Dandelion Fairy

She’s a lovely sight dressed in yellow and black

There isn’t a charm, or a spell she lacks

She watches over them all ever flower that grows

All around the meadow she goes

here and there

and no time to spare

making sure the dandelions are strong

her magic can’t go wrong

let the breezes carry the seeds

some people call these flowers a weed!

She flies here and there

she does this because she cares

that her flowers flourish so nice

she never thinks twice

flying so high and true

checking through and through

All is going well for today,

she flies off to go play

and she’s shouting hurray !


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Fairy Magic

For Bonita with love and hugs~  Autumn Maasi

She waves her magic wand so high
Towards the pretty star filled sky

Her magic grows each and every day
she casts the spells, they’re on their way!

The flowers wave hello and smile
they just love that darling fairy child

Standing on her toes
she just knows

That the stars are bright
this very night

She spins around
oops she landed on the ground

the little fairy laughs again
she thinks she’ll try another spin

Yay, this one’s better by far
she looks and sees a shooting star

Wishes and magic work, we know
all around it really shows

Time to tell the stars goodnight
it’s been such a lovely sight

Off the little fairy runs
she needs to get home before the sun!


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A fairy so young

A young fairy learns

how the magic turns

crystal ball in hand

she sees a unicorn stand

a pixie at work

an elf that lurks

beside a tree

she also sees

and angel in flight

oh what a light

she studies and tries

and time passes by

she’s young but she knows

that the magic grows

a dash of love

a snow-white dove

the swirls

and whirls

as magic unfurls

she has got it so well

the music swells

she smiles and turns

she really has learned!


Walking in the forest …

All dressed in pink

she stops and thinks

her unicorn in tow

she knows where they want to go

through the forest of green

walking and in between

stopping to see

what all there might be

that will part of this lovely scene

it is just like a dream

she loves the forest, it’s true

she looks for a clue

here and there

and laughs without a care

Oops time slipped away

she has a bit farther along the way

till she gets to her house

she scampers along, quiet as a mouse …

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The Lilac Faery

Swirling magic she goes

making the flowers grow

The lilacs are the best

We should have guessed

she is tiny but strong

her spells can’t go wrong

she learned when she was so young

when her lessons had just begun

She learned fastest of all

even when she was very small!

and all the while

she spins with a smile

each flower is blessed

her magic has passed every test

so watch and you may see

this tiny faery, small as a bee …


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Fairies World

See how the little fairy girl

in the grand fairies world

sits and watches all around

listening for each sound

hiding among the branches of the tree

what can she see?

Magic spinning is the key

she giggles aloud

she’s just so proud

to know what grows

in the land of the spells and bells

there’s a turtle hidden in it’s shell

look at the tree so tall

it seems to call

stop and talk

don’t walk

right by me

can you see?

hmmm, magic all around, I say

so much happening each day …


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