It Seems Like Yesterday

I really had to write this, it’s one of those posts that really just have “to be”. It’s a story that spans 25 years and it seems like yesterday. She was born on New Year‘s Day, that in itself is special wouldn’t you say? This is a story of my niece and of course I am her favorite Aunt, but why you may be asking? Well, because she is Autumn’s beautiful daughter and I was always and will always be her kind of second Mom. Thanks so much for sharing her Twinnie!
I did my best with the loving, the spoiling, the holding onto that little girl hand of hers as I strolled her through some magic times, with your permission of course. You were, are and will always be the best and most fun of Moms Twinnie dearest! I loved the time Twinnie had on her leather cowboy hat in the school pick up line and darling niece who was maybe 6 years old was not pleased. I got called Mom and Autumn was Aunt Gabs until that evil cowboy hat got taken off!
The darling niece had a fine sense of humor from the start and it still remains.  I feel blessed I had a major part of this lovely niece’s life, and those years seemed to roll by way too quickly. The darling niece learning to walk, then running everywhere she went because walking was way too slow! The girl had a zest for life from early on, she was clearly her mother’s daughter!

The days of schooling, well they seemed to fly and then, onto college…Those 4 years went by in a blink of an eye, too. Anyway, I am along with Autumn having a hard time of it these days. The beautiful niece has moved way too far away, 2, 000 miles away…I am still convinced she will tire of this new location and be back very soon. Her new job will end up boring and dull, she will miss us too much and move right back where she belongs. I just knew  we Twinnies should have kidnapped her and refused to let her go, except that’s not how real life works. I should have bribed darling niece with the shopping trip of her dreams, because I had helped teach her to shop until you dropped. Did I mention along with loving this niece like crazy, that I spoiled her shamefully? I couldn’t help myself, her big brown eyes just had me from the start!  Well, I know that kids have to find their way and live their own lives as they see fit…But who would have known it would be so difficult? Trying not to make this sad, we Twinnies shared a new batch of tears last night.

Autumn was a single Mom for way over half of darling niece’s life…Sorry to report, Autumn’s ex-husband was really not father material and forever shame on him! Thankfully our parents were a marvelous help, I helped and so did my husband along with other family of course. It’s just hard to believe, here we are 25 years after the miracle of darling niece’s birth and she is really off having a new adventure of it. Well, I am trying to be strong and be there for Autumn and somehow we will get through this! I love my darling niece and want the best and brightest for her..Whatever the future holds for her, may she be blessed! But it still seems like it was only yesterday…

24 thoughts on “It Seems Like Yesterday

  1. What a horrible time this has been. Well, things change and we’ll see 🙂 What a beautiful child I have 🙂 🙂 You have been the number one Aunt for sure, Twinnie!!!! TF ❤

  2. It sure has been a not very good time of it and you do have a very beautiful daughter Twinnie. My darling niece will always be number one to me, so I am happy I am her best and number one Aunt! 🙂 TF ❤

  3. Gabby, this is such a touching and beautiful tribute to your niece and she is beautiful (I hope Autumn reads this, too). It’s wonderful that she had so much family to guide her as she grew to be a lovely young lady. I can partially relate because my daughter will be 21 this year (it seems like yesterday). However, she’s still at home. When the time comes for her to move on, I don’t know how I’ll feel, but I can empathize with you and Autumn. It’s so hard letting go and yet, we have to, right? Well, after getting to know both of you, I can tell she’s had all the love and support needed to begin her own adventure as a young adult. Hang in there and sending hugs to you both! ♥

    • Lauren, thank you so much for your kind words and I’m happy you liked what I wrote. She is a beautiful young woman, I agree and Autumn will be reading your comment, too. We sure are missing her like crazy, that letting go is hard for Autumn as her Mom. As her Aunt, I feel so much the same way and we Twinnies do have to stop our crying jags. Your beautiful daughter will be 21, oh I am so praying she stays close to home! We will try and hang in there Lauren and your words helped so much, thank you! Hugs back from both of us!

  4. I saw Alyssa as she looks now a few days back in Autumns website..and i was blown away by this beautiful Charismatic girl she is and she has become.
    of course her Mom and Maasi( that ‘s you Gabby) have influenced her life
    and what a positive healthy influence it has been,i know so cos i know both of you.
    if you touch and bring so much happiness and positivity in our lives , i can only imagine the power Alyssa has in her genes and her blood.
    Hats off to you lovely twinnies
    for bringing up this beautiful gorgeous girl and making her a girl of Today
    and the most wonderful thing Alyssa has learned from both of you
    is keep going,and never forget to light up the candle in your heart,that will show your way.

    • I knew Autumn had written a post and had Alyssa’s picture on her Sunshine website and so happy you got to see it a few days ago. Soma, you are so kind about how beautiful and all she has become and also thank you for the sweet words of how Autumn and me as her Aunt (Maasi) have influenced her life. I also believe Alyssa has power in her genes and blood and is such a strong young woman now, she will accomplish whatever she sets out to do. She was always so easy to love and she has her own magic about her for sure and will keep going, never forgetting to light that candle in her heart to show her the way. Your words are just so beautiful and from your heart Soma, it means so much to me and Autumn, too. Sending love and hugs to you, we twinnies are so blessed to have you as a friend! ❤

    • Thank you so much Judith for your kind and supportive words! We twinnies will try our best to embrace the happiness of her success and not be sad about her stepping away.

  5. i would be honored to have an aunt who cared as much as you & such a supportive loving family. i know my family is loving & supportive, so i’m not complaining about mine. as much as pointing out how truly lucky & blessed this little girl is. God Bless yall! ! UT

    • That is the sweetest thing to say, I would be honored to be your aunt! 🙂 My darling niece is very blessed indeed, she knows it, too. Family sure is everything and I’m happy you’ve got a loving and supportive one, we can just never have enough love and support in this life is my feeling. It was good to see you stopping by, I know you are busy and have so much going on! Take care and God Bless you, too! 🙂

  6. Such a heart-warming story and a lovely niece you’ve got Gabby! She is blessed to have a super sweet, loving, caring and supportive aunt like you!

    • Thank you so much and I’m happy you liked it! She knows she is blessed and she is such a beautiful young woman both inside and out, too. Autumn is such a wonderful Mom and I sure do love being the #1 Aunt and we both are missing her lots! 🙂

  7. It is hard when the children grow into their own space and leave what feels like a giant hole…’quick, come back, cover up the hole again!’ *sigh*
    Great you were able to put your feelings to paper and hopefully makes this time a bit easier to go through…for you and Autumn.
    Bless you both…and have a wonderful week ahead. 🙂

    • You sure found the perfect words about when the children grow up into their own space Sunshine. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words for both me and Mom Autumn. I believe getting my feelings and thoughts down really helps so much and thanks for understanding. God Bless you Sunshine and you also have a wonderful week! 🙂

  8. What loving and entrancing sharing you have done here about your niece and Autumn, Gabby! Thank you for including us in this family saga! I know you will find many ways to reach out and touch that niece over those 2,000 miles!

    • I really was happy to share this one Granbee, thank you for reading and your kind words! I know you’re right, we will find ways to bridge the distance of those 2,000 miles. 🙂

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