I Just Don’t Exactly Fit In…

I know, what a title again, but I will explain kind readers…Don’t I always? The title I wanted was just far too long, so I settled on this one. I have a reputation to maintain for my odd and sometimes puzzling titles to my posts! 😉 Anyway, “I Just Don’t Exactly Fit In at the Nice Mechanic’s Garage Who Looks After My Car” is a bit long wouldn’t you say? Sixteen words in a title, I really think not so this one with the Six words worked out the best.

Anyway, it’s so true upon picking up my car at the garage today I felt like I was in another world. My mechanic is wonderful, but at the end of the day there is usually a couple of guys (at the very least) hanging out in the office part. So, there I am this strange situation, with the guys chatting to me. They want me to feel welcomed, not left out of their secret club I guess. Those garages have that sort of thing going on, and being a girly sort of girl I am just so not hip to this car lingo.

I did understand the changing the oil thing and oh, never mind because I forget the rest. General needed maintenance and all, these are the times I just wish Dave was here to take care of it all. I know, he’s in Heaven and is not able to do such things and he trusts the nice mechanic/garage owner. I thankfully do have a mechanic I can trust and it is fine with me, I just want to nicely make it short and sweet. You know, pick up my car and get out pretty quickly…Those places reek of car smells! You know what I mean and I do believe I hear a few guys reading this just laughing like crazy, too. I can’t blame you at all, because it is laughable and kind of pitiful at the same time.

Anyway, I picked up my car earlier and just felt the need to write this post…Well, because I love to share! 🙂 Autumn is a bit more knowledge than I am about the car stuff, but not a lot…So she is definitely with me with this one. The sweet Twinnie did teach me how to pump gas 9 years ago, that was lovely and kind of liberating. I’m wondering how many of you girl readers can identify with me, or are you one of those girls who learned the car lingo? Whichever one, please do feel free to jump in with a comment and you guys can, too…Just be nice! 😉 🙂


8 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Exactly Fit In…

  1. This is a good post, Twinnie! I am glad your garage is a nice place. I am glad you learned how to pump gas 🙂 I know I picked up the car lingo from being on my own and having to deal with car “stuff”. Dave sure was helpful with that even with helping me. TF ❤

    • Thanks for thinking it’s a good post Twinnie and I’m glad the garage is run by such a nice guy, too. I still get a laugh about me not knowing a lot and also learning to pump gas for the first time, thanks for being so patient! 🙂 I sure do miss Dave handling it all, too and just miss him. TF ❤

  2. Gabby, you made me smile reading this one! I know exactly how you feel, as I’ve experienced this when I’ve taken the car in. My husband usually does, however, since I work part-time, my time is more flexible. But, it’s not in my comfort zone. I understand the basics, but you just never know if what they’re telling you that needs to be fixed (in addition to what you took the car in for) is the truth. Or if, because we’re woman, they’re trying to pull the wool over our eyes and make an extra buck. I’m skeptical sometimes, can you tell? Anyway, don’t feel bad at all, in my opinion, it’s understandable. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you can relate Lauren and happy you got a smile! It’s so strange to be in foreign territory, but thankfully I do know this mechanic who owns the garage well. He would never do anything underhanded or rip me off, but I feel so strange being in the whole atmosphere. I would be scared to go to anyone else because I don’t think I’d trust them like everything you said…I admit I would be a skeptic, too! Thanks for understanding Lauren! 🙂

  3. hey is the mechanic as good looking as the one in the pic…
    I am glad you got a good mechanic you can trust Gabby its hard to fnd one though…
    i have this weird smell thing going on i love the smell of shoe polish and petrol ok now i am weird and its not a secret…so i kinda love garages..not that i go and start sniffing around..cos that would be super weird plus the mechaninc would really get all scared and may be run away …but something about engines and tools i just love it..

    • My mechanic is pretty good looking Soma, but he is happily married and I adore his lovely wife and awesome kids, too! 🙂 Sure glad I do have him to look after my car because those good mechanics are hard to find, I know. It’s not weird if you love garages and I do admire you for loving the engines and tools…But that smell? Well, I’m not worrying about you cause it’s OK, like you said you aren’t going sniffing around the garage and scaring the mechanic…OMG, but you sure did make me smile and chuckle over this one! 😉 You are the best Soma and always telling it like it is! 🙂 Hugs

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