National Pizza Party Day

What an amazing day…Today, May 18th is National Pizza Party Day! I am so loving this one and plan on celebrating with throwing a good old pizza party, Yay for pizza! It has got to be one of the best foods to be found, who doesn’t love pizza? Please don’t tell me there really is somebody out there who dislikes pizza! Really…Don’t tell me if it’s so, I am kidding of course. If somebody dislikes pizza, so be it because we are all different. Everyone has a right to like, dislike or even detest pizza, right? I just find it hard to believe though, so please do forgive my questioning this fact.

Both Autumn and I totally love, love, love pizza! We like it with different toppings, we like it warm and we have also been known to eat it cold for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! So, we are loving this day and will be celebrating in style…We just simply have to! It would be a disgrace not to acknowledge this National Pizza Party Day and not thoroughly embrace this day. Who among you kind readers is with us? Anyone planning on having a pizza party? It can be a pizza party for one if you don’t feel like company. Do share if you are busy making plans, you are among friends here and we need to unite if we love our pizza! You can just have a fine time of it all…A whole day of pizza party fun!

When we were growing up and throughout most of our lives at home we Twinnies were blessed with homemade pizza. Our Dad and Mom were the best pizza makers ever, we had a pizza day at least once or twice a month. We still get together for a pizza day as a family…Just not as often as we would like. We are all finally living here in Pennsylvania, but life does unfortunately get busy. When we do get together for those pizza party days we do it with such gusto and really do have a great time. I am also happy to report there is nobody who doesn’t like pizza among our big family, thank goodness…Even the kids love it and all those brave men that are hitched up with the sisters love it, too. Of course, Dave is no longer here on earth, but my husband did simply love pizza, too. Our Dad, who also is in Heaven, probably throws the best of pizza parties of all I bet! Anyway, I just had to share the news about today…Happy National Pizza Party Day to everyone! 🙂 🙂



This pixie flies

with open eyes

her magic in hand

sending goodness though out  the land

pixie dust

is a must

she sprinkles it here

and there

making everything bright,

ever so light

all good and fine

to stay in the right line

everyone that believes

those who don’t leave

or doubt

are all about

so the magic weaves its spell

one can really tell

it ebbs and flows

and all  sadness goes …


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