Bubbles and Magic

For Bonita, have a happy, happy day fairy princess šŸ™‚ love, Autumn Massi

Magic Bubbles here and there
and everywhere!

She flies about the water blue
she knows what she’ll do

she giggles and spins
magic again

it’s a lovely little pond
of which she’s very fond

part of the garden with flowers
and sometimes rain showers

it’s so much fun
and she has just begun

More bubbles fly
how many can you spy?

she catches a bubble in her hand
and holds on as long as she can

she whirls and twirls
she’s a happy girl

the bubbles sparkle and shine
she thinks, “this is all mine”

A talent she has, it’s true
I can tell, can you?

She flies up higher and starts for home
she waves and says, “off I go alone”

ta ta for now, see you soon
on another lovely day in June …


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