Overhearing A Conversation and Catching a Memory

It’s a funny little happening and one I sure didn’t expect to be overhearing, but I did! Laying in bed, resting and reading during my convalescing I sure heard a chat among young teenage neighbors that made me laugh. Wasn’t that a fun happening, since resting and laying down was kind of getting to me. I am so not used to tiring easily or being in pain so the teenagers gave me a smile and a memory and they’ll never know it!

Only you kind readers will because I am sharing it will you all, because I just feel the need to. My bedroom faces the direction of my nice neighbors with a 13-year-old girl, she is a nice young girl with sometimes a rather loud voice. Of course my bedroom window was open since there was a nice breeze blowing, so I really wasn’t eavesdropping on purpose! Anyway, she was hanging out on her front porch with her “kind of boyfriend“…That’s what she calls him. Her parents say not, because she is a bit young to have a boyfriend but they let them hang out on the front porch swing.

I’ve never asked about the kind of boyfriend, but she feels the need to share her life’s happenings every so often when I see her. So, back to the chat I overheard as I digress all over the place. The nice neighbor girl Nicole is entertaining the “kind of boyfriend” Justin and they were teasing each other and having a good time I thought. But Nicole is a tad touchy and had enough of his teasing and she was going to set poor Justin straight.

I heard her telling him how she would never marry him unless  he really straightened up because his teasing was a bit too much. Anyway, she elaborated for a good five minutes…I’m guessing because no I wasn’t timing her! It just struck me as funny and amusing as I flashed back to thoughts of dear Autumn at that same age. She was smitten with neighbor boy Tim as he was with her, I have her permission to report how she could get a tad bossy with Tim. If he overteased her or got too silly she would get him in line and often would say how she wasn’t going to marry him if he kept up such things. It was cute and funny, Autumn had the touch to get her way while still making Tim think it was his idea.

Maybe you had to be there, but I can remember it like it was yesterday and picture her with her hands on her hips giving him the speech! Of course the dear Twinnie had a good number of years of keeping Tim in line…She had been doing it since we were about 5 or 6 years old. Young Tim bounced a toad off her head and Autumn had been keeping him in line ever since! A whole other story, a whole other blog and Autumn hates toads to this day.

Anyway, the whole chatting of Nicole and Justin had me reminiscing to those younger days of Autumn and Tim. I later shared with her and she laughed, dismissing the toad incident with a shudder but we had a good laugh chatting of all those younger days. Autumn always makes me get a chuckle about how her and Tim might have made a better marriage than her and her ex….Well, we never know but time marches on. Autumn is now happy and engaged to her darling man and the rest is just history! I did love sharing this little flashback with you kind readers. But, please whatever you do…Do Not tease her about toads! 😉 🙂


8 thoughts on “Overhearing A Conversation and Catching a Memory

  1. I am really laughing about this memory 🙂 Lol !!!!! Timmy was so much fun, though not the toad thing so much. Nicole is such a sweet girl, I know she will keep Justin in line 😉 Great Post Twinnie 🙂 TF ❤

    • It is a fun memory isn’t it Twinnie? 🙂 I know, the part about the toad wasn’t too cool, but you always did keep Tim in line after that one! 🙂 Nicole is a sweet girl and who knows what will become of her and Justin, they are young…She sure has a way of keeping him in line so far! 😉 🙂 TF ❤

  2. ha ha ha i find it so funny the conversations kids have these days with their kinda boyfriends…i remember i was at the airport bookstore and this one girl went on and on and on about how the poor guy on the other end should behave ..and then she told her sista thats why she is going to dump him..ouch being dumped after that long a lecture…the girl must have been 13 or 14 year old…

    My God a toad on Autumns head.what happened next..
    did Autumn hang him upside down on a tree
    or bury him neck down in sand
    or may be made him gulp a chilli mango shake…
    oh i am so full of ideas …damn if i knew Autumn at that age we would have taught him a lesson 😆
    i laughed so much reading this post…hilarious..
    hugs to both the fun twinnies 🙂

    • I know, the conversations kids have these days is amazing and the one you overheard…Ouch indeed! OMG but what good ideas you had for young Tim for bouncing that toad off Autumn’s poor little girl head Soma! I wish you had been around, too and together you two would have really taught him a lesson! 🙂 What happened after he bounced the toad off her head…Well, Autumn was stamping her foot, crying and calling him an evil boy and saying she wasn’t his friend anymore. She carried on for so long and even at age 5 or 6 poor Tim was so distraught over Autumn dumping him as a friend he caved. He was soon snifling with her (so was I) and saying he was sorry and finally hugging her and they made up. Both our Mom and Tim’s Mom kind of made it all work out with them, too. Tim and his brother Alex (he was 18 mths older than us) were our good buddies from the time they moved across the street from us when we were all about 3-4 years old. Many adventures were had by all 4 of us and I have written some posts about us Twinnies and the neighbor boys, lots of fun! 🙂 I am so glad you got a good laugh when reading this one Soma, we sure had some wild and fun old times in our own backyards! Autumn will get a laugh when she reads your comment, too cause it was a wonderful one! Hugs back to you Sista! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the fun glimpse into Autumn’s life, she has sure had her moments! 🙂 I am also so very pleased for her with her fiancee, he’s a keeper for sure and they are so happy. Thanks so much for reading Granbee, I appreciate it so much! 🙂

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