From my heart to yours

I send you waves of love

mixed with moonlight from above

Close your eyes and there I’ll be

beside you, surprise it’s me

As day turns into night

we walk along, our dreams in sight

Love is me and you

together always, we knew

so take my hand

we’ll make a stand

our love is strong and true

no longer new

we say I do

smiling into each others eyes

until the sunrise

laughing at the time

yours and mine

another adventure we found

whispers in the night, barely a sound

me and you

our love is true …


National Strawberry Sundae Day and More

Here we are, July 7th and it’s a day to celebrate the goodness of the strawberry sundae! 🙂 Well, that’s a lovely thing and in these hot days of summer I think we all need to have one! If you don’t like strawberries, then choose another flavor…It’s allowed since I just made up that rule! It doesn’t hurt to change the rules a little bit every now and then, right? Hopefully the creator of National Strawberry Sundae Day doesn’t get upset with me changing up the rules just a tiny bit, no need for them to know actually. We will keep it among ourselves, won’t we kind readers? 😉 I love strawberries, so does Autumn of course but we also love all flavors when it comes to having a sundae…Well, because ice cream just is awesome to the both of us Twinnies! 🙂

If you don’t like strawberries, please do feel free to share your personal own favorite and have a sundae of your choice! We won’t be spilling the news to the creator of this day after all! 😉 The other really good news about today, July 7th is that it is also Chocolate Day! How cool is that I ask you? I have a good feeling there will be many of us celebrating that fact alone! 🙂 Who doesn’t like chocolate? I sure am hoping the answer is nobody…Come on, what’s there not to just simply love about chocolate in any shape, flavor or form? I think I will be having a strawberry sundae to celebrate the day and why not have some chocolate, too…It’s a day to indulge in my own humble opinion! 🙂 What do you know, Autumn says she is in complete agreement with this idea, Yay! She thinks we could have a scoop of chocolate ice cream on the side maybe, I love Autumn’s way of thinking! 🙂

Do we Twinnies know how to celebrate this day or what? Is anyone with us? Time to tell us all about it kind readers…Please do share! Strawberry Sundae Day and Chocolate Day all on the same day, Wow but those possibilities are just endless! 🙂 Let’s just all do see fit to celebrate in style and have fun, enjoy the day and don’t be left out for goodness sake! 😉 🙂