National Barefoot Day

Barefoot day is here, June 4th and I just had to share it  with everyone! 🙂 After the broken toe of mine, not to mention the few bruised ones you would think I wouldn’t be embracing this one. But, I just have to because being barefoot and shoeless is just so nice! I really do walk around my house with no shoes on most of the time…Not for outside anymore.

Autumn is the same way, we Twinnies learned our lessons very young after stepping on countless bees when we were young. We both proved to be allergic to those stings and it really put a damper on things and Ouch with lots of crying!  Also, the unfortunate incidents of cuts and all…It just isn’t very wise to do. I was thinking of it being Barefoot Day and wondering if anyone will be going barefoot at their jobs? Not probably embraced by employers, even if they do happen to be related to you.

Since there are limits an a time and a place for everything, unfortunately. How many of you kind readers will be celebrating Barefoot Day, do share! After all, it is National Barefoot Day and people all over the world will be happy that this day has finally arrived! The other thought I just had as I am writing about the joys and all of going barefoot is how many shoes, boots, sandals, etc are now residing in my closet! 🙂

It’s funny think about it just for a minute or so! 😉 OK, so I love my footwear and so does Autumn but there is also freedom of going barefoot every now and then. Even if it’s only on this National Barefoot Day alone, so if you’re like us Twinnies with the closet full of shoes and all, we can still embrace this day. It’s only once a year, so do have a very Happy Barefoot Day everyone! 🙂 🙂


10 thoughts on “National Barefoot Day

  1. OK Girls please look at your stats i want a party..something big special post or something

    i love being barefoot at house but out its no fun for sure..
    and i have to confess i just love that freedom our toes needs to breath too
    oh man you girls did have a lot of ouch we will totally not mind if you are being caught wearing shoes outside 😆
    hey wish you Happy barefoot day too…yay its fun

    • Those stats are pretty good aren’t they? Thanks for wanting a party or something special happening Soma, we twinnies just better get thinking and quick! 🙂 That is so good to hear you love barefoot and letting those toes breathe, inside the house is best! There sure have been enough ouch moments, I am seriously the worst one of the two of us, Autumn is not as accident prone as me! Yay for barefoot day and so glad you are embracing it Soma! 🙂 It really is a fun thing as long as we celebrate with caution! 🙂

  2. I love this article Gabby…. oh my…. The picture to it is awesome too…i am going to go around the rest of the evening barefoot… :)… Yes i love my footwear too…. One love dear and have a lovely day…

    • I a happy you liked this post Maureen, thanks so much! 🙂 You love your footwear, too…Good to know Autumn and me aren’t alone on that one! Yay, you are going barefoot the rest of the evening! You have a wonderful rest of your evening, too! 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I have never heard of barefoot day, but what a great idea. I also don’t worry about shoes when I am at home, but it is Winter here, so I think I will keep on my nice warm boots. 🙂

    • Hi Mags and glad you got to learn about barefoot day! 🙂 Since it’s winter for you, please do keep on those warm boots so you don’t freeze your toes! 🙂

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