Fairy Magic

So many hugs to you, Princess Bonita 🙂 love~Autumn Maasi

She holds her doll, who holds her doll

the Magic calls

and no one falls

Flowers in  her hair

the Princess has not one single care

All three have a bracelet of gold

and wings so bold

Look real close and you will see

that’s how it is~ one, two, three

Heaps of magic in the air so still

can you feel it’s thrill ?

Such a sight

this lovely night

As all three smile

they take awhile

Happy girls they are

Time to catch a falling star …


18 thoughts on “Fairy Magic

  1. I just totally do love this magicial poem so much Twinnie, great writing! 🙂 A wonderful image to go along with this poem makes it all the better…Fairy Magic rocks indeed! 🙂 I know Bonita the best Fairy Princess of all will just love her latest poem! 🙂 TF ❤

    • Yay, I’m glad you liked the poem and image Twinnie!! It is fun to write this poems for Bonita 🙂 I think this will cheer up things for her, it’s very hot in India right now. I bet she will smile at the image, too 🙂 TF ❤

  2. The magic does call through your enchanting words, Autumn, and I’m sure Bonita is totally thrilled with all of your beautiful gifts of poetry! She is very lucky to have you! xx 🙂

  3. oh that image is one of the best Autumn..Bonita saw it just now and chuckled at the doll holding a doll…
    what a beautiful poem..
    loved it
    everytime she reads your poems she is so happy and that makes me even more happy
    Big hugs Autumn Maasi and thank you 🙂

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