The Fairy Princess and her Pony

For the best fairy princess ever, this is for my beautiful niece,  Bonita ♥ love Autumn Mashee

All dressed in pink

What do you think?

The fairy princess and her pony stand

they are looking all around the land

Where should they go?

Do you know?

magic to spin

and races to win

they ride the best

they’ve passed every test

Magic dances on the breeze

making the little pony sneeze!

How silly is that,

the princess almost lost her hat

off they go for a ride that’s fun

galloping into the sun …


13 thoughts on “The Fairy Princess and her Pony

  1. When we were reading out the poem loud the moment I read making her pony sneeze and Bonita said making her pony aaa aak choo…she is so funny
    oh Autumn you have already pampered her so much ,and she read this thrice to get the effect properly
    Love ya babe,you are the best Maasi one can have
    I couldnt have asked for a better maasi my girls are golden hearts 🙂

    • Yay 🙂 I love that she is enjoying the poems! Pampering Bonita is heaps of fun. I love you and Bonita, you are family 🙂 I am proud of me the best Maasi, Gabby is one for sure, too. Life hands us a lot sometimes, but the good thing/people make up for it. 🙂

  2. All princesses ride ponies that sneeze while winning every race–of course, they do! Such a whimsically joyous tribute to your little niece!

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