A Case of Mistaken Identity

What an enticing title this is if I do say so myself!  OK maybe not, but  this is the best title I could come up with for this very strange happening. First I do need to state, I think I really dislike shopping without Autumn and I am never going anywhere without her again! Of course I am kidding since she can’t be with me everytime I venture out there in the shopping world. But she handles these wacky things so much better than me.

There I was in a department type store, shopping and minding my own business and looking at greeting cards. That would finish up my shopping and then I could be on my way. Well, I was going to slowed down because I was suddenly approached by a stranger in the form of some guy who was just plain overjoyed to see me! Here’s where the mistaken identity comes in, and no this guy wasn’t mistaking me for Autumn…He was calling me by one of our younger sisters names.

The funny part is sister S is 9 years younger than us Twinnies and I seriously don’t know or would never remember who all her friends, etc. were/are. Plus, what a nice compliment to be mistaken for a younger sister, right? Well, kind of except this guy was having a hard time believing I wasn’t S and that was somewhat interesting and annoying. He started telling me how he remembered me dumping him after only 3 dates and on he went, it got just a bit amusing as I heard all about S and his never forgetting her.

That sister S was quite the heartbreaker in her dating days, but my goodness she sure must have stomped on this guy’s heart only after 3 dates! I am not kidding how hard it was to shut him up either and convince him once and for all I wasn’t sister S! I finally stopped him in his tracks by pulling out my ID! His face sure got red as he quickly started apologizing tripping over the words, “You are one of the twins and I can’t believe I thought you were S and I knew she had a bunch of sisters”, etc., etc…You get the idea. Thankfully, he left in a hurry after telling me his name and asking me to tell her he said hi.

Oh, you just better believe I would tell sister S all about it as soon as possible. She is happily married with 2 kids, but I just had to know the story of their 3 dates. Here’s the kicker, first S couldn’t remember him and it took her some thinking to recall the guy at all! So no big story, but she did think it was cool he still thought so highly of her, oh sister S and that tiny streak of drama she has! So, there you have it…Case of mistaken identity and the weirdest thing of my solo bout of shopping. Yes, Autumn was missed because that Twinnie would have handled it much better. On a sidenote… She did have a good time of it teasing sister S though! 😉 🙂

14 thoughts on “A Case of Mistaken Identity

    • I am used to being mistaken for Twinnie, so this was a new one for me! 🙂 I know, I must admit it’s not a bad thing being mistaken for our sister S who is 9 years younger! 🙂

  1. lol Gabby what an interesting time you have had..hey you are too good you know,had it being me i would have defintely made up a good story and how i forced to dump him on gun point and my hubby is a mafia and he is still looking for him blah blah just to shock him….before telling him the truth
    Thank God Autumn teased you sister…God gave us younger siblings so that we can have some fun…

    • Lol Soma about your made up story to put fear into S’s old boyfriend before telling him the truth! It sure did make me laugh and why was I too nice? 😉 I never think of this stuff, I was so stunned at the guy not believing me I wasn’t our sister S…Well, if it happens again I might go with your story Soma! 😉 It’s a good one that Autumn did tease S and you are so right God gave us younger siblings to have some fun and tease! 🙂

    • It was very weird indeed Marvin, thanks to being mistaken for sister S! It sure does confirm the impact we make, especially on those people we don’t even know or remember…I sure hope it doesn’t happen again either!

  2. This is such a hoot–and what a gift to your conversational life together, Gabby! You will treasure that encounter always–and get a lot of mileage out of it, I know!

    • It’s funny now, but at the time it kind of was one of those unreal incidents. I think with all 6 of us sisters, it could happen anytime…We all do favor each other! Except Autumn and me are the oldest, so flattering to be mistaken for a younger sister was rather nice. 🙂 The word has been spread around the family, trust me Granbee it sure is getting a lot of mileage now and will continue I just know it, too! 🙂

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