Meteor Watch Day is Here!

Wait a second, shouldn’t that be night? Yes indeed, this day should be called Meteor Watch Night…We need to rename it at once! Because, even if you tried as hard as you could, it would be impossible to find a meteor during the daytime! It is a kind of fascinating day/night though, isn’t it? A whole day/night devoted to the searching of the skies to catch a glimpse  of a shooting star.

Also called by some people as a falling star or meteor burst, a bright trail in the sky…Call it what you may! There is just something quite magical about the whole deal is what I think. Watching, waiting and looking to see that shooting star in the sky…Because then, Yay you get to make a wish! Everyone knows that, right? Wishes on shooting stars are among the long list of fun things in my opinion to wish upon. Not saying the wishes will come true of course, but you just have to give it a whirl just in case.

There were more than a few times I have witnessed a shooting star when my husband Dave and I were hanging out, he laughed as I wished! He thought it was so cute of me wishing on fallen debris from space as he called it, he did humor me and also made a wish once or twice.

I was talking to Autumn about this Meteor Watch Day thing and she of course thought it was quite awesome, too. The Twinnie says she and her darling man will hang out on the deck for a spell and watch the night sky to try to spot a falling star of their own! Well, that was good news to hear and I am hoping they see one!

How about any of you kind readers? Will you be out looking for your very own shooting star or do you perhaps think it’s just another silly day? Do share if you’d like, your thoughts and all are always welcomed! I feel pretty lucky myself, I am aiming to see one and make a wish! 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “Meteor Watch Day is Here!

  1. What a fun time watching the night skies 🙂 I’m hoping our weather holds up here so we can see the skies clearly. We are ready to watch 🙂 Thanks for such a great post, Twinnie!!!! TF ❤

    • Thanks for such a nice comment about this post Twinnie, I was hoping it would be fun, too! 🙂 I am happy you and YDM (your darling man) will be out watching tonight and I so want you two to see a shooting star! 🙂 I am praying our weather holds steady with clear skies and it doesn’t rain either…Happy Watching! 🙂 TF ❤

  2. What a fun informative post…but this post also made me think of something…..
    Both you and Autumn would make great teachers…the ones who know how to reach a kids mind and heart.
    Every post you do Gabby is so beautifully done and very engaging…
    So if i see a shooting star i would wish for teachers like You Twinnies for every kid
    what fun schools then 🙂

    • Thanks for liking this post Soma and also your kind words, I so appreciate the support! 🙂 That is so sweet, awesome and nice to say Autumn and me would make good teachers, too…Kids are so amazing with their open minds and hearts. It’s a good wish to make about there being good teachers who make schools fun and learning exciting.Soma, I am sure Autumn feels as honored as me for you to say such nice things about us Twinnies! You are the best, hugs and love 🙂

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