Foods Of July

Here it is July already and again it’s time for those National and Celebrated Foods. Well, of course I have to deliver the news as promised, right?  Let’s get down to talking food kind readers and from what I’ve discovered, it’s all pretty good, too! 🙂 There are 8 of them in all this month, so it should be interesting for us to get down to talking food. I am happy to report the National Foods are:1. Blueberries 2. Ice Cream  3.Watermelon and 4.Hot Dogs and the Celebrated Foods are: 1. Pickles 2. Baked Beans 3. Eggplant 4. Lettuce. Does anyone see a little trend developing here, or is it just me?

There seems to be a lot of picnic type food going on and for good reason since it’s summertime and that spells Picnics! I know the lettuce and eggplant aren’t exactly in the picnic category, I think somebody was thinking gardens on those two. But they are good and you can take them on picnics if you want to, a bit out of the ordinary perhaps but there are no rules! Salads are always good anytime is my opinion and lettuce rocks! 🙂

Eggplant parmesan is so much a favorite of both Autumn and me, eggplant really does get two thumbs up from the both of us in general. I have a feeling some of you just might not share our love for this vegetable, love it or hate it…Do share! The ice cream making it in the national foods isn’t exactly picnic food, but who doesn’t  simply love ice cream? Hopefully the answer will be nobody! Please don’t tell me some of you kind readers aren’t ice cream fans, I will be disappointed and surprised. But everyone does have their own individual tastes and all, right? So, if you aren’t an ice cream lover speak right up…But do tell us why for heaven’s sake! 😉 I am so thinking of ice cream I may just have to get a small dish when I finish writing this post, I kid you not! So many flavors, so little time is what I say. 🙂

Anyway, all in all the foods for July have just been so much joy for me to share with all of you. Not really a bad one in the bunch again this month, although to be honest I don’t eat hot dogs and either does Autumn, it has to do with the not eating of most meats.

Please do give these 8 foods some thoughts and do share your opinions, likes and dislikes…It will  be fun! Catch up with me in August for the foods of that month, too because I will be here and happy to report them all. I sure hope you enjoyed reading this post and yes you guessed it…I must go for now because the ice cream in my freezer is calling my name! 😉 🙂


15 thoughts on “Foods Of July

  1. Hi Gabby, I love them all, except, I’m not a fan of eggplant, sorry! 🙂 Of course, Ice cream, and I LOVE your photo! Watermelon and lettuce for salads are at the top of the list, too! I’d like to add corn on the cob to my favorites and grilling just about anything! Veggies are good on the grill, too. Corn in the husks and all kinds of peppers…Another fun post, Gabby! 🙂

    • I’m happy to hear you love all the foods Lauren, except eggplant. I honestly think it’s such a love for Autumn and me since we grew up with it, it was always growing in the garden. I so love you adding the corn on the cob, peppers and veggies on the grill…They are all just wonderful, too! 🙂 Thanks for liking this food post and of course Autumn found the ice cream picture. Ice cream is such the best and all the flavors to choose are just awesome! 🙂

  2. OMG this makes July my favourite of all months….what a superb list..and look at the super yumm pic of icecream..oh that is heaven…
    i lve eggplant..we make (Baigan ka bharta ) grilled eggplant with garlic,onion and tomatoes…yum..
    Gabby as you know i am a big foodie..any topic about food is going to get a big reply from me..but not today cos i have made eggplant today and after this post i am going to dive in the bowl..yes you read it correct dive in it.. 😆
    oh big hugs for this super awesome post 🙂

    • Yay about July being your favorite of all food months so far Soma! 🙂 It really is mine, too I have to admit. I am so happy to hear you love eggplant and you just made a delicious dish with the eggplant by the sounds of it! 🙂 You seriously do need to dive right into the bowl, you go for it sista! 🙂 🙂 I know you are a big foodie Soma, I am myself and so is Autumn…I love your big replies cause they are so fun! Sharing is just so awesome in my opinion and I love hearing your favorites and all. That ice cream cone pic if heaven with 8 scoops, Autumn did a wonderful job of finding it of course since she always finds the very best. Big Hugs back and I am happy you loved this post! 🙂

  3. Gabby, you have me absolutely STARVING for eggplant parmesan right now. Picnic foods DESERVE to be our favorites in hot weather, I think. Loved this “foody” post!

    • You love eggplant parmesan Granbee, that is wonderful but oops, now I have you starving for it! I’m happy you loved this foodie post and you are so right about picnic foods deserve to be our favorites in this hot weather! 🙂

  4. Oh no, please Gabby don’t publish my first comment. I think Abby hit something and off it went 🙂 Anyways, I meant to say I love ice cream and your photo makes me want to eat right now 🙂 I love watermelon too. The others not so but we all have our own preferences right? Thanks for sharing. Have a great day to you and Autumn!

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