gone through and being positive….that fighting spirit helped you
    hugs 🙂

    • What wonderfully wise words Soma, although I am sad you have sleep troubles sometimes, too. I think what you said about some nights just don’t want us to sleep is so true…What a really good way to describe it. Everything you do when you can’t sleep is just about what I do, too. It’s also so right on about those disturbing thoughts, the other night I was so tired and just knew I could sleep. Well, that was until my thoughts drifted back to some of Dave’s worse days/nights with the cancer battle. Thanks so much Soma for saying I’m brave, sometimes I wonder if I am… But if I am, it really is the fighting spirit and you do know me well. 🙂 Hugs back to you soul sister!

  5. Gabby ! really a good topic to touch on! the most sensitive to me as I hardly get to sleep during nights with my younger one who is a baby of 2 yrs..She is up every 2 hrs and so it has been a tough time for me since the last 2 years coping with sleep.So even in middle of night Iam usually awake with her on my lap,making her sleep..and the height is I have to get up early back again in the morning as my elder one son goes at 6.15 to school! I really miss my days of sleep, during the day time when she is having a nap I try to catch up wth blog writing,so cant leave my pasion too.! 🙂 Guess some time for all this … but I do feel light music or any favourite music put on really helps us to sleep..

    • Oh my goodness Soumya, but you losing sleep with a baby is a new one with the comments here! You look after the baby and then your son goes off to school so early. I very much admire you, and you sure seem to be dealing with this one so well. When you are awake with the baby playing light or favorite music is a wonderful idea, music is very calming. Also, it’s good you are able to catch up with all the blog writing when she has a nap. You really do seem to have it all worked out Soumya. Thanks so much for sharing what you do and how you handle sleepless nights. 🙂

  6. hi Gabby.. a sound sleep is the best thing v can provide 4 our body nd mind.. but many a times v r deprived of sleep.. during our very busy times wen v want to sleep like anything on earth v r tied up by tight schedules.. so cant get ample sleep.. wen v have time at our disposal v cant sleep due to lack of activity. everythn in life is like dat, Gabby.. wot 2 do… when v yearn 4 somethng, v wont get it… wen v hv ample of it, v cant use.. life & its challenges!!!
    Its so hard reading abt how Dave used to sing 4 u whenever u wer sleepless.. I really feel for u dear.. God gives such a caring partner & takes him off wen cant even imagine.. again life’s challenges!!
    but among many challenges God is giving some breeze, u hav a wonderful twinnie.dats God’s blessing.. nd u hv such a wonderful medium to communicate ur feelings.. nd so many like-minded ppl 2 support u as well as seek ur support..
    u know Gabby sleep is like a lil kid, who wl run away every time v try 2 hug it, but wen v ignore, it wl rush & hug us… so try d same prank towards dat naughty kid… would definitely help!!
    T^ake Care Gabby & hav a wonderful sleep!!

    • Thank you so very much for your thoughtful, helpful and kind words and also for taking the time to read this post. You are so right, it really is a blessing from God that I have Autumn, the best Twinnie ever! Also so many other people who are caring and supportive. I appreciate everything you said to me, and thanks so much for the good wishes for sleep. You take care, too and God Bless you!

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