The Good Luck Charm

a short story~written by Autumn Sunshine

This is the story of a magical puppy named Charm, and her Mommy and Daddy. They lived in the land of Puppyville, in a very cute little house. It was just those three for now. Charm was a girl puppy and she was definitely one of a kind. Just wait till you hear all about her.


Her Mommy and Daddy named her Charm, it was a good choice since she was their “lucky Charm” and she was a girl puppy that did all sorts of things to bring happy times to others with her magic.

Charm was indeed blessed with magic from the day she was born. Her Mom and Dad were also magic, but Charm seemed to have been lucky and had heaps of good magic. She learned to point her right paw and close her eyes and One, Two, Three, Magic!!!! it was just super. If she pointed her left paw there was magic, just not so strong.

Magic to Spare

One day Charm was playing in the cool and sparkling little stream beside her house, her Mommy and Daddy were sitting under the tall pine tree talking to each other. Yes, they talked, they also could bark but talking was way more fun 🙂

On this day Charm was dancing through the stream and looked up. Oh my goodness, it was a baby bear, it must be lost. Charm shut her eyes and pointed her right paw. The baby bear smiled a big smile, there was her Mom!! She thanked Charm and off they went.
Wow, Charm was amazed at how big the Mommy bear was.

Charm frolicked off to join her parents. They both were smiling at her, they had seen her help the baby bear. Charm knew she did good, she’d learned quite young never, ever to leave her parents and wander off on her own. It was just being careful and being smart. After all, little puppies or any babies still had lots and lots to learn.

There were other times that Charm had done good things. Growing up in Puppyville she knew all the puppies that lived around. It was a magic sort of place and everyone was friends.

Charm’s Best Friend

Charm had her bestest friend ever, her friends name was the next door neighbor puppy named, Bear. He was all fluffy and brown, and he was her best friend ever. They were very close in age and had actually grown up together.

Bear was always around to scamper around and have good times with Charm. They played and played in the yards, since they lived side by side they saw each other every day. What fun they had and Charm taught Bear a bit of her magic 🙂 He was doing good, he only had made a few small mistakes. He had once turned the grass in the yard pink by mistake, but Charm fixed it really fast.

Day by day Charm and Bear grew they were not quite a year old, but they were learning and learning lots of things. Their parents were proud of them, for they had done a few things that were kind of not too good, but they really were well-behaved.


One warm summer day Charm and Bear were playing and Charm had a great idea. She thought it would be great fun to “fly” them up on a branch in the big pine tree in the yard. Hmmmm, she closed her eyes and held Bear’s left paw and pointed her right paw. Zoooooom, up they went, higher and higher and Charm got them stopped up very high on a big branch.

They both looked down at the ground very far away. Ooops indeed, they were way up almost to the top branches! They got the giggles, and they looked around. Oh no, they were in big trouble, their parents saw them.

Charm held on to Bear’s left paw and off they went, she zipped them up by mistake and then got them turned around … Yes! A soft landing on the ground. As their parents rushed to them and hugged them both, Charm and Bear just smiled. They knew another adventure was on the way, just around the corner all sorts of magic waited 🙂


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Tell a FairyTale Day is Here!

Yay! It’s finally here, I was so excited to find this day and it’s here at last! 🙂 What a wonderful and fun day, not marked on the calendar of course. I think it most certainly should be though, who is with me? Tell a Fairytale Day is one we all can have some joy in telling fairy tales to the young ones in our circle. It’s a day that should be celebrated with a smile I do think. It brings up so many questions, too.

Only a few questions kind readers, I will try to control myself. 😉  What is your favorite fairytale of all time? What heroine or hero is your all time fave? What fairytale could you hear numerous times and never get tired of? Anyone of you kind readers wish to share? Which one is your least favorite? I know I hope it isn’t true…But do any of you kind readers have one? It is far-fetched but it could happen…Perhaps a bad vibe childhood memory of a certain fairytale? I tried to think of any, but I truly do just love them all and so does Autumn.

You know how that Twinnie is with magic and fairytales…She would speak right up if she had a least  fave. I will share with you all us Twinnies favorites and then you kind readers maybe would like to share yours? I hope so, sharing is so much fun I say and I am always for it! 🙂

I know my total favorite fairytale is Cinderella, because of the glass slipper, the prince and the lovely song. I know there are others I just totally love, but Cinderella tops my list.

As for Autumn, her favorite is Cinderella and she loves Beauty and the Beast, too. That is a nice song, too but of course we have to go on more than songs, don’t we?  We both love it, also Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and too many others to name! I am just overjoyed it really is Tell a Fairytale Day, it just makes me smile and the Twinnie is also smiling! 🙂 🙂 <–See, twin smiles!

Now, it’s your turn kind readers! 🙂 Who wants to share their favorites? It’s OK to  even tell a not so favorite, honest. Sharing really is a lot of fun, too I  say! As always…Inquiring Twinnies would love to hear your opinions and thoughts! 🙂 🙂

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes… ~by Gabby

I know, it’s the song from the movie Cinderella! Why am I writing about fairy tales again? Well, I’m not really…Let me explain. 🙂 As usual, I will make complete sense…Read on and see for yourself. For whatever reason this little tune kind of got stuck in my head. You know how those things go, at least I hope you do. 😉 I get lots of other tunes stuck in my head, believe me I do.

I listen to music a lot, I love music more than I can say. My late husband Dave was a musician, not as his paying job of course. So, he and I together listened to literally millions of songs. I can almost hear him laughing about this particular song. I found the lyrics and insisted he needed to sing me this song, in a nice way of course. It was about the lyrics, Dave of course was teasing me about wanting to watch Cinderella. He even offered to read me the fairy tale, too! His sense of humor and mine was something else when put together.It’s a nice memory to me now, Dave sang me the song, strumming his guitar…Perhaps to humor me? That may have been the case! 😉 Anyway, the lyrics to this song…Well, they are kind of magical in their own way. To prove my point here are the lyrics and you will see what I am saying. At least I hope so! Just read them , please. 🙂

A  dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep
In dreams you will lose your heartaches…Whatever you wish for you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come shining through
No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep believing
The dream that you wish will come true.
Isn’t that just the nicest thought? I think so, a bit childish? Nope, just can’t be! Maybe it is a whimsical thought for the young at heart? Or for those of us that think about and ponder on dreams and wishes…What do you kind readers think? I myself really do love pondering on these things…So does Autumn! How do you think that Twinnie can write all those lovely poems of  magic?
Who reading this believes a dream is a wish your heart makes? Come on you can share…You know what I always say, sharing is fun! 🙂 🙂

Guess What Today Is? by Gabby

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday, January 18th! I thought I better say that before anyone was worrying about my memory. Or perhaps even my sanity for that matter, for asking such a question. I have my reasons and I will be happy to share them, too! Well, today is a holiday of sorts, kind of a nice one actually. It’s Winnie the Pooh Day, in honor of author A.A. Milne‘s birthday who was Winnie’s author.

I was again looking through unusual holidays and stumbled across this one. Of course it won’t be found on the calendar! What a really fun way to celebrate the author of the beloved Winnie the Pooh and all the friends writings. So many fun characters and the coolest place they lived, too… 100 Acre Wood. I remember Autumn and I loved hearing Winnie the Pooh stories when we were young. Good memories, growing up with those stories.Our Mom and Dad both started reading them to us at a young age.

How many of you kind readers love Winnie the Pooh? Is Winnie your favorite character? Does anyone have a favorite of the friends of Winnie? It’s a tough decision…They are all so cute and loved in their own way, aren’t they?Again, oh my goodness…I ask so many questions don’t I? I just can’t seem to help myself it seems!

The original characters…their are 8 of them in all, of course later Disney added some extras. I am sticking to the orginals for this writing, but feel free to choose any of your favorites!

It would be nice hearing, sharing really can be quite nice. We have Christopher Robin, Piglet (Pooh’s best buddy), Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga and baby Roo. My personal favorite,I can’t decide because I love them all! The twinnie says the same thing, who would have thought, right? But who has to decide, we can love them all for all their own special and endearing qualities I say!

This was an interesting discovery… This unusual holiday of sorts, wasn’t it? Or did somebody already know? Do share…Everything! All your thoughts are always welcome…Who is with us twinnies, who loves this holiday? 🙂 🙂

Fairy Tales and Memories.. by Gabby Angel

I was talking to Autumn about this fairy tale thing and we were sharing some of our thoughts and memories. We twinnies had our favorites, as did our four younger sisters. What kicked off the memory was seeing a set of the girl fairy tale books on sale. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel…And the list goes on and on! We had so many to choose from and the twinnie and I read them all…

Our favorites? That’s hard to nail one down, I was partial to Cinderella…The glass slipper and the whole thing. How romantic, the prince saved her from that evil stepmother and sisters. They were all just shameful to her after all…I know it was pretend! Autumn’s favorite, she was torn between Snow White and Rapuzel and also The Princess and the Pea. I couldn’t get a straight answer out of her…Sometimes that’s how the twinnie is, what can I do with her?

We did have a good old laugh over a shared memory of two of our sisters fighting over the one part in Snow White. You all know what I’m going to say…I just have that feeling you all do. “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… Who’s the fairiest of them all? Well, those two sisters had a nice  sized hand held mirror each. They went around shoving those mirrors in us poor  twinnies faces and asking the famous question. It was cute at first, but then got annoying, you know what I mean? It didn’t matter if they asked who was the fairest of them all, they turned the mirror back to themselves! So, of course they were the fairest of them all…The mirror said so! Then, they would break into the laugh like the Evil Queen…Those girls got that laugh mastered pretty well!

Autumn and I tried getting them interested in other fairy tales, so did our Mom and even our Dad. We were all getting weary of the hand held mirrors in our faces, yes they actually pulled it on Mom and Dad a few times! That was getting rather bold and gutsy, wasn’t it?

What finally ended the mirrors and the whole deal? Well, unfortunately one of the little sisters got a bit rowdy with the other one, insisting she was the fairest.Before we could stop them…Oops, a crash. They were acting like the mirrors were swords…Both of them hit the floor and broke! That was the last we heard about “Who was the fairest of them all!” 😉 🙂

Magical Kingdom~written by Autumn Sunshine

Queen Sunshine and King Moonbeam

Once upon a time in a magical kingdom named Starshine Land, lived a royal family, unlike any other. The king was named Moonbeam and Sunshine was the queen’s name. With their love and magic they spread joy and happiness to all the people who lived there. Moonbeam and Sunshine were blessed with twin daughters, beautiful princesses, Summer and Siera.

Summer and Siera

From the day they were born, it was obvious to all that they were quite special. They ran and played in the golden meadows surrounding the castle. They had a gift, for like their royal parents they were born with magical powers. They talked to the animals, birds, every living creature who lived in Starshine Land. The wonder of it all was that the animals could also talk to the girls. They grew each day and their gift with the creatures of nature grew with them. They used their magic and their special powers wisely under their parents watchful eye.

Summer and Siera each had her own tiny fairy godmother to watch over her. Siera’s godmother was named, Sparkle, and Summer’s was named Twinkle. Like most children, the girls were quite mischievous, they kept Twinkle and Sparkle quite busy.

They had friends throughout the kingdom, animal and human friends alike. Their animal friends included a silver fox, appropriately named Silver, and a big white fluffy bunny named Snowball. The girls understood that all they had to do was close their eyes and wish hard, and their magic would work!  They talked to their friends the animals and loved them dearly.

One day while the girls were playing in the playground that surrounded the castle, they had a special visitor. It was Snowball who looked very sad. “I’ve searched everywhere, the entire kingdom, and I can’t find Silver anywhere.” “Well, have you checked her favorite place, the cave beside the stream?” asked Siera. Snowball nodded her head and replied, “yes, I’ve looked everywhere.” “Don’t worry,” said Summer. She closed her eyes tightly and wished hard. In a flash, Silver appeared before them.  “Hi girls, how are you today, Snowball?” Snowball replied with a frown, “I’ve been looking for you, where have you been?” “Why I’ve been napping under my favorite pine tree in the meadow.”  Summer and Siera giggled, “I guess you didn’t look every where after all,” Siera chuckled.

Sunshine, who had been in the garden gathering flowers, came up to the group and said, “Time for your lunch, girls.”  Summer looked at her Mom with a smile, “We don’t have time for lunch now, Mommy, we’re talking to our friends.” Sunshine laughed, “How about having your friends join you for lunch? What would you like today?” “Pizza, pizza!” yelled both girls loudly. Sunshine closed her eyes, twirled around and said, “OK gang, follow me, your pizza is waiting.” They all followed Sunshine into the castle. All of the group enjoyed lunch, and finished their pizza in no time at all.

Afterward,  they went back out to the playground, romping along to their favorite, the merry-go-round, it was so much fun to spin. They played and were soon joined by their special human friends, Madison and Lauren. “Let’s close our eyes and wish for ice cream“, said Summer. “Great idea,” agreed Lauren, “but you have to check with your Mom or Dad remember!”

Summer closed her eyes and in a flash of bright light, King Moonbeam stood before them. “Summer, your magic must be getting stronger”, laughed the king, “You pulled me right off my horse, I was out riding and checking on our friends around the kingdom.” Summer smiled and said, “Well Daddy, I needed you and here your are, we wanted some ice cream.”

 Moonbeam clapped his hands loudly, and at once each girl had an ice cream cone in her hand. “Thank you!”, they all said in one voice. Moonbeam said, “You’re all very welcome. Now I must get back to my work.” He winked his eye and waved to the girls.

So the days went and the twins grew as each became more independent. Their magic got stronger and stronger. They used it wisely, as they had been taught.  Yet every once in a while they wished for things beyond their powers, it was taking forever to grow up!

One warm, sunny day the girls were walking in the woods surrounding the meadow. They came upon a very tiny baby fawn. Summer asked, “What’s your name?” “My name is Daisy,” said the fawn. “My mommy jumped across the stream and now I think I’m lost.” “Don’t worry, Daisy,” said Siera, “we can help you.” Each girls closed her eyes and wished very hard.  They opened their eyes and before them stood Daisy’s Mom, who looked at them in wonder and surprise. “I’ve been looking for you, Daisy!” “I was afraid to jump across the stream, Mommy.” Daisy nuzzled close to her Mom and said, “this is Siera and Summer.” “I know of you two girls, and your wonderful magic, I thank you both for helping Daisy! My name is Sunflower and I’m happy to meet you.” Summer smiled, “we have to get going, but come visit us at the castle sometime. We love making new friends!”

The girls continued their walk, stopping once in awhile to pick some wildflowers. Suddenly out of the woods galloped their favorite unicorn friend, Blaize. “Hi there, Blaize” chimed in both girls. Blaize looked at the girls and said, “I was just on my way to the castle, something seems to be wrong, I’m losing some of my magic. I can’t soar in the sky! I miss it so much.” Summer replied, “we better get to the castle, Mom and Dad can help you.” Both girls closed their eyes, and soon they were safely in the castle.

Twinkle and Sparkle, the fairy godmothers looked puzzled, they both knew how much Blaize loved to fly. Sunshine and Moonbeam appeared, they listened quietly as Blaize explained the problem. “It seems to me,” said Sunshine, “that your magic can only be restored in one way.” “What is that?”, asked Blaize. In one strong voice, both Sunshine and Moonbeam said, “Why with a sprinkle of magic stardust powder, of course.”

Blaize smiled for the first time, “can we try it now?” Moonbeam answered, “No right now Blaize, we have to wait until the first star appears in the sky tonight.” “That should make you good as new, Blaize, but for now stay with us and wait.” said Sunshine. “The magic wishing star,” Summer said with a smile.

They all waited patiently, and soon it was nearing darkness. Finally the first star appeared in the sky!

“It’s almost time, are you ready, Blaize?” asked Moonbeam. “I sure am, what do we do?” Blaize answered. “Well, for one thing”, laughed the king, “stand still and stop prancing around.” Blaize stood very still and waited. “Close your eyes, Blaize, while I sprinkle you with the magic stardust.” said Sunshine. Blaize listened and soon Sunshine said with a smile, “Open your eyes, let’s see how you are now!” Within minutes, Blaize was off and soaring, high above the trees, happy as she could be. “Thank you!!”, she called back to the family watching her.

“Bedtime girls” said Sunshine. Yawning both girls went with their parents, ready for a bedtime story, and sleep. It had been a long day. Soon the girls were asleep, their parents tip toed quietly out.

The next morning the sun rose and it was a beautiful day in Starshine Land. Beams of sunshine bounced off the morning dew and sparkled like diamonds, so another day had begun. Summer and Siera bounced out of bed as always. They were followed closely by Twinkle and Sparkle. Sunshine was waiting for them, breakfast ready and a a flower beside each girls plate, in a tiny vase. She hugged each princess saying, “Daisies today!”

Blaize arrived at the kitchen door. “Good morning, everyone! It’s a happy day.” Sunshine agreed, “It sure is, all OK now, Blaize? Would you like to join us for breakfast?” “I sure would!”, answered Blaize,”I’m brand new today, thanks to you and Moonbeam, where is he, by the way?”  “Off on his daily rounds early today.” replied Sunshine.

“Daddy promised us a special surprise today, Mommy!” added Siera, “that’s why he’s gone, but he’ll be back soon.” Sunshine laughed as she remembered the special surprise. “A picnic down by the garden, oh yes, I forgot.” Summer looked up and smiled, “You did not forget, Mom, you never do that.”

The girls waited eagarly after breakfast for their Dad to return.  They passed time with Blaize patiently taking them for galloping rides around the castle. Twinkle and Sparkle were amazed how the girls could ride and ride and Blaize never seemed to get tired of their games. Their friends, Malena, Lauren, and Madison had been invited to the picnic and they arrived soon. Blaize never tired as she took all the girls time after time around the castle.  “Blaize is so much fun, and soft and cuddly, too”, said Malena. The others nodded in agreement.

Soon the girls were delighted to see Moonbean arrive, they were excited to get going. Sunshine appeared and exclaimed, “Everyone ready to go”?  They all nodded together and shouted, “Let’s go”!

“OK, here we go, let’s all hold hands and close your eyes and think happy thoughts”, said Sunshine. She and Moonbeam smiled at each other and away they went. “Open your eyes, we’re all set for our picnic”! said Moonbeam. The girls looked around and sure enough, everything was in place and all their favorite foods were waiting for them to enjoy.

They all sat down to begin their picnic, and were soon surprised because, because before their eyes appeared Snowball, Blaize and Silver, in a flash of sparkling color. “Thank you Mommy and Daddy”, exclaimed Siera and Summer in one strong voice, “now all our special friends are here”! Moonbeam said thoughtfully, “That’s true, girls, almost everyone is here, check again”! The girls blinked their eyes in surprise as they saw in another flash of color their Nana and Grandpa were there. They danced along happily hugging their grandparents.

The day passed slowly, with everyone enjoying the sun and fun. They were so busy that no one noticed a black cloud suddenly casting a shadow and blocking out the sun. All of a sudden they heard thunder and saw lightning. All the girls huddled together closer to Sunshine, who looked at Moonbeam and said sadly, “Well, it seems someone here in Starshine Land is very unhappy.”

“We’ll have to fix that at once”, said Moonbeam, with a determined look on his face. Everyone was still as Moonbeam clapped his hands loudly, while at the same time Sunshine and the grandparents, Summer and Siera closed their eyes.  The force of their magic combined was so great that almost at once the thunder and lightning stopped, and before them stood a very sad looking man. Siera and Summer recognized him at once, it was their Uncle Michael, who was Sunshine’s brother.

Uncle Michael

“What on earth is wrong with you, Michael?”  demanded Sunshine. “I was sad, and none of you even noticed,” replied Michael. He added for good measure, “No one listens to me sing anymore”.  “Yes we do, Uncle Michael, all the time. You just never seem to know it”, said Summer.  “Yes that’s right”, agreed Siera. Michael bent down and hugged each girl tightly as he could. He said, “I’m so sorry, Siera and Summer”. Sunshine who had been quiet thought the entire conversation, said to her brother, “We’ve all missed you, Michael”.

Michael stood up and took Sunshine’s hand and said softly, “I love you, Sunshine and I’ve been a selfish brother. I’ve been so involved in my music and all the people listening to me sing that I have forgotten how very important my family is to me”. “We love you Uncle Michael”, said Summer and Siera together. Michael suddenly smiled and said as he looked at his twin nieces, “I guess  I needed to remember that girls, but somehow I got lost in my music”.

Summer looked at her mother with a smile, she said, “Well, Mommy tell Uncle Michael what you always say when you’re sad.” Sunshine laughed as hard as she could, for she knew her brother well and he knew the exact words she was about to speak. “Sing to me, Michael”.

Michael laughed for the first time and all around them they could feel the strong flow of love surrounding them all. “OK, Sunshine, you asked for a song”. Michael sang and as he kept singing, the sky became clear and the sun shone once again and in the sky there was a rainbow of many colors. Happiness and love were the things Michael sang about. When the song was over, everyone clapped their hands. Summer and Siera both grabbed their Uncle and hugged him. Michael smiled as he took each girls hand and said, “Siera and Summer, you’ve made me so happy and just looking at you two reminds me of your Mom when she was your age, he added softly, “I’ll never be so selfish again”.

“Well”, said Lauren, “special things seem to happen all the time in Starshine Land”.

Everyone had learned a lesson that day. Can you guess what that lesson was?  Never take anyone’s love for granted, not even the love of your family, or the love of your friends. Love and happiness are special gifts to protect and guard safely.

So through the years as Summer and Siera grew older they would remember the lesson of love very well.

Part two

Siera and Summer seemed to be growing more and more each day. Queen Sunshine and King Moonbeam found it hard to imagine their girls were now almost six years old. They were getting more and more independent each day. As the girls grew, they found the understanding that come with time. They still used their magical powers very carefully. As we already know each girl has her tiny own fairy godmother, and Twinkle and Sparkle are still on duty.

Summer and Siera were looking forward to their sixth birthday, it seemed like it would take forever for July twenty-third to arrive. As they knew, their parents had promised them a wonderful party and they already had a list of all their favorite friends and of course their Uncle Michael and his new bride. They had a brand new Aunt! Her name was Gypsy and the girls loved her.

Aunt Gypsy

Aunt Gypsy was so much fun, with her dancing green eyes and flowing dark hair. She was so beautiful and she sang with Uncle Michael, as they made their own special magic. Michael and Gypsy now lived very close by the castle, in their own newly built home. Siera and Summer loved to visit, and did so quite often, their parents teased them and asked if they would be moving in with their Aunt and Uncle, which made both girls laugh.

So the birthday party was being planned, and to the surprise of each girl they agreed on their invitation list. They had so many special guest invited, human and animal friends alike. They could hardly wait for the big day to arrive. Gypsy and Michael promised to sing for them at the party, as special song they had written especially for the girls.

Summer and Siera were on vacation from school for the summer and were looking forward to starting first grade in September. They felt very grown up, but they had a whole month to wait for their party!

One day they were at Michael and Gypsy’s house for lunch, of course the menu included their favorite food, pizza!  They had all just finished eating, when all of a sudden they heard a loud crash in the living room. Michael got to the source of the problem right away.  It was their mischievous cat Sapphire, a very unusual spirited Siamese cat, she had knocked over a lamp.

Michael picked up Sapphire and shook his head as he laughed, “You were lucky this time, you didn’t break anything”. Siera said, “She still feels sad, Uncle Michael, she didn’t mean to do it”.  “I know, Siera and I can only imagine what she’ll have to say to you about it later”. laughed Michael. Summer and Siera giggled and smiled at each other, they thought it was funny that their uncle couldn’t talk to the animals as well as they could.

“Well”, said Gypsy, “now that we know Sapphire is OK want to hear your special song”? Both girls eyes lit up and almost in one voice they replied that they would! “Alright, let’s go Michael”, Gypsy laughed. He answered, “After you, girls! I’ll grab my guitar and meet you in the music room”. By the time Michael got there, Gypsy was seated at the piano with Siera and Summer on each side of her.

With a nod at each other, Michael and Gypsy began to sing. The words floated through the air like magic.

Hard to believe you’re six today

Seems only yesterday you were born
On a warm Summer’s day—so tiny,
Each of you like a fragile pink rosebud
As you burst into this world,
Two gifts from heaven, that’s what you are —

Sunshine and Moonbeam blessed,
With twin angels …
Hair like silky, spun gold
Eyes as blue as the sky
Little Princesses, spreading love and magic
Throughout the Kingdom
We all feel so lucky,
That you belong to us
Our love keeps growing, just like you

Seems like only yesterday you were babies,
In our arms —
You’ve taught us lessons of love, of hope —
Kindness and giving
Dreaming and sharing
And always and forever caring
As the gentle breezes touch your golden flowing curls
You bring smiles to all,

Grow free and happy
Little darlings of the Sun and Moon,
Be happy—be free …”

Siera and Summer looked very happy as the song ended. They hugged Michael and Gypsy as hard as they could. They looked at each other, and smiled!  “Wow, that was so beautiful and I love it”! said  Siera.  “You wrote us our very own song”, Summer added, “we love you, and we’ll also never forget how special you are”.

Michael and Gypsy exchanged a meaningful look and nodded.  They had some wonderful news to share and it seemed like the perfect moment.  So they began to speak at once, then looked at each other and laughed. “Ok Michael, this is for you”!  laughed Gypsy.  “Summer and Siera, we have an early birthday surprise for you.  There is going to be a new member in our family about the beginning of December.  We’re having a baby, a brand new cousin for you”.

The girls looked at each other and finally Siera blurted out, “we’re happy, but does that mean you won’t love us anymore”?  Gypsy replied in a very clear and strong voice that left no doubt in the girls minds, “No baby, don’t you ever, ever think that, even for a moment.  Michael and I love you with all our hearts and that love will never change, we have enough love for all of you”.

Summer and Siera smiled at last, for they understand the beauty and the circle of love.  It was never ending and it lasted through good times and bad.  They love their parents, their grandparents and their aunt and uncle.  Love could be everywhere and anywhere.  Now their unspoken question was, would the baby be a boy or a girl?  Five whole months to wait, it seemed as if they were always waiting for something!

Back at the castle Sunshine were finishing with the party invitations.  “Well, that’s quite a list”, sighed Sunshine, “I’m glad it’s done”. Moonbeam nodded, in agreement, “now we have time to take a ride along the beach, it’s high time Dusk and Dawn get some exercise. What do you say, Sunshine”? “Sounds great to me, let’s go!! The girls will be with Gypsy and Michael for a couple more hours anyway”. So off they went, like two children on an exciting adventure, they galloped on the horses side by side.  The sun was shining and all was right in their world. Eventually they made their way back to the castle.

As they approached their home they saw their daughters making chains of daises for Michael and Gypsy.  They laughed together, their beautiful girls were always full of ideas. Moonbeam said softly to his wife with pride in his voice, “look at those two little darlings, Michael and Gypsy will be ready for anything! Summer and Siera are good practice for parenthood”.  Sunshine agreed, “Michael and Gypsy will know what to expect, that’s for sure. Their daughter will be as adventuresome as our princess”. Moonbeam laughed, “So it’s a girl!  I figured you’d know, darling, does Gypsy know yet”?  Sunshine’s eyes were dancing as she replied, “Of course she does, her powers are strong, she knew and of course Michael is picking out names already.  I’m so happy for them”!

They took the horses back to the stables and made their way to the playground, which was behind the castle. The girls were on the merry go round and they had been joined by two of their friends. Michael and Gypsy were waving each time they spun around, they looked up as Sunshine and Moonbeam came closer. “Looks like you two are keeping busy,” laughed Sunshine, “I see Jenni and Andy joined the party”. Michael looked at his sister fondly, “yeah and believe it or not, we’re all having fun, these kids are something else!! They come up with all sorts of questions, keeps us on our toes that’s for sure”.

Michael and Sunshine were very close, closer than any brother and sister could be, so deep in her heart Sunshine was positive that Michael was finally at peace with his music and with his talented wife.  Gypsy was exactly who Michael had been searching for all his life, they made a perfect pair

Siera waved at her mom and dad and yelled, “Hi!! When’s supper, guys?”  “Guys, you called your father and mother “guys”, Sunshine acted surprised, but Siera only laughed and said, “Oh, Mommy…you know what I mean!” Siera knew her Mom was teasing her, sometimes she knew what her parents answer would be even before she asked a question. The same was true for Summer, their magic was stronger than anyone in their whole family and they were still so very young.  Sunshine and Moonbeam kept a close watch over them, as did their fairy godmothers, Twinkle and Sparkle.  They also knew that one day Summer and Siera would truly understand their powers. So each kept watch and knew the strength and power of the magic the girls possessed.

Moonbeam said to everyone, “Well, how about supper?  You’re all staying aren’t you?” Andy said, “We want to, but we better check with our Mom and Dad first.”  Well, let’s go and I’ll talk to your parents, too.” “Alright, that’s awesome,” said Jenni, “we love it here, Summer and Siera are our best friends.” So everything was arranged and with the combination of Gypsy and Sunshine’s magic the food was ready in no time at all.  They all sat down around the picnic table eating and having a fun time.

Michael laughed once again at Gypsy, “I can’t believe how many grapes you can eat, you’re going to turn into a grape.”  Gypsy wrinkled her nose and looked at her husband for a minute before she replied, “Aren’t you glad we have a never ending supply of grapes?” “I sure am”, exclaimed Michael with a big smile. Sunshine looked at her brother and said, “Well Michael, I’m glad to see you understand there’s a baby on the way and she must love grapes.” Siera and Summer exchanged a smile, their Mom had said “she” again, so the baby was surely a girl!

Each day passed until finally at long last the big day had finally arrived, July twenty third, the girls were dancing on air.  They were finally six years old and felt very, very grown up!  The day was beautiful, it never rained on birthdays, everyone in Starshine Land knew that. So from the moment Siera and Summer bounced out of bed they chattered non-stop.  They kept their Mom and Dad busy, and the party would begin at noon!

The guests began arriving, it was quite a list with all their human friends, fifteen in all. They also knew their Nana and Grandpa would be joining them, too. Their special animal friends were also invited as well. Snowball the big white bunny, Blaize the unicorn who could fly, Silver, the shiny fox, and of course Michael and Gypsy had brought along Sapphire.  Twinkle and Sparkle were floating here and there, too, welcoming guests with big smiles.

The party began, there was an assortment of games to play. It was very special, and one and all felt touched with happiness and love.  The girls were bubbling with excitement, they were so glad to have all their special friends with them to share this day. After the games were over and they had all won prizes, it was time to open presents.  Summer and Siera opened their gifts in short order. They thanked everyone and gave all all their friends a birthday hug.

The biggest surprise of all was the cake when it suddenly appeared.  It was huge and decorated in purple and white, with roses and a big sparkling star!  It was a sight to behold and everyone clapped their hands loudly and sang happy birthday to the twins.  Siera and Summer smiled over and over, they were so very excited and happy today.

Soon it was time, and Michael and Gypsy sang the birthday girls their special song! Their voices blended together in a beautiful melody, everyone listened and when the song came to an end, they heard a tremendous amount of applause.

Gypsy and Michael nodded and Michael said, “Well I guess the song says it all.  Much love and happiness to Siera and Summer on their sixth birthday.  May we all be as happy as we are today, as our circle of love grows.”

Part Three

Welcome back to Starshine Land in Magical Kingdom. Summer and Siera continue on with their magic and their adventures.

The girls were in school now, and having a grand time. Their school was a mix of learning and Magic and they loved their teacher and their classmates.

Life was a happy adventure, Sparkle and Twinkle were still on duty and they kept a close eye on the girls. Sunshine and Moonbeam watched in amazement at the two girls, growing so fast and they were true princesses.

The girls had learned to ride their own horses now, and of course had named them. These were favorite names of each girls, though their parents smiled at the time. Summer named her horse Abby. Siera thought a big longer and named her horse Emma, which was a favorite name of hers.

In the meantime life was going on with the same magic and love as usual.  The new friends of the girls of the animal variety were a swan couple, they were in Starshine land and happy to have found such a new and loving home. Their names were Sam and Stardust. They loved each other very much and they loved Siera and Summer very fiercely. Protecting them from anything they saw as harm, many a time it had the girls laughing. Sometimes a silly thing like a leaf falling quickly would get Sam and Stardust squawking, “Protecting” their girls. It was funny to the girls and their parents.

The next additions to the animal friends were a penguin couple, named Promyse and Peace. They were used to the cooler temperatures so they had their own little spot set closer to the castle so they could be assured to have the coolness they so loved. They were so excited talking to Siera and Summer that sometimes they would stumble on their words while talking so fast. The girls would hug them and always laugh. Laughing was a big part of the Kingdom.

So the girls were learning more each day with their magic, they were also very good at riding so their horse friends, Abby and Emma, took them around the kingdom. The girls loved to go on the daily rounds of visits and checking in with village with their Dad. One day Moonbeam said to the girls, “Let’s sit and talk for a bit, darlings.” Summer and Siera each hopped down into their Dad’s waiting arms. They all sat on the grass beneath a big shady tree.

Siera said, “Ok, Daddy, what’s going on?”, Moonbeam smiled and said, “Well, a big surprise will be arriving to us the 9th of August.”  Both girls looked at their Dad and waited, “a little sister will arrive and she will be called, Sunbeam”.

Summer and Siera danced around and around holding hands and singing, “A baby sister!!!! We’re going to be the big sisters now.” Moonbeam smiled at them and said, “Yes you will be the grown up girls, won’t you?”

The girls kept smiling and smiling and when it was time to get on the horses and go back home they thought of the special happiness that their Mom was feeling, she looked extra happy lately. So now they knew and the family would have another member.

Once home the girls bounced into the castle and found their mom, giving her many hugs while their dad looked on in amazement. Summer and Siera scampered off to visit their friends the penguins. Sunshine and Moonbeam looked at each other with a look of love that left no doubt that they were so very happy.

Darling”, said Sunshine, to her husband, “I know we are blessed, and our girls are so special and their magic is growing”,  “I wonder about the new baby?” Moonbeam answered, “I’ve been wondering, too.  She will indeed have the special magic from each of us, but maybe more?” Sunshine laughed, “Well, time will tell. We are in for some fun either way”.  As was her habit lately, Sunshine twirled around and in her hand was a bowl of coffee flavored ice cream.  Moonbeam smiled and gave her a quick hug. “Hey Sunshine, share a bite with me, I need a bit of coffee”. The couple shared a mad craving for a coffee ice cream. Sunshine twirled again and handed her husband a bowl of his very own. Magic did come in handy.

Michael and Gypsy were very excited to hear the happy news, baby Cheyenne had just turned a year old. All agreed that a new baby was going to be an awesome adventure. Cheyenne was quite the little princess and kept things lively. Sometimes she twirled and would surprise them all with her magic. The new puppies, Ruff and Dotty were enjoying the attention from their little princess, Cheyenne loved them and so did Siera and Summer.

So as the summertime got under way there were so many happy times at the castle and the nearby home of Michael and Gypsy.

Since school was not in session for the summer, Siera and Summer were very busy, going here and there with their Mom and Dad and also with their Aunt Gypsy and Uncle Michael and little Cheyenne. You could almost always count on the puppies following Cheyenne anywhere she toddled. The pups had a great fondness for all the family but had a special place for their “Uncle” Moonbeam! He was the man with the treats and they could always count on special treats from him. So they would run in circles around him as he walked or rather while he tried to walk around them, he usually just gave up and sat down with them for awhile.

There was always an air of festivity at the castle and so much love and always music. Moonbeam and Michael both played their guitars and everyone would sing, many happy hours spent in each other’s company. The circle of love kept getting brighter and bigger each and every day. Gypsy and Sunshine sang loudly as their husbands finished another song. Siera and Summer loved to dance while singing, they rarely sat still anyway. Moonbeam looked at them and said, “Hey little ladies, need a drink or snack?” The girls laughed, and said in one voice, “Daddy, we want ice cream, not that yucky coffee stuff you and Mommy like though!” They had a new favorite flavor, it was called bubblegum, and to their delight, it was one they never tired of. It was pretty pink!!

The summer passed and the twins turned seven years old July 23rd. They felt very grown up and had a party, though this year it was much smaller. They were just too anxious for their baby sister to arrive. The baby had a new bedroom waiting for her a lovely shade of rosy pink, very much approved by Summer and Siera, their favorite was purple, but they were convinced that their baby sister would simply love the color. They had so much picking out new things with their Mom and Dad, it was a grown up feeling!

One day while walking to check on the swans Sam and Stardust they wandered a bit ahead of their Mom and Dad, Sunshine loved getting a bit of walk each day and Moonbeam rarely left her side these days. They stopped and looked with big eyes at the pond and at their swan friends. They laughed and laughed, and turned to see their parents watching the same thing. “Oh my goodness”, said Sunshine, “what is going on? Sam and and Stardust are pink!”. Moonbeam looked at her with a strange smile, “Yes they are, does this remind you of anything?”  Sunshine looked up laughing, “The swans will change back when the baby is here! Just like Bubbles was here before Cheyenne arrived.  It’s just a sign that the baby will be arriving on time.”

Summer and Siera talked softly to the swans, they were trying not to laugh too much, the color was just so Pink!  Sam and Stardust looked at the girls and looked at each other and Stardust said, “Well, I look pretty in pink, but Sam, this color is just not too great for you.”  Sam just nodded in agreement, the baby can’t get here soon enough for him, this color was for sissies!! He was not really too happy being a pink swan even for a little while.

The next week seemed to fly by and before they knew it time was here, and baby Sunbeam would arrive soon!


Summer and Siera spent the next couple of days with their Aunt and Uncle….waiting….until it was August 9th.  The baby was here!!! Magic danced throughout the kingdom. Everyone was so excited and happy another little girl, a new princess for Starshine Land, this little girl was blessed with dark shiny curls and green eyes. She was a lovely mix of her Mom and Dad. Dancing and singing was carried on the wind with the waves of happiness. “it’s another girl, whispered the swans… they turned back to their white feathers.” “She is magic!!!!!”.

Sunshine and Moonbeam made a public appearance with Sunbeam and her big sisters. The happy family was so very happy and they wanted to share their happiness with all. Moonbeam held his newest daughter and said to the crowds gathered around them, “This is Sunbeam, and though she doesn’t know it yet, she will be loved by all.” The crowded clapped and agreed with Moonbeam, another little princess.  More magic to be floating around….more love to be shared….the wonder that was Magical Kingdom was increasing and that was a wonder to behold.

So the story continues……and will we meet more magical beings? I have a feeling we will.