Magic under the Sun

So much magic to be found

It usually makes not one sound

under the sun

so much fun

look and see

all there can be

Open you mind

such wonderful things you’ll find

Mountains tall

and creatures small

Don’t give up on the quest

it’s far from over yet!

Shooting stars

from up so far

magic beckons us along

it’s growing so strong

Don’t close your eyes

all around you can find a surprise

Take a chance and see

Just how much magic Β there can be …


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22 thoughts on “Magic under the Sun

  1. There is so much magick to be seen if one just Believes!
    Great poem..
    Thank you!
    Take Care…

  2. What a beautiful inspiring poem Autumn..yes to keep going and exploring the world…..Autumn how i would love to see your poems in school.text books…magic and motivation….just the thing for kids

  3. This poem beautifully captures the wonder and magic I felt in my childhood summer days on the farm. Thank you SO MUCH for the blessing of these memories, Autumn!

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