The Castle so Grand

I wish you a happy day, Princess Bonita and magic all around 🙂 love and hugs Autumn Maasi

It is a castle so grand
with beautiful land

A unicorn so pretty with a purple mane
She loves the princess who has much fame

Their magic whirls all around
with a musical sound

The princess and her bunny
are a little bit funny 🙂

A mommy deer dances by
and the swans watch the butterflies

Is that a frog I see?
he’s ever so green as he can be

Flowers grace the grounds
of the very magic town

A rainbow in the sky
and the clouds float softly by

A happy place
and not a trace

of anything sad
everyone is always glad

The princess is glad that’s it’s home
and she’s never alone

she has her Mom and Dad,
they know all is good, never bad

A magic place
so filled with grace …


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19 thoughts on “The Castle so Grand

  1. What a truly beautiful poem, so much magic and joy, wonderful write Twinnie! 🙂 Princess Bonita will so love this poem, too and of course have her tiara ready to put right on…I just love it all, such happiness all the way around! 🙂 TF ❤

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