Faery Magick ~ Written by Autumn

There’s magic in her eyes

and magic in the skies

All who gather round

hear a happy sound

butterfly wings

and magical things

Flowers of pink

they appear in a wink

lions stop to play

I wonder what they’ll say?

When the faery blinks her eyes

another surprise

Watch and you will see

how much fun magic can be …



12 thoughts on “Faery Magick ~ Written by Autumn

    • I’m so happy 🙂 Magic makes us all smile! I wanted to tell you, I have something wrong here on Word Press. I can’t
      comment on anyone’s blogs 😦 I type a comment, and it won’t go through. I love leaving comments so you know it’s
      making me crazy! I have emailed them for help, I just hope it gets fixed soon. Your posts just are so uplifting,
      you know I love them 🙂 Hugs

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