National Barefoot Day

Barefoot day is here, June 4th and I just had to share it  with everyone! 🙂 After the broken toe of mine, not to mention the few bruised ones you would think I wouldn’t be embracing this one. But, I just have to because being barefoot and shoeless is just so nice! I really do walk around my house with no shoes on most of the time…Not for outside anymore.

Autumn is the same way, we Twinnies learned our lessons very young after stepping on countless bees when we were young. We both proved to be allergic to those stings and it really put a damper on things and Ouch with lots of crying!  Also, the unfortunate incidents of cuts and all…It just isn’t very wise to do. I was thinking of it being Barefoot Day and wondering if anyone will be going barefoot at their jobs? Not probably embraced by employers, even if they do happen to be related to you.

Since there are limits an a time and a place for everything, unfortunately. How many of you kind readers will be celebrating Barefoot Day, do share! After all, it is National Barefoot Day and people all over the world will be happy that this day has finally arrived! The other thought I just had as I am writing about the joys and all of going barefoot is how many shoes, boots, sandals, etc are now residing in my closet! 🙂

It’s funny think about it just for a minute or so! 😉 OK, so I love my footwear and so does Autumn but there is also freedom of going barefoot every now and then. Even if it’s only on this National Barefoot Day alone, so if you’re like us Twinnies with the closet full of shoes and all, we can still embrace this day. It’s only once a year, so do have a very Happy Barefoot Day everyone! 🙂 🙂


National Smile Month

Isn’t this just the nicest news about the month of May? It’s National Smile Month and this is such a happy and cheerful thing to practice all month-long! Think of all the joy you can be spreading and making somebody’s day a little brighter. Even the most grumpy or kind of sad-looking people will hopefully respond to a smile. We can sure try it because it can’t hurt, right? It could end up doing a world of good, that would be just wonderful.

I know, I sure can get carried away with these type of things, but I can’t seem to help myself. I feel like I have been doing this my whole life, so has Autumn. It’s in our nature to greet people with a smile, and perhaps some people really don’t want to see a smile or anything of that nature.

There are some type of people wandering this earth who are just basically too unhappy or miserable and they like it that way. What a sad thing, but I know I will always give it a whirl, why not? Just go for it, what can they do to you except maybe ignore you or give a nasty look. Oops, I forgot the one time somebody said a few not exactly nice words to me, and that time the rude hand gesture, too. OK, so a few not so pleasant times… It can happen but I am so optimistic and its National Smile Month! I am just going for it, even more this month and I won’t be stopped by anyone! What a brave stand that sounds, but Autumn is with me on this smiling business. It’s good to know, I’m not alone on my quest.

Any of you kind readers going to join us Twinnies on our quest to make National Smile Month happen? Do let us know, together we can make a difference this month! 🙂 🙂

When Life Gives You Lemons…

You make lemonade, right? I’m sure everyone has heard this expression, if not just where have you been? I am kidding of course, some of you may not be familiar with it. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. What if you don’t like lemonade, then what do you do? What if you think lemonade and lemons are just plain yucky or disgusting? It’s something to ponder and I do love pondering and may that never stop! Because pondering is just way too much fun.

I shouldn’t be joking about it, but I can’t seem to help myself! Of course the saying is telling us to take a bad situation and make it positive, look at the bright side when things look bleak and so many other such things. You get the idea, right?

Anyway, I saw this saying on a bumper sticker on a car if front of me at a red light. I hadn’t seen such a bumper sticker in a long time…Yet, there it was! I sat through the red light and looked at the bumper sticker and of course I thought about it later when I got home. That’s what got me thinking of how easy it is to just keep looking at the positive not the negative.

I had to tell Autumn about the bumper sticker and she thought it was interesting. She thought of a really funny thing about the saying and lemons, it cracked me right up, too. That Twinnie really has a good sense of humor I must say and thank goodness. She said if somebody hands you lemons, make a lemon meringue pie and throw it in their face because they are annoying as all get out.

What if you didn’t feel like cheering up and just weren’t in the mood , you know it could happen! It was funny, however did she think of such a thing I asked her. Well Autumn didn’t know, it just popped into her head and she felt the need to share it with me. Therefore, it makes you wonder about this pair of Twinnies sense of humor doesn’t it?

OK, so this bumper sticker thing, we got to talking about those, too. Neither one of us has any bumper stickers on or cars and we were wondering how many of you kind readers have one on your car? It would be fun to hear about what everyone has to say! If not and you don’t feel like sharing…Well, please do give us your opinion of bumper stickers, lemons, lemonade and all that type of thing! 😉 🙂

Memories of Hiking With Dad…

I woke up early, it was a beautiful sunshiny weekend day. My mind does its own thing and thoughts and memories just pop into my head at random. Maybe this happens to other people, too and if so you will know what I’m saying. Most of you kind readers know me, so you will go with the flow and continue reading, I hope!

Anyway, I was just remembering all the hikes and trips in the mountains with our Dad. Autumn and I were so blessed to have trips alone hiking and meandering the mountains and all with our Dad. We both miss him still so much, we lost him to evil cancer close to 9 years ago. That makes these wonderful memories just all the more precious. Having been born the oldest of 6 sisters, Autumn and I had a lot of hiking trips alone with just our Dad. Mom kind of stayed behind at our cabin, minding those little sisters.

As they got older, then we all hiked as a family…So many, many times!  But, getting back to the Autumn and me, those hiking trips with Dad. We live only about 8-10 miles from where we usually hiked, so it was fun as well as being close to home. Dad was so patient when we had our first hike, pointing out all the interesting things on and off the trail. So many times we probably got on his nerves answering our wacky questions, but he never complained.

The stops for us Twinnies picking up little rocks that caught our eye, insisting the moss on rocks and trees needed investigating. But we walked and talked and so much joy and wonder as younger Twinnies we had! As we grew older we seemed to have gotten a pattern going, the hikes were fun and amazing, but the talking with Dad was just so awesome. He was a most special one, always ready to discuss just about anything and loving to share laughs, too.

Dad’s laugh, oh my goodness it was one of the most beautiful sounds ever! I remember it and can hear his laughter in my mind, talking it over with Autumn, Mom, our sisters and other family members…So can they! That makes me so happy, he had this contagious and most ear catching and pleasing laugh. It would just make you smile yourself and then join in laughing…Just so joyful, so full of love of life.

The hiking was just a wonderful memory that popped into my head on this fine spring morning. But I realize I am also writing lots of mine and Autumn’s love of our precious Dad. I think sometimes the tears we both have cried over remembering could fill more than a bucket, but that’s OK. Because ,never would we have ever missed one single hiking trip or one moment with our Dad. He was always so watchful and teaching us about good plants, bad plants, looking out for snakes, the balancing of your backpack and just so much more.

Autumn and I are still good hikers to this day, because Dad taught us well. We always had the best of hiking boots, too because that really does matter and any of you that hike know what I’m saying! Anyway, it was a beautiful memory and I guess I just wanted to share it with you kind readers. Thank you for listening and please do share any thoughts or memories of hiking and backpacking if you would like. Autumn and I will be planning our first hike of the springtime together…I can hardly wait! I know for sure Dad will be watching from Heaven and keeping his eye on us, too. 🙂

Look Alike Day

This bizarre and unusual holiday gave me such a laugh I had to write about it. Look Alike Day, the concept you are supposed to pick a celebrity or anyone you admire to look like. I pick Autumn for my look alike, Yay! OK, that is kind of effortless to do since we are twins…I am getting off rather easy. I hardly have to change a thing and there I am being a look-alike! 🙂

This holiday, not on the calendar of course just does sound like a great deal of fun though. What do you kind readers think, is Look Alike Day sounding like fun to you? Who would you all transform yourself into looking like, give it some thought! It’s only for one day, we aren’t saying we want to somebody else permanently…I am thinking like it’s sort of Halloween perhaps? 😉 Well, I just can’t think of who else besides Autumn I would want to look-alike…Oh my, but that does sound like cheating. Funny though, after telling Autumn about Look Alike Day she picked me to look alike! Wow, what were the chances of that happening? 😉

OK, we thought of another possibility…We pick the Olsen Twins to look like! 🙂 Oops, here we go wanting to look like another set of twins! Wait a second, we maybe could do the look-alike like Hello Kitty and Mimi. 😉 Well, there’s the twin thing again and they are cats on top of being twins! I have to tell you Autumn did say Kitty and Mimi are cute and all, but she refuses to be a cat even for a day! She says we should be pick “Thelma and Louise“, aka Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis…There you go that’s who the Twinnie and I pick for our Look Alike Day. We both did like the movie a lot, although we changed the ending just a bit. Thelma and Louise jumped the entire Grand Canyon in that ever so cool convertibile and landed safely on the other side…What can I say? The Twinnies have a very good imagination! 😉

Anyway, that is our choice, now who would you kind readers pick for the one day of Look Alike…Please do share! 🙂 🙂

Go Fly a Kite!

Everybody has heard this expression I do believe. If you haven’t it’s a kind of strange one, isn’t it? If you’re saying Oh go fly a kite to somebody it’s usually not said in kindness I’m afraid. It’s just dripping with sarcasm actually…Telling somebody to get lost is what you mean. I think the expression is not used much, but what do I know? It just popped into my head when I was reading about April being National Kite Month. So, there we have the title explanation! 🙂 It’s a fun thing and not being said to be unkind or nasty.

I am hoping everyone will have a happy time of it by going to fly a kite. I wonder how many of you kind readers think kite flying is fun, how many of you have flown kites? I was worrying it’s the kind of thing nobody takes the time to do anymore. I haven’t flown a kite for a few years myself, but reading about National Kite Month has given me an idea. It’s high time to go fly a kite! 🙂 I really intend to take some time and do just that myself.

Autumn and I both remember from an early age flying kites with our parents. We were blessed with a set of pretty awesome parents, our Dad used to make our own kites. They were some cool and unusual kites I do have to say! All the neighborhood kids loved seeing Dad bring those kites out, too. He sure could get those kites soaring and what wonderful memories of those days we Twinnies have.

I remember when Autumn and I were left to our own devices once…Well, the poor kite ended up tangled up in branches of our pear tree. We were young, Dad and Mom thought we should be given a chance to try. I remember Dad climbing a ladder to fetch that kite, he was happy to do it…We Twinnies were crying just a bit about our lost kite. Oh, the joys of two of us carrying on at one time! 😉 It was just as I said earlier we were blessed with awesome parents. Wonderful times, wonderful memories. I was also blessed with a fun husband who also liked to fly kites…Dave and I we had some good memories, too. Now, that he’s in Heaven, along with Dad all the memories are that much more meaningful.

The Twinnie and her darling man have decided to go kite flying, too she has told me, Yay! More memories and more fun…I have a feeling they will have a grand time of it, too. So, as my thoughts meander all over, I am just asking all of you kind readers to give it  a whirl. Go fly a kite! 🙂 Everybody go fly a kite at some point this month and celebrate with some smiles! 🙂 🙂

Mimes … How Do They Do It?

I got the idea for this post from looking again at the image of the mimes. Hence the title…Meaning the mimes! They were featured in the post “April is National Humor Month” and as always it got me thinking. Because I confess I am never at a loss for thoughts…But that can be a good thing, right? I am never, well hardly ever at a loss for words. But those mimes, how do they do it? Not uttering a word, trying to convey a message. Well, they do make it look easy I must say. Very interesting they are, as well as entertaining, too. But not uttering a word, that alone would just drive me crazy. I’m not kidding either, I just couldn’t do it! Could any of you kind readers? Come on, think about it, not one word! Silence is the key with this mime business.

I am sincerely honest in saying, I do not do charades…For obvious reasons. 😉 How about you kind readers, anybody simply excelling at charades? If so, please do share because I just can’t maintain the silence. I do have to report, Autumn is very much the same…Oh, what a surprise, right? 🙂

The Twinnies are so not into being quiet…The stories I could tell about us in church as younger Twinnies! I am serious, just picture us whispering back and forth and oops by mistake starting to laugh. Made our parents ever so proud of Autumn and me both for sure! 😉

But, back to these mimes…They can’t speak. It’s not allowed in the mime world. I think they just might have a handbook they need to follow, what do you all think? 😉 But what if somebody says something funny to them? They can’t laugh…How awful for them! Somebody could try their hardest to make them talk, but the mime rules don’t allow it. I guess it would be enough to make them get fired…Well, then they could talk all they wanted! Without a job that is…Their talking would be a lot of complaining. Or telling off the person who caused them to speak, why not? They sure could be making up for lost time and get it all said!

Like I said, I was just thinking about all this mime stuff and just cracking myself up. I am so very easily entertained, what can I say? Autumn was laughing herself silly right along with me when thinking about finding some mimes. It really would be kind of fun to try to get them to talk, don’t you think? 😉 I am kidding, we wouldn’t do it because it really would be so not kind and rather thoughtless. But, the thoughts of it all are amusing! 🙂

All of these thoughts and pondering about mimes…Well, I do admire them I must say. Would I ever make it as a mime, would Autumn…Heck no! But would any of you kind readers? Think about it and please do share your thoughts on my latest off beat pondering and wonderings. Just think about the mimes…Surely you kind readers have something you would like to share! Go ahead, you are among friends! 🙂

April 14th…What a Good Holiday!

I have to say, this holiday is of course not on the calendar…But it should be! April 14th is International Moment of Laughter Day and how fun does that sound? A moment of laughter here and there all day long sure can add up to one heck of a lot of laughter! Think about it…Something to ponder. Who is with me, ready to embrace this fine holiday?

Of course, as always I ran this one by Autumn and she loved it! We Twinnies do go for the laughter and good times, those downright wonderful vibes of joy. Yay, for laughter because it is good for the soul! 🙂 Who among us can think of one reason not to have and enjoy a moment (or two, maybe three) of good, hearty laughing out of our day? I bet it’s none of you kind readers, am I right? One thing I do have to caution everyone about…Be careful when you choose or decide to laugh. You know what I’m saying? Just don’t randomly burst out in peals of wild laughter while at work, or in a quiet type zone place please! 😉 It could just kind of ruin the day, also have everyone around you wondering what’s up with you. We sure don’t need that type of thing happening, right?

I have always had to be kind of careful with that one even when it’s not International Moment of Laughter Day, so has dear Autumn. Well, we do control ourselves… Or try to anyway! 😉 Why does our friend and Soul Sister Soma come to mind? 😉 And by the way, please do check her blog out and you will be so happy you did. :)Hmm…Well, Soma is much like us Twinnies. But wait, that is a positive thing! 🙂 Soma just simply loves to have a good laugh, so we will all be needing to hear how her “International Moment of Laughter Day” goes for sure! I just have a real good feeling she will be celebrating this one, Go Soma! We know you won’t let us down! 🙂

So come on kind readers, think of the happiness this day could bring to you and your family and friends. If somebody is feeling a little down or low, go cheer them up…Give everybody you know a moment of laughter today! You will be very glad you did, I just know it! 🙂 🙂

Would You Open the Door?

You may be asking yourself…Open what door? I will explain, it’s kind of fun question. You may have guessed I have been reading way too many mystery type of books! Just pretend you are a facing a door and it has a lock, but the key is right there in the lock…Would you take it upon yourself to open the door?

We will call it a mystery door, in nobody’s house we know. It’s just a pretend door, but picture it in your mind…Do you see it? Now, it’s right there in plain sight! Of course, this image of a real door with the key pictured below should help you visualize! Now, what would you do? Do you think it’s not your business and walk away from the door? Or are you inquisitive and just unlock it and go check things out? What’s behind the door? It could be scary and then on the other hand…It coud be exciting and fun! You can do whatever you feel like doing, nobody is going to get mad or upset with you. You just have to decide for yourself! So, it’s your call and just let the first thing you think of and whatever pops in your head and just roll with it. Don’t ponder too long on it, go with your immediate response!

Autumn and I both discussed this funny, but rather mysterious question….We really did have the same answer. Did anybody ever doubt it? I am sorry to report, neither Autumn or me would take it upon ourselves to unlock the door! Why? Well, because it could be scary (also perhaps not our business) and we Twinnies are awfully brave but not quite that brave! Just the thought of someone or something freaky or scary on the other side of that door, no way! We just don’t want to take the chance…What if something horrible comes out and stays?!

Well, sorry to disappoint but we would both walk away from the door. Now, kind readers it’s your turn…Would you or wouldn’t you unlock that door? Please do share your thoughts because you are among friends, sharing is fun and inquiring Twinnies would love to hear all about it! 😉 🙂

The Celebrated and National Foods for April

Here we are again, another month of Celebrated and National Foods. As always, I am very happy to share them with you kind readers. This month brings us 3 National foods and 5 Celebrated ones. The 3 National ones are very good and let’s do start with them! 🙂

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches 2. Soft Pretzels 3. Pecans…Yay, not a bad one there I do have to say! 🙂 Come on, who doesn’t love grilled cheese sandwiches? Soft pretzels, another winner there…Well, at least Autumn and I think so! Pecans, they are very good and especially in pecan pie. I have a feeling not everyone will be agreeing, so do share your thoughts and feeling on those 3 National foods please!

Now, let’s move it along to the Celebrated Foods shall we? OK, right off the bat I need to say…Not everyone is going to like all these. I just have one of those feelings…The Twinnies have to put in their 2 cents and say a couple of these are kind of yucky. That’s to us of course, some of you kind readers really may like them. You never do know, everyone is different, right?

Here they are those Celebrated foods for April…1. Cranberries 2. Gooseberries 3. Brussel Sprouts 4. Cabbage 5. Soy Foods. I know right away I will tell you, Autumn and I both say Yuck to Brussel Sprouts and we both really love most veggies, too. Gooseberries, what are those and I really mean it! Cabbage comes in as OK, nothing real wild and exciting to us and nothing we Twinnies will rave about. Cranberries, we like them for real we do! Soy Foods…Well, Soy Milk is OK with both Autumn and I. Most especially the vanilla and chocolate! The rest of the Soy Foods…not too much there to say. Well, like I told you kind readers, the National Foods came in more to both Autumn’s and my liking.

Now, what do all of you have to say? Any among the National or Celebrated foods to your liking? Any of them you can say Yuck to? Do feel free to share any and all thoughts with us Twinnies please. We are both wanting to hear your opinions. Autumn and I both are seriously wanting to know… does anyone really like Brussel Sprouts? Nobody is going to make fun or be mean to you, honestly and it’s a good question. Well, there you have it kind readers…The foods of April! Never fear, I will be delivering the news next month on the foods of May, too! 🙂 🙂