Run Rabbit Run!

This title could be so misleading, I am writing about a real live little bunny rabbit. Somebody could look at the title and think, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album…It’s a line from the song Breathe. So, no sorry we’re not talking about Pink Floyd today. But I had to pick this title, read on please and you will see why!

This happened on my way home from a quick jaunt to the grocery store and thankfully it had a good ending. Living in a more rural area there is always a chance of rabbits, squirrels, possum, skunks, maybe even a deer running in front of your car. The thoughts make me shudder, seriously. I haven’t ever hit anything except years ago a possum…I pulled over and check if it was OK. Sad news, it wasn’t and I sat in the car and cried about ending its poor little life and felt so guilty.

Anyway, I am so careful because that incident so upset me and I never want to repeat it. Autumn is so much the same way, we just cringe at the mere thought of hitting any living thing. Anyway, back to my story of last night… So, it was almost dark outside by now.  I am driving carefully home and a mere few blocks from my house a little rabbit decided to cross the road. No, not in front of my car… Run Rabbit Run!

I of course was only driving maybe 15 to 20 miles an hour and nobody was behind me, I slammed on the brakes. I know, something we are never supposed to do, since it may cause an accident. We learned that early in our driving lessons, but come on…Who isn’t going to slam on brakes or swerve? I think it has to be an instinct, or maybe not…I could be making up excuses perhaps? I really am a safe and cautious driver, so please don’t think I am some crazed driver who makes up her own rules.

Well, I will need to ask you kind reader’s opinions on this one. Who wants to snuff out an animal’s life, it’s so traumatizing and very sad! This little bunny rabbit really was so kind, it quickly ran the other way…Running like it was practicing for a bunny marathon race. So a happy ending and I am so glad that little bunny will live to see and hop through another day! 🙂



It’s the song I am referring to, does everybody know the song I mean? “Smile“, yes it’s a beautiful song and it just pops into my head…Which is fine, but I  couldn’t shake it! Me, being the sort of person I am what do I do? I  played a much loved CD  to zap the song away. After the CD stopped the song “Smile” popped itself right back into my head, I kid you not! So, what to do…I simply can’t have this song stuck in my head. That’s when I decided, I will indeed write a post about it, why not? Surely that’s why the song popped itself into my head, right? 😉 Maybe, maybe not…It’s possible I was supposed to share this song “Smile” and my thoughts with you kind readers.

By the way, did you all know there really is a word for the stuck song syndrome? A hard to shake melody or a haunting melody… It’s called an Earworm. I know what you may be thinking, but it has nothing to do with worms trust me! It seems this happens to 98% of people, so I am in good company aren’t I? Sorry, I digressed just a tiny bit. Back to the song “Smile”…

The first person I recall singing it was my Dad. He sang a lot and often, Autumn’s and my Dad…He had a very beautiful voice. His philosophy always was it’s better to smile than cry, too so it’s no wonder Dad liked this song. I hadn’t been thinking of our Dad in particular when the song popped into my head. I was feeling just a bit sad, for a number of reasons… I don’t think I need to go into any of that for here and now. “Smile”,it really is a nice song with a nice message with it, too and I hadn’t thought of this song for quite some time.

There were many, many famous singers who sang this song…Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Judy Garland, more recent Josh Groban just to name a very few of them. It was said to be Michael Jackson’s favorite song, too.

This song and it’s lyrics…”Smile though your heart is aching/Smile even though your heart is breaking/While there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by/If you smile through your fear and sorrow, smile and maybe tomorrow/You’ll see the sun come shining through for you/Light up your face with gladness/Hide every trace of sadness/Although a tear may be ever so near/That’s the time you must keep on trying/Smile what’s the use of crying/You’ll find that life is worthwhile/ If you just smile.” They are lovely words, with such a wonderful train of thought to have rolling…I suppose I did need to have the song become stuck in my head.

The earworm thing had to happen… I am guessing to share this important thought today  with you kind readers. “Smile”, because tomorrow really will be a better day if you are or have been having some not so good days…It’s a good thought worth sharing, isn’t it? That’s all from me today, so hey everybody who needs to hear it…SMILE!! 🙂 🙂

I Tried to Resist!

I tried this year, I really tried to resist. Oh, what am I talking about you ask? Guess it  would be wise to explain the strange title! What was I trying to resist…The call of American Idol. But, just like every year I say I was not going to get sucked into watching. It can be heartwrenching watching some of those kids getting voted off. So, alas I have failed…I can’t control myself. I simply love music so, so very much and every year I have found a new talent.

The tryouts can be horrible, if any of you watch you know what I’m saying! I could also say it’s my slight crush on Steven Tyler, but this is only his second season as a judge. For an older man he is pretty awesome, in my humble opinion only of course. I was disappointed years ago to discover he had changed his real last name, it is Tallarico. Being Italian, I wish he would have kept that last name! Steven really is one gifted musician and there’s just something about that look of his…I love the way he dresses and his hair! Those feathers and all woven in are just somehow appealing. I said only a slight crush, the Twinnie chuckles over that term! It’s not serious, it’s not like he’s obtainable after all! I just find him rather endearing as a judge and I can’t help it… He’s just very kind and all to those contestants.

On a serious side note, my  husband Dave was the best and only musician for me, for all time…But he is rocking in Heaven now. That is being totally and completely honest. I have watched and endured Simon Cowell…He’s mellowed a bit. Paula Abdul, what can one say about Paula? She does have a good heart, she really does. Some of those years on American Idol I actually found myself telling Simon off  while watching on TV. Yes, I confess I also watched the first ever season of the X-Factor,  too. I am so in it all for the music!

My 2 favorite years of American Idol, the year Elliott Yamin was on and the Danny Gokey year. They both came in third, which of course I felt was insane. They both clearly should have won, but they both are successful. I love both their music and own it all. Just listen to me, here I am  going on and just rambling up a storm. Another season of American Idol has arrived…Yes I will be watching, I cannot tell a lie! Autumn will sadly not be watching with me, she stopped watching the year Bucky Covington was voted off, the same year Elliott was on. Bucky made the Top Ten and the Twinnie has met him in person 3 times! So did I and that identical twin of his Rocky. Never mind…She still holds a grudge against American Idol and will forevermore! Who is watching? Any of you kind readers with me? Do feel free to share if you please! Rock on is all I have to end this post with!! 🙂 😉

You are my Music Man ~ By Autumn Sunshine

Listening to your music all around

I smile and think it’s the most wonderful sound

Play me a song, sing me a tune

The melody is over too soon

So play another song, my music man

You gotta know, I’m your biggest fan 😉

I love you, no matter what, you know

the love really does continue to grow

a lovely thought

though all time has brought

you to me, me to you

through and through

We were meant to be

our love has been the key

to unlock any door

All the music does is make us see more

all there is, my music man

play me a tune, whenever you can

sing me a song

I’ve loved you so long

together is where we belong …

Christmas Songs…Everyone’s Got a Favorite ~by Gabby Angel

Or do they? It really is hard to narrow the choices down and actually pick a favorite. My other thought is…Some people actually dislike all Christmas songs. At least I have heard that one from several diffent people in my travels through life.

When you work with the public, you just get told things. Sometimes whether you want to or even when you really don’t. I found it quite sad the first time someone actually said…I hate them all! While you’re at it, turn off that stuff (not the word they really used) you’re playing. How Grinchy was that? Anyway, I just said it was on the store’s sound system and couldn’t do that. About that time Autumn strolled over, she had heard the exchange. Yay, twinnie to the rescue! Autumn nicely told the unpleasant shopper, “It’s Christmas time, what were you expecting to hear when you walked in?” I loved how she presented her best smile as she said this, too! Said shopper just kind of did a growly noise but did proceed to shop, guess it was the twinnie’s smile? 😉

Anyway, this time of year either brings out the best or worst in people it seems. Back to Christmas songs…I like so many but will try to narrow it down to only a few. Autumn is the same way, maybe nobody can narrow it down to one! Who has only one favorite? Is it really possible? If (shudder) anyone reading this dislikes Christmas songs, do feel free to say so….If you dare. 😉

One of my favorite and Autumn’s is “Happy Christmas”, John Lennon with Yoko. My other few faves are “Silent Night“, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, “White Christmas” ( Memories of our Dad singing it), as well as others. There really are so many, too many to mention here! Autumn when asked named off “Walking in A Winter Wonderland“, “Jingle Bell Rock” and then the twinnie went on…”Merry Christmas Darling“, “Merry Christmas Baby”,” All I Want for Christmas is You” and I had to stop her there. Does anyone besides me see a theme developing? 😉

So, now it’s any of you kind readers turns! Only if you feel like particapating…Tell us twinnies your favorites, please? 🙂 Come on, don’t be shy…It will be fun! 🙂

Christmas song ~ by Autumn Sunshine

It’s time for a song my darling man

get your guitar and sing as loud as you can

Christmas songs

and right where we belong

Under the tree

it’s pretty as can be

So let’s sing a song …

You can chose the one

I’ll sing along

right or wrong

it’s just the spirit of fun

and we’ve begun

to count the days

and all the ways

this Christmas is the best of all

it’s ours,  so let’s deck these halls 😉

and belt out a tune so loud

that we will both be proud

to say “yes we did”

and we feel like kids

love makes that happen you know

love is a gift ….

Mommy Kissing Santa Claus? ~ by Gabby Angel

Continuing with a few more Christmas memories of Autumn’s and my younger days. We twinnies had been talking about this particular memory. Again, we were laughing so hard it was pitiful.
The song got barred from our house, for real it did! I did tell Autumn that I highly doubted any of our kind readers would be all that interested in this one memory. She is one convincing twinnie, so write this memory I will.
If any finds it weird, please take it up with Autumn! 😉 This is one that involves the song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus“.
I always thought it was a rather odd song, so did Autumn. So we just kind of let it all slide, ignoring the song completely. All I can remember was as very young twinnies asking our Dad and Mom about the lyrics. Of course our parents laughed, assuring us Mommy wouldn’t be kissing Santa! Told us not to worry about, it was just a silly song, we twinnies were OK with that explanation.
A few years go by, we have the two younger sisters(Yes, the middle ones) in residence with us now.  As I have revealed in a few other blogs… The now  infamous L. and T. These girls being young heard the song for the first time. Asking Dad and Mom, they got the same answer we twinnies had gotten.  That didn’t quite satisfy either one, it downright bothered T.
Well, needless to say the song becomes a major deal between the two. Autumn and I broke up one of their arguments…L. was teasing T. relentlessly! On L. was going about what if Mommy did kiss Santa Claus? Wouldn’t Dad be kind of upset? How many Mommys  in the world would kiss Santa?  T. argues back about L. being stupid and insists it was only a dumb song cause only Daddy kisses Mommy, so just shut up she added.Things got ugly as they gave each other a little shove, some minor hair pulling, too. Twinnies to the rescue, we each took one off to neutral corners to settle themselves down. They were OK for a day or so…Until L. brings the song up again! That girl just could never give things a rest…Loving to stir up T. and teasing her about “What if Mommy kisses Santa Claus?”
 Autumn and I were sitting with them playing a kid’s card game. Sadly we all had snacks of juice and animal cookies…Look out, a food fight breaks out! Mom and Dad come running into our playroom…L. and T. both wearing juice and animal cookie crumbles. Autumn and I had even gotten splashed… Not a happy sight, chaos in full bloom. All over the ridiculous song! Well, in our house the song got banned to avoid any continued arguments. After the food fight L. and T. stopped the whole song discussion, thankfully.
I do need to ask…anyone still reading by now have any thoughts? Do you like the song, hate the song or remain indifferent? Just curious, I highly doubt anyone had this kind of dispute such as occurred between these two little sisters…Or did you? Do share! Autumn says this is a charming story…Uh huh, the kind readers can decide I say 😉 🙂

Shopping Adventures… ~ By Gabby Angel

Autumn and I set out for a shopping trip a little earlier today. Being twins it’s fun this way and shopping really can be an adventure when it’s the two of us. We were just going to a little mall about 20 minutes away and visiting a couple of the stores.

I have a tendency to drag out our shopping a bit too long sometimes. Luckily, Autumn is not shy keeping me in line and twinnies don’t get insulted with these things.

Our first stop was a little clothing boutique we both love. We were in and out of there rather quickly, it’s a small shop and we both had a good idea what we were after. A sweater for me and some rocking boots for Autumn. The girl is addicted I tell you, like I have room to talk. I am almost as bad as she is. I can almost hear Autumn saying the same is true of me with sweaters, among other things of course. We twinnies do love our fashion.

On we went to everyone’s favorite Wal-Mart, they have just about everything you need at that store. The one near us is open 24 hours, it comes in handy for those of us with insomnia doesn’t it? OK, here I am digressing again…Back to the twinnie’s shopping.

We didn’t argue over who pushed the cart by the way, we used to when we were younger sometimes.( I bet she loved me sharing that bit of information.). 😉 We were cruising through the aisles, picking up our odds and ends.Debating long and hard over how I did/did not need a cute little clock, of course Autumn was right. I have more than my share of clocks, I’ve written a couple blogs concerning this matter.

As Autumn asked me, how did we end up in that aisle anyway and promptly took over steering the shopping cart. We meandered over to the greeting card aisle, we need cards for a couple birthdays. Causing a bit of a stir, cracking each other up with some of the musical cards. We twinnies can be quite silly at times, but it’s fun…Even when we attract attention by mistake. Autumn and I tend to forget we are not alone and need to refrain from the amusing “twin stuff” between ourselves.

The nice lady shopper we startled with the one blasting song “Celebrate” in the musical card, nicely forgave us our rudeness. Last stop was the laundry basket search… Yay! I had found a nice wicker one to replace my aging one. We got through the checkout in good time and headed for the car. Autumn was pushing the cart and I was carrying the wicker laundry basket. All of a sudden I fell, tripping over somebody’s soda can I hadn’t seen…How embarassing. My luck, some guy came running over to see if I was OK. Autumn and I had gathered a small audience, well only a handful of people were staring, but I was mortified.

I quickly got up, Autumn assuring me I had fallen gracefully by the way (how comforting) and we sent the caring guy on his way with thanks. I limped the short distance to the car, not hurt badly but my left knee was smarting a bit.

The good news was the wicker laundry basket was unharmed!

Happily ever After ~by Autumn Sunshine

We have love and magic, too

We will begin anew

Sunshine for you

as you always say

we really have found the right way

along the path of happy forever

from now on whatever

happens in our lives, we will be strong

always right and seldom wrong

so for now it seems so long

till we are together and love

with stars above

Shining so bright

every single night

as we walk along into tomorrow

no more sorrow

we are a team, it truly means

our lives will seem

all sorts of dreams

it’s all coming true

and I love you…

In the Shape of a Heart ~by Gabby Angel

I had listenend to my Jackson Browne CD, just the other day “The Best of Jackson Browne”. Many good songs on that CD, but one song stuck in my mind. Not because of the lyrics exactly, but more the tune and the title of the song. It’s called “In the Shape of a Heart”, the song kept coming back to me more than a few times. Then, an idea struck me! How many things do I own personally In the shape of a heart?

Surely I am not the only one who likes things shaped like a heart, of course not. I believe the most popular jewerly design is the heart and the cross. Right now we are talking hearts though. Although I do own a lot of cross earrings…Back to hearts, I can distract myself quite easily when thinking of earrings. At any rate, hearts and some of the odd, quirky or unusual things in the shape of a heart that I own? Then all of you can think about what objects you own in the shape of a heart, too.

We ladies are drawn to the heart shaped objects, because it symbolizies love aren’t we? Or perhaps because it makes us think of our own heart, if it’s an open and loving one specifically. Looking around here are some examples of objects I own “In the shape of a heart”. One of my personal favorites a real heart shaped flat rock, Dad found years ago. I do treasure that one, made by nature and found by my Dad. The next about a dozen craft type hearts: wooden, wicker,  hammered bronze and glass. A cute little tiny green colored clock in a heart shape, another clock of a kitty with a heart where the hands of the clock are located. A silver little heart shaped jewelry box, a cute little ceramic box, in the shape of a heart. A couple suncatchers hanging on my windows are very unusual and heart shaped. Several sets of windchimes, too and I do love the sound of those, who doesn’t? A wooden shelf with heart cutouts, it a fairly large one and angels adorn that particular shelf. That’s a whole other blog, those angels. Several heart shaped picture frames, can’t forget those.

Too many, and I do mean many, many earrings that feature a heart in some fashion. Just some examples of some of my assortment of heart shaped things. Oh my, to think a song started this blog…Jackson Browne I must salute you! Give the song a listen if you get a chance, he really is an awesome singer. If you listen to it please let me know if it kind of gets stuck in your head, won’t you? I would also be rather interested how many of you upon reading this were prompted to count your heart shaped objects, too.

I must now end this blog, I am off to take a count over at Autumn’s house. I wonder how many objects I can find of hers in “The Shape of a Heart”?