Cheer Up the Lonely Day

This really caught my eye this month, what a lovely thought this day is! I think we all should try to aim for cheering up someone, it shouldn’t be that awfully hard to do. There are some lonely people out there and it’s such a heart warming thought to lift somebody’s spirits today.

Even if we aren’t sure which the lonely people are, how about just cheering up everybody we meet up with today? Just in case, that way everyone is covered and we will have been cheery and nice all day long! Don’t think it’s possible? Yes it is, of course it is but I truly try to do this at all times. So does Autumn, I think at times we are kind of different, in a good way that is. At least that’s what we’ve been hearing for quite a few years now.

I seriously once had a friend tell me I was so nice and sweet it made him sick, I’m not kidding either. Those were his exact words, too! Of course it was a nice compliment,  only after he chuckled and said it really was intended as a compliment for real. At first I was  slightly offended but you had to know the humor I guess because coming from someone else I would have been pretty upset.

Anyway, I’m fairly certain we can all make the best and most of cheering up the lonely, right? Autumn and I sure will be giving it our all and hoping it truly does make a difference for somebody. Any of you kind readers with us on this? Oh please do say yes, the more of us who give this day a whirl the better! Together we can make a difference and today it’s our aim to go out there and cheer up the lonely! 🙂 🙂


12 thoughts on “Cheer Up the Lonely Day

  1. Oh, WOW, WOWEEEEE, Gabby! What a fabulous piece of serendipity and synchronicity here today–I was invited first thing this morning to come outside a coffee shop and meet a young woman and share some job possibilities with her to cheer her up after being abandoned by the man in her life. Just being available is sometimes all that is required to cheer up someone!

  2. what a wonderful thought Gabby, to cheer up a lonely heart
    You are a darling ya 🙂
    i feel all of us get lonely at times..and the only thing which keeps me going is knowing that I have some awesome friends like you and beautiful family which will cheer me up… 🙂

    • You are a darling friend, too Soma and love ya right back! 🙂 I’m happy you liked this post and you are so right about all of us getting lonely sometimes. We are so blessed with our friendships and our families who step in to cheer us up and on, I agree. 🙂 Hugs

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