Late Night Thunderstorm


When I fell asleep I had no idea I would be woken up with loud crashing, an exciting light show of lots of lightning and just one wild thunderstorm. Wow, but it was loud and that rain was really coming down like crazy. I raced to the windows and got them shut, but hung out enjoying the sights…I love those thunderstorms. Some of you kind readers may perhaps be thinking I am a bit of a nut, but others have to enjoy these storms. If so, please do speak up and share your love of summer storms.

It reminded me of the thunderstorms when we were kids, at first they seemed scary. Being blessed with a Dad and Mom who turned those storms into fun! It sounds silly, and I don’t know how many parents told their kids this same story. It was started so early on with Autumn and me since we are the oldest of 6 girls…I so love the story. Even as a grownup I will always remember Dad and Mom telling us God decided furniture needed to be moved about in Heaven.

OK, that explained the crashes of thunder, right? Well, how did they explain the lightning to us? It was big, big night lights so everybody could see what and where they were moving the furniture of course! Why could we see it on earth both of us young Twinnies had to ask. That was explained as God thought it was nice to share the sights and sounds with his children here on earth. Wasn’t it nice he thought of all of us, and it was nothing to fear. It worked for Autumn and me, then our younger sisters and we thought it quite interesting as well as exciting.

I have heard other people who got told this story that our parents told, I have it on good authority that this story is still being told to the young kids. I have to say I love it, it saves so much stress on the fear factor! I sure wish everybody grew up with this thunderstorm story because sadly I have known friends who just shudder and shake over any thunderstorms. They hate the lightning the worst and jump out of their skins when the thunder starts. That just makes me sad, I don’t like the thoughts of anyone having fear or anxiety.

How about you kind readers? Do you like thunderstorms or do you just kind of deal with the whole thing until it all passes? I have to ask of course, because it’s what I tend to do…I ask a lot of questions! Autumn was curious to know about you kind readers thoughts on this subject, too. So, I’m not alone in my curiosity which is a nice thing as always…Inquiring twins just want to know! I enjoyed my thunderstorm of late last night while Autumn slept her way through it, go figure!



19 thoughts on “Late Night Thunderstorm

  1. Knowing Autumn slept through it makes me smile! I love them, as long as I’m inside where it’s cozy! I will share a funny story, though, Gabby…in the late 70’s, I was in Washington DC with a vocal group performing…we had a huge thunder storm and our bass player was outside (silly) and his Timex watch was struck by lightening. He was fine and the watch (Timex) kept ticking! 🙂 That was our laugh for the trip, but of course, glad he was okay, too! It’s been cool these past 2 days and so strange for the summer month of July! 🙂

    • I know, it made me smile, too and I was glad Autumn slept right through it all! 🙂 Oh Lauren, I loved the story about the bass player and his Timex…Happy to know he was OK but what a freak accident. Those Timex watches sure stand up to anything! 🙂 I can imagine it was quite the laugh for all of you for the trip! The weather there sounds nice, here it was over 100 again today and praying like crazy the temperature goes back down. It seems it’s been a weird summer for most of us this year and we never know what to expect! 🙂

    • It’s so true, at first it does catch you off guard. I was happy to hear you enjoy the end of the storm and wish for more! 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post and also for your kind words, glad you liked it! 🙂

    • I just had a feeling you would love thunderstorms Marvin! 🙂 The more violent the better, not surprised there either and thank you for checking in with your thoughts! 🙂

    • I’m happy to hear you love thunderstorms, too! 🙂 I know, the poor dogs would get upset and you need to keep the plaster on the walls after all. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on thunderstorms! 🙂

  2. I love thunderstorms! For most of my life, I remember being near enough to water, or vast tracts of open land, so that I could trace the lightning through the sky and listen to the thunder crash. In Colorado, east on the high plains, I used to watch and listen to the most amazing storms coming over Pikes Peak. And here in Bath, I love to sit on the porch and let the whole storm just roll over me. Never any stories as a kid, but I guess I didn’t need them. 😎

    • Yay Judith, you love thunderstorms! It’s so awesome you got to experience them in the different places you lived. Also, nice to hear you love to sit on your porch and let the whole storm roll over you…I just love that you really enjoy the storms. No stories as a kid, well I think you said it all…You didn’t need them! 🙂

  3. You know I actually read this post the same day you posted it. I so love this kind of weather and enjoyed it myself. I was hoping it wouldn’t spoil my t.v. and net time to tell the truth. I was doing homework and watching one of my favorite shows. You know how I love rain 🙂 and thunderstorms is a plus , its like just relaxing to put you to bed and all. I’m not crazy if you kind readers don’t like that kind of weather. I like this kind of weather to read or write or to even just sleep. You seem to get a lot done. I know when I was younger I use to be scared of it. Autumn, I’m not mad at you, if I didn’t have anything to do I would’ve bn getting my z’s on as well. Ty for sharing the lovely post Gabby. I know I’m all late, but I do read the post when I get the chance, I just don’t get the chance to comment and like! Sending hugs, hope all is well on your end! God Bless 🙂

    • Hi PJ, it’s good to see you here and I am happy you liked this post of mine! 🙂 I know between taking care so you can feel better and also school it’s hard for you to get a chance to comment, like and all. Please don’t worry about it, just praying for you to feel well soon PJ! I know how much you love the rain and thunderstorms, too are just the best. You are so right about Autumn getting her zz’s and so glad she could sleep through it all, too but I sure did enjoy the thunderstorm myself. 🙂 Everything is OK here PJ, just been busy with family visiting and Autumn and I haven’t been blogging much ourselves the past few days or so. I know we are both a bit behind in visiting blogs, but this time of year sure gets so busy! We are both keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as always, sending hugs back to you! 🙂 God Bless you, too PJ 🙂

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