Heart Smiles ~ by Autumn

He is the one I love so strong

he’s the one, I can’t go wrong

He knows my heart

he has from the start

Yes, my heart smiles

and all the while

I feel so blessed

who would have guessed?

He’d touch my soul as well

he’s the one I’m proud to tell

The love will grow

and I truly know

My heart will smile

mile after mile …


Kitty Love

So many hugs

they’re so much in love

“Meow” says he

“I know” says she

Flowers in hand

he is the best in the land

she says it’s true

and I love you

Meow so loud

we’re very proud

We smile a lot

of  happy thoughts

Kitty love is fun

the best under the sun

they can’t wait to say “I do”

these kitties knew

that love was right

and now it’s with all their might

they love each other

and “meow”, never another …


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Midnight on the Beach

Under the shining  moon

a beautiful night in June

singing me a tune

My Music man does

showing so much love

kisses and smiles

as we walk for a while

back on the beach

the stars within our reach

his hand in mine

feeling so fine

we walk and we talk ~

running out of words never

we can converse forever

so we walk our steps in tune

on the beach, a lovely day in June …


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The Goal

I was left, and you were right

Our one last goal was just in sight

We tried and tried with all our might

working sometimes long into the night

We were tough and we were strong

we never veered off our path for very long

it was our dream, you know that means…

Our house in the mountains made of stone

The beauty was true and we built it alone

Just you and me

like it will always be

At one with nature, we are free

the love still grows

and we both know

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The Love in your Eyes

I see the love and the light

shining so bright

in your eyes

each look takes me by surprise

my darling man

just take my hand

and walk with me

happy as can be

our love so strong and true

I really do

wonder at times

how we’ve found a beautiful rhythm and rhyme

so in tune

that happened so soon

so many walks

and endless talks

and laughter and fun

we’ve only just begun

the future lies ahead and beckons

it’s the magic which is us …

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Love is … by Autumn

It’s patient and kind

love doesn’t mind

because there is always

some kind of rhyme

to find

So be still sometimes

and just think things through

you’ll find you already knew

the answer was there all the time

love will trust

it’s a must

love is true

never blue

love is me and you

love takes time to grow

so let your feelings show

you will know

when the time is right

it’s there, in plain sight

such a delight

love is all that’s true and pure

things you knew for sure

so be patient and kind

and Love, you will be just  fine …

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Love keeps growing everyday ~ Autumn

We really show

how love can grow

for those who know

understand it, too

it’s very true

So I’m here to say

remember Everyday

that love sometimes needs help …

Don’t just blindly accept that all is fine

take the time

to make love last

look to the future not the past

hugs, kisses and smiles

together every mile

it helps to talk a lot

and laugh, that’s what sought

The music soars and with every note we hear

“Just be happy, never fear”

your path is good and true

that happens to just a few

that love is blessed

and we have guessed

That love really does grow every single day  …


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Love so Strong ~ by Autumn Sunshine

You told me, they can’t hurt me , it’s so

that though our love you know

they have gone,

so with each new dawn

I smile, a secret lurks

with a bit of mirth

because I know you’re right

our love has brought a new light

and an insight

My darling man

you can

make me feel

and seal

our pact

it’s a proven fact

love seals and heals

what a lovely deal

I know your love had changed me

and I now see

that anyone who wishes us harm

will be a bit alarmed

our love is strong

the danger is gone

and you and I belong

together, forever and always …

Hearts Entwined ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Hearts entwined

and so refined

yours and mine

lovely life and oh so fine

it was right from the start

you won my heart

we will never be apart

joined in love, a special bond

we are so very fond

of saying that, forever more

so totally sure

love endures

when hearts are entwined like this

another kiss

another smile so true

I love you …

whispered on the wings of the doves

we know that it’s written above

in the stars

so far

but we have our hearts

entwined and refined

it  really and truly was written

in the stars …

Luck and love ~ by Autumn Sunshine

As we walk the Earth together, me and you

we’ve found a lasting love, it’s very true

who would have known

all we’d be shown

how lucky we are indeed

we have all we need

we have it all

and as the doves call

we see it through awakened eyes

and it has been a beautiful surprise

so much to learn

bridges to burn

till we made it to where we stand today

in love is where we always will stay

for a love so strong

cannot go wrong

I love you, you love me

we are happy, it’s clear to see …