Twins with four legs Each

Just look at these twins,

they are meant to win

the survival of  the wild

each is only just a “child”

let’s hope they grow up strong

knowing right from wrong

stay away from cars

come out of the forest to see the stars

be careful who they trust

that is a must!!

Nature at it’s best

puts animals to the test

to live and learn

as they nibble on ferns

walk careful and know

that  they will soon grow

but for now they’re still small

not too big at all

the beauty shows in their eyes

please humans, don’t make them cry …


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18 thoughts on “Twins with four legs Each

  1. Aww this is just super cute and when i saw the title i thought you wrote about you the a way you have …..
    beautiful poetry Autumn..and that image i just love animals 🙂

    hey twinnies am loving your blog stat,and pretty soon you girls will have that 100,000 hits…any plans 🙂

    • The deer are way more fun to write about, they are awesome twinnies 🙂 I just love the animals, too. Wow, I didn’t even notice the blog stat, OMG. We twinnies better come up with a good plan and have some fun!!! Yay for all those hits.

    • I loved the image, too 🙂 I know what you mean about the deer in the garden. When I lived in the country the deer ate all sorts of things, even flowers. But they’re beautiful to watch.

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