National Hug Holiday

It’s a very good day today, if you like hugs that is…If not, I am sorry if you don’t because clearly it’s not the holiday for you at all. It’s National Hug Holiday on this day of June 11th and it could be a very fun day! 🙂 You can go around hugging everyone you want to, within reason I mean. Don’t go getting all crazy hugging strangers and all please!

Another good reminder is not to go around hugging those people you just know are going to be cringing. It is sad, but some people do tend to react that way. So, we really must practice caution…We can’t have anyone freaking out and all. I bet there are some of you who just might see this as a holiday to go crazy, so do be careful and I mean it!

Even as tempting as it may be don’t approach strangers!  I’m kidding of course because nobody would be that silly, right? I mean, I certainly do hope not and do consider this your very kind and much-needed warning. Some people are really just not huggy people, I do know that and everybody is different so it’s OK. But, for all the rest of us it is a wonderful and fun day.

We can go around hugging friends, family and maybe spread some smiles and happiness with those hugs. Think of it as a nice gift to give out and it costs nothing, Yay! I have no idea what life would be like without hugs to share for me anyway. Autumn is the same way of course, we are among the group of huggy people. I believe with all my heart hugs are healthy and so wonderful to share, it lifts spirits and is a just happy thing.

I will literally be embracing this day, so will Autumn she says…So everyone of you kind readers considered yourselves hugged! 🙂 See, even virtual hugs can be awesome! Happy National Hug Holiday to you all and do enjoy today! 🙂 🙂


The Castle so Grand

I wish you a happy day, Princess Bonita and magic all around 🙂 love and hugs Autumn Maasi

It is a castle so grand
with beautiful land

A unicorn so pretty with a purple mane
She loves the princess who has much fame

Their magic whirls all around
with a musical sound

The princess and her bunny
are a little bit funny 🙂

A mommy deer dances by
and the swans watch the butterflies

Is that a frog I see?
he’s ever so green as he can be

Flowers grace the grounds
of the very magic town

A rainbow in the sky
and the clouds float softly by

A happy place
and not a trace

of anything sad
everyone is always glad

The princess is glad that’s it’s home
and she’s never alone

she has her Mom and Dad,
they know all is good, never bad

A magic place
so filled with grace …


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