I need HELP!! Written by Autumn

Hi Everyone,

I am unable to leave ANYONE a comment. I type the comment, and hit the comment button and it just will disappear 😦

I just wanted you all to know, I am one that does leave comments, and this is very frustrating. I have written to Word Press to try and get some help, no answer yet 😦

Did anyone ever have this problem? Please give me advice if you did πŸ™‚

I can “like” a post, that is all. Just know that I will be back and commenting as always as soon as I get this straightened out.




52 thoughts on “I need HELP!! Written by Autumn

  1. I seriously hope somebody can help with this issue Twinnie…Hopefully it will get straightened out very soon because it’s awful. 😦 Word Press should address this very soon! TF ❀

  2. I went through that last year with WP, I would have to redo the comment two or three times before it would appear. I know several people who experienced the same thing. I never got a response from WP but the probably finally went away. Don’t have any real answers for you or an explanation as to why it happened, but I do understand your frustration.

    • Oh thank you so much for telling me this πŸ™‚ I can’t believe WP never responded! I will wait it out. I’m so happy you told
      me this happened to you and others, I thought I had done something to mess it up. TY for your kindness.

      • πŸ™‚ LOL my friend, I got to where everytime I posted a comment, I would copy it just in case it disappeared, so I could paste it in again!

        • I tried that, and this is what I got “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”
          So if that happens what does it mean? I have a feeling I will be waiting it out 😦

        • Try it with a person you have a separate email address with, make a comment and if it doesn’t show up, have them check their spam filter, also it might be a good idea to change your WP password and update your info. I seemed to have a better time once I did all that. But truthfully I think WP has glitches and it just does this. I kn;ow of a half dozen people it has happened to. One of my friend actually got a reply from WP and they told them to use Chrome, but I thought that was kind of irrelevant since that was what I was already using. Try WP help forum, someone there might have found another way to solve the problem. Also tweet this post several times, WP people do follow us on twitter, ask everyone to tweet it as well!

        • What good advice πŸ™‚ I never thought of changing my password either. I also have my own website, so at first I thought
          it could be that, it’s not. I agree, lots of glitches on WP . I don’t have a twitter acct. anymore. But that is a good
          idea, too. I have checked the help forum and found nothing helpful at all. It just does get frustrating, and I get stressed
          out from things like this. TY so much again for all your help. I hope it gets fixed soon, or I will be a mess πŸ™‚

        • I just tried to leave you a comment on your last post and it won’t work 😦 I am using Chrome, too. Maybe it will work soon
          since I changed everything. I’m not giving up hope πŸ™‚

        • I found your comment in my spam box, so it is going through, for some reason it is just going to spam. I unspammed it, if you don’t mind try to make another comment and see if it does it again. If it goes to spam too, I will continue to unspam it. I know that many of my commenters have been going to spam lately. I believe the problem may be in askimet and not WP.

        • I am so happy πŸ™‚ you found the trouble!! I will leave another comment. Oops I am having trouble I went to blogspot to read the last post and of course that wouldn’t work.

  3. It’s started happening to us. The only way we can get round it is, when we realise the comment is going nowhere, we copy the text we’ve just typed then hit reload on the browser. If you then paste the comment in again, it seems to work. Try it and let us know if it works for you. It doesn’t seem to mae any difference what browser you use – we’ve tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari – same problem with each 😦

  4. I haven’t had any problem leaving a comment anywhere that is WordPress, but when I try to leave a comment on Blogspot, more than half the time I end up giving up. YOu try all the possible combinations, but it still won’t go through. Contacting Blogspot for suggestions has been useless.

    • OMG, Marylin, blogspot sounds bad 😦 I sure do know how you feel. It’s so frustrating after awhile. My twin is on here with me, she is having no trouble leaving comments or anything! So if we share this blog, that makes sort of no sense. I have to say, I haven’t cried yet though πŸ˜‰ I’m stressing about it though. Good luck with your comments over on Blogspot. TY so much for sharing. I don’t feel so alone. It helps πŸ™‚

  5. Wow sounds strange. Have you tried logging out of everything totally, email, wordpress etc… shutting your computer down and then starting back up logging back on? That may help if you haven’t tried it. Good luck.

  6. Another Blogger who comments regularly on my Blog, warned me, in a reply to a comment I made on her Blog, that her comments on mine might be going to my Spam folder. I checked, and sure enough: there they were. Why that should suddenly happen is beyond me, but you have my sympathy. I would have no idea what to do

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing that with me. I am just amazed by others who have this problem and it is not easy to get worked out. I’ve written to WPress every day. Maybe they will get tired of hearing from me πŸ™‚

  7. Autumn, I know others have had this problem, but I haven’t yet…But their comments had to be unspammed on other blogs…I hope it gets corrected soon for you. What an inconvenience…take care and hang in there! Hugs!

    • Lauren, I have left you comments, do you check spam ? I may have ended up in there. Deb looked last night and found lots of comments I had left in her spam 😦 It’s mostly making me frustrated, and I want everyone to know what is going on with my comments on their blog. I will keep trying to get it fixed, you know me πŸ™‚ Thanks for your words of encouragement! love and hugs

  8. I don’t have this exact problem but I do have problems with other people leaving comments on my blog, and also with being able to get my notifications and reply to comments. I never used to have a problem, but it seems that WP is getting more and more frustrating to use. Hope you get it sorted xo

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