Mistaken Identity Strikes Again~ Written By Gabby

I wrote a post a number of months  ago about a guy thinking I was Autumn’s and my sister S. Well, that was a weird and unusual happening since she is 9 years younger than us Twinnies. Also, because he was so persistent about me being sister S until I proved by my ID I wasn’t. That one sure left me shaking my head about people being rather intrusive and just annoying.

This time around, and I still can’t believe it happened again honestly and why me?! This biker guy really did think I was Autumn, he was one of her old boyfriends, too. I was as always minding my own business and leaving a store, in the parking lot and getting into my car. All of a sudden and much to my surprise a guy on a nice Harley cruised up along side my car and getting so close. OMG I was thinking, why is this guy kind of cutting me off from leaving and if I opened my car door to get in I would bump into his Harley. Then I thought… Who in the heck is he, what does he want anyway? Once he took off his helmet I realized it was B, who was way back when one of Autumn’s boyfriends.I should have known, who else would be brave (or foolish) enough to be out cruising about on a Harley in the wintertime?

His greeting made me disgusted which was “How are you pretty lady? Hey, but here you are!” I seriously don’t like that kind of boldness either and think it’s pretty tacky. This made me remember how taken B was with Autumn and kind of over taken, if you know what I’m saying.

I hadn’t known he had moved back to our little hometown, oh but Yay and wait until dear Twinnie heard this news. The funny part is, I was heading over to her house after I left the store so I could tell her very soon! Back to B and his chatting that was getting so on my nerves, before I start digressing. I did inform him right away that oops, but he was speaking to the wrong twin! He did remember me, being with my husband Dave of course and he did extend his sympathies over my loss.

Oh no, now he was looking disappointed as he went on to ask all about Autumn…B really kind of never got over her to hear him tell it. I had a silent chuckle on how I would tease her, because I was sure going to! Leave it to Autumn and our little sister S, they had the way of making these guys never forget them…Those two girls were just plain heartbreakers, weren’t they? But, why did I have to keep running into them?

B was wanting to know if Autumn was single, where did she live and on he went…Sorry I had to be the bearer of bad news. B took the news downright pitifully about her engagement and impending wedding. Thankfully he dropped asking where she lived. I sure was getting way too much information about their old romance, here I thought I had known the whole story, too! According to B, he would hope to see Autumn again since he was divorced and back living in our town…Good luck Autumn! I finally gracefully got away and headed for that Twinnie’s house. I must tell you I kept checking the rearview mirror to see if he was following me because you never know with these kind of guys, the lasting devotion and all!

I got to Autumn’s place and kept smiling as I went off to tease her! How disappointing it was to have Autumn act like our sister S, according to her B was so exaggerating! I tell you kind readers, these heartbreaker sisters of mine…I hope no more old boyfriends mistake me for one of them again! If they do, never fear because I will be sure to report! 😉 🙂


Twins with four legs Each

Just look at these twins,

they are meant to win

the survival of  the wild

each is only just a “child”

let’s hope they grow up strong

knowing right from wrong

stay away from cars

come out of the forest to see the stars

be careful who they trust

that is a must!!

Nature at it’s best

puts animals to the test

to live and learn

as they nibble on ferns

walk careful and know

that  they will soon grow

but for now they’re still small

not too big at all

the beauty shows in their eyes

please humans, don’t make them cry …


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Inner Child Alert!

This is my own personal idea and no it’s not a bizarre or unusual holiday. I made this one up all by myself and I am proud of this shout out. Listen up kind readers…It’s a day for all of us to let our inner child out to play! 🙂 Come on, it’s a good day as any and we all need to give this one a whirl!

I am inspired today, I was in the park near my house. Wow, what fun these kids were having! Such smiles, and happiness just flowing like crazy. I was over at the park walking around and just having a peaceful hour, but these kids got me so inspired. I met up with the sweetest young mother and her two daughters, they were a pair of 5-year-old twins! I loved seeing a set of young twinnies play and jump about with all that excitement. They were just having a blast on the swings, then were just having a grand time on all the other playground equipment. I have to admit I joined in taking a turn on the swings myself and then I was in for a quick game of tag.

The twins and their Mom thought it was so awesome that I was also a twin…It took me back to Autumn’s and my younger days! 🙂 A few more kids arrived at the park and soon everybody was just having a fun time of it all. I find myself reverting to childhood among these young kids…Not one ounce of an embarrassment coming from me! I am either the silliest person you would want to meet or just a free flying kid in the disguise of a grownup. 😉 The whole concept of letting our inner child out to frolic for a little while today or any day is just such a great idea. Or have I been bitten by the Peter Pan Syndrome bug? Nope, I think not…I just like letting my inner child have a turn every now and then.

It was a fun hour or so, I plan on taking an hour or so each and everyday to let the inner child within me go for it! Yay, for our inner children…Do any of you kind readers agree with me? Think about it and let me know what your thoughts are on this one if you would like to.

I talked to Autumn a short while ago, she simply loved the idea! Also she was so loving hearing about those young girl twinnies. So Autumn is joining me for a time tomorrow for a walk in the park near her house. I am so looking forward to it! The park by her house is a bit bigger than the one near me, think of the possibilities. 🙂 We will let  everyone know how our inner child twinnies do and if you don’t hear from us…Well, we promise we will be back as soon as we can reel in those inner child twinnies! Everyone join us, it’s time to let those inner children loose, Yay! 😉 🙂

How It All Began…

Once upon a time…Oops, this isn’t a fairytale! I do have to interrupt myself since you all may be wondering just what I am talking about anyway. We all know I tend to digress easily and often. So back to the title…How What All Began? I know this is a kind of belated one to be writing about. But, once again it needs telling, in Autumn’s and my humble opinions anyway…How TF <3=Twins Forever began! Autumn and I are so used to using that expression and also the TF <3, we never question why we do it. By the way, it’s kind of our logo for our blog, too as you can see here. Twins Forever and the picture of those cute little twins. Autumn found that picture and it was just too adorable to pass up, we needed it! It’s something we would have done as very young Twinnies. Hands raised proudly and happily proclaiming…Yes, also loudly, proudly and happily Twins Forever! 🙂 Well, until somebody told us to give it a rest already! 😉

We just do the TF <3…It is a special Twinnie thing, I encourage all twins out there to give it a whirl! It’s easy, just do TF <3= Twins Forever! 🙂 You may find yourself liking it and getting a smile every time you sign things that way! 🙂 Our one and only Twin friend in the blogging world is Sherline. You can find her easily at Sherline’s Whatchu Thinkin’ Blog and also Ramblings of a Creative Mind. Please do check out her blogs, she has lots to offer for some very good reading! Now, Sherline has a twin Sharon and no, sorry those twins don’t blog together…Not yet anyway! 😉 Come on you Twinnies do think about it! I sure hope you didn’t mind having the spotlight on you Sherline, but we needed to give you a special mention and a shout out! 🙂

Anyway…Back to how it all began, well ever since we could talk Autumn and I started saying Twins Forever. We loved sharing the news with everybody, I kid you not. We just so overjoyed to tell anyone and everyone who would listen to us. Be it  family, friends and sometimes innocent strangers, passers-by. Well you get the idea, we just were a tiny bit precocious and we just couldn’t help ourselves. 😉 We always called each other Twinnie (and still do), no coaching on anyone’s part. Guess we liked having our own little personal terms of endearment for each other from the start. When we started writing little notes to each other we would do a TF and a little heart and it just kept on, no matter how old we got to be. As you can clearly see, it has never stopped and it never will either, it just is! 🙂 Our parents loved it and got a chuckle out it from the beginning, so we were blessed that way. They didn’t try to stop us, thank goodness for Dad and Mom. Anyway there you have it, TF <3=Twins Forever has now been explained! Hope you enjoyed this one kind readers. 🙂 🙂

Celebrated Foods for February by Gabby

This is an interesting food month! There are 8 different foods celebrated I found, seriously and sadly no drinks. For such a short month I find this very odd 8 different foods, well just go figure! January has 31 days and there were only 3 celebrated  food & drink, it is beyond my comprehension. Good thing I am reporting only the food facts. I wouldn’t begin to ponder how the number of celebrated foods change from month to month. Who decides the choices anyway?

Since there are 8 foods let’s get started with me telling you kind readers just what they are! It’s National Cherry Month, National Grapefruit Month, National Hot Breakfast Month. Those are the 3 that made it to “National Month”, the other 5 are only mere “celebrated foods”. In no particular order ( I always wanted to say that, it’s sounds so official and all!) 1. Avocado 2. Banana 3. Sweet Potato 4. Canned Food 5. Great American Pie. Wow, where to begin? As far as the “National Foods” go, Cherries are good and need to be celebrated! Very good fruit and versatile, too! Both us Twinnies say Yay to cherries. Same with the Hot Breakfast Idea, it’s a wonderful way to start your day! Do I always follow that rule? Speaking honestly no, but that’s what Carnation Instant Breakfast is for! The same goes for Autumn, along with her chai tea!

Grapefruit…I am sorry I detest grapefruit and so does Autumn. Anyone have any thoughts about the “National Foods”? Does anyone really like grapefruit? There has to be somebody who does, right? I wasn’t bashing grapefruit, by the way…Please do know that. Maybe you like it a lot… If so, please share!

The other “Celebrated Foods” of February, well I have to say Yuck to Avocados! The Twinnie echoed my thoughts, just in case you were wondering. I know, some of you kind readers probably love them. If so, please share! Bananas, good fruit and good for us. Both of the Twinnies love them! Thumbs up to Sweet Potatoes, too. Again, Autumn and I simply love sweet potatoes! Canned Food, I am sorry to be so down on the stuff…But it really isn’t very healthy or good tasting and some of it, just loaded with sodium! Autumn also does agree, by the way. Last but not least, in my book and the Twinnie’s we have Pie…Love it! Who doesn’t? If not, please do tell…What’s not to like?

So many flavors, so little  time…I have to say I couldn’t narrow a favorite pie choice down to just 1, either could Autumn. Wonder if we are alone on this one? Pumpkin, Apple, Cherry, Lemon Meringue, Blueberry, Chocolate Cream and I will stop at these 6 favorites of ours. Who has a favorite pie flavor, or like Autumn and me more than one? Do share, let us know please!  Well this was fun, now I am off to go have a small slice of pie! 😉 🙂

What is Your Most Wished For? by Gabby

Most wished for Valentine’s Day Candy, that is! I just have to ask since that day isn’t all that far away now. What candy are you most wanting? What favorite candy other than that heart shaped box is calling your name? Those heart shaped boxes are vey nice…They hold all kind of treasures. So, they really might be among the top favorites, we’ll see. All I do know is that surely everyone must be looking for their favorite candy on that special day!

You may get flowers, you may get some other nice gift or perhaps two…But oh, the call of that chocolate is getting strong! Come on kind readers, is there any of us who doesn’t long for that chocolate? Gifts are nice, flowers are just lovely, too I must agree. But Valentine’s Day without chocolates…Perish that thought right now! Please don’t tell me, are any of you going to pass up that ever so tasty treat? I am worried some of you may just be saying yes! If so, please do share. 🙂

I know I have so many fond memories of my Valentine’s Days, especially when Dave was still alive. That husband of mine sure did pick out some very good chocolates, he really did resort to a heart shaped box of chocolates some years. He had a secret motive, he got to share them with me…All to spare me the calories of course. 😉 I almost always got Dave his favorite Resse Peanut Butter Cups, he simply loved them. We always did exchange cards, too I must add. I know the one year was funny when he found a special Valentine tin in the shape of a heart. He filled it full of my favorite candies…Hershey’s Kisses, Peppermint Patties, M & M’s and a few others. Of course I got nice cards and flowers, too…But the chocolates were the best! 🙂

So, what are you kind readers looking forward to this year? Is it candy? Is it the flowers or another gift? Autumn is hoping for some chocolates in the form of M & M’s or Kit-Kats! I will have to clue her darling man in to that fact, he thought of gifts but wasn’t having his mind on chocolates! I will say no more, No Twinnie, I will not spill any secrets that darling man of yours shared with me! You have to be suprised on Valentines Day after all and you can’t drag that info out of me…You love surprises, remember? 🙂 She really does, too…So nobody has to worry about me spilling the beans!

OK kind readers, it’s your turn! Please do share your most wished for chocolates for Valentine’s Day is. If it really isn’t chocolate, please let us know if it be flowers or anything else. You can share…You are among friends here! My two youngest nephews are my Valentines these days…I am so happy those little boys know my favorite chocolates! 😉 🙂 🙂

Some Hello Kitty Magic… ~ by Gabby

Hello Kitty is doing so well these days. She is very busy, happy and spreading the magic all around. With a wave of her wand she is just having a good time of making magic and bringing smiles. Who would have guessed, right?  Isn’t that just wonderful news about Kitty? I knew she was special, but now to come to realize she is  also being a part-time good fairy of sorts! Yay Kitty, you are the sweetest and doing such good deeds, too. Fixing hearts that are broken and mending frowns turning them into smiles wherever she goes. I hear tell she loves turning the frowns right upside down, left and right. She loves spreading happiness around! Kitty can make just everyone laugh out loud with a touch of that magic wand! 🙂 What a busy girl that Kitty is. Such a good news update,  isn’t it?Autumn and I were just a bit troubled about the last rumor of perhaps too much indulgence of the pink beer. Well, if there was trouble there, it has disappeared, Yay!

Mimi is being the supportive twin sister and has only stepped in here and there to lend Kitty a hand. She has had to, Kitty was exhausted with those long hours of magic!! She had traveled all over the globe, each and every country was visited, nobody and I do mean nobody was missed! That is a lot of traveling…Even with the help of a magic wand!

Shh…Because that is very top secret, so let’s  don’t spread it around! Mimi only stepped in as any good twin sister would, happily changing which side her bow was on. It was easier when she got to put on that nice little crown of stars though. What a trooper to be so very unselfish, don’t you all think? Both Kitty and Mimi are just so special to many of us. We just happened to know the top secret info from a friend of the family who told us twinnies that tidbit of news. It really is nice to have an inside source every now and then sharing the happy things about Kitty and Mimi. Better than last report, which we won’t speak of. All we will do is share this picture of Kitty waving her magic wand and thankfully her little wings weren’t the slightest bit crooked. She has a very good fashion assistant I heard, which is a good deal. We all could do with one of those, couldn’t we? Anyway, there you have it..The latest on Hello Kitty and her lovely twin sister Mimi! All happy and It’s all good…May it continue on that way, too! 🙂 🙂

I Strayed… ~by Gabby

Did I lure you in with that title? 😉 It’s nothing sordid, trust me! What in the world am I again talking about you may be asking? I strayed and I never, never will again…From my favorite brand of Greek Yogurt, that is. My all time favorite is Oikos by Dannon…I will not budge on this ever again! I am quite passionate about this, I can’t help myself. Wonder if that sounds perhaps just a bit on the wacky side? Well, if does then so be it! 😉 I  just really like what I like and no other brand will do…Ever!

I won’t be tempted by some other brand to give it a whirl. Or even a well meaning Twinnie I know and love will not be tempting me again. 😉 Let’s give this other brand a try she says, just the other day when together we popped into  a grocery store for a few items. She was so very convincing, this may be better than Oikos says Autumn. Sorry to report, the poor Twinnie thinks the other brand was “quite good”. I say she is so off base! Come on Twinnie this other brand, I am naming names now…Chobani does not compare to my lovely Oikos! Is the Twinnie undercover working for this other brand? Of course not, I am being dramatic. 🙂 The Chobani doesn’t cut it for me, it does not even come close…I should have know better. To stray, I mean…I have tried all the others and they all pale in comparison. What a misleading ad this is, look what it says…So not true!

A couple months ago I wrote a post it was a product review of sorts all about Oikos by Dannon. I said it was the best and I am sticking with it…forevermore! Did any of you kind readers try Okios? Any thoughts if you do enjoy my favorite brand? Do any of you truly like the competion better? You can tell me, I will disagree of course, but we are entitled to our own thoughts an opinions after all.  Sorry Dannon, my deepest apologies my sweet Oikos! Don’t worry, I did all the taste testing I am ever going to do. Torture, all of it and I am not exaggerating one tiny bit! If the  Twinnie wants to stray, she will be straying alone. I know the TF <3=Twins Forever and all you ask? Oh no, what are you saying…Surely not breaking up the lifetime of TF <3=Twins Forever!  A touch of drama again, sorry I couldn’t help myself. 🙂  My aspiring actress dreams bombed in third grade….A whole other post indeed! 😉 All you kind readers, as well as Autumn knows NOTHING will ever, ever break up TF <3=Twins Forever. I do have to tease her about it, that’s all. After all, the bond of twinship is way too stong! I love Autumn dearly, but no more messing with the Oikos Twinnie!! 😉 🙂

National Laugh- Friendly Month is Here! ~ by Gabby

Yes, how really fun and exciting this was to learn. I know, the month of February holds a lot of significant other things as well. Don’t worry, I will get to them, too! 🙂 😉  But for sake of something to make us smile on the first day of the month… I just had to announce it’s National Laugh-Friendly Month. It will make our February much brighter, I just know it! 🙂

Since it’s also leap year we can enjoy 29 whole days of laughing friendly, Yay! I like this idea. But, wait a minute is there such a thing as “not laughing-friendly”? Hmm…The thought just crossed my mind. Well, banish that thought it will be laugh and do laugh very friendly month! 🙂 Maybe I need to talk to those in charge and have them change that. Perhaps just to be more specific?

Anyway, who is with me? I say we have a good 29 days to laugh, have a good time of it while being friendly, too. Maybe make some new friends? Maybe make up with some old ones you may have annoyed? 😉 It  means we can practice being extra friendly and do it with a smile! Maybe a very big smile at that. I do so love that concept…A whole month of nice, happy vibe feelings. 🙂 It could work you know…Spread it around the world! After all, we live in many different parts of the country kind readers, and this could really catch on. Now I am really excited! Who wants to give this a whirl? We can all try, right? 🙂 Who will be joining Autumn and me in our quest…Of course the twinnie is with me! Did you ever doubt it? 😉

Do let us twinnies know, come on kind readers do your part, let’s make a start! 🙂 Again, I must say Yay! National Laugh-Friendly Month is here! 🙂 🙂

Ground Hog Day is Upon us…:( By Gabby

Well, it’s almost here. February 2nd is officially Groundhog Day. Being a resident of Pennsylvania one would think I would embrace the day, I don’t. I just can’t and either can Autumn! No, I am not talking about the movie from 1993 starring Bill Murray either. A good flick though, wasn’t it…to relieve the same day over and over and over again. I would much rather embrace and celebrate the movie than the dreaded event. I am talking about the day when the poor little groundhog gets dragged out of its cozy and safe little burrow. Manhandled and subjected to loud crowds of people, flashes from cameras in his little face, too. No doubt being half scared to death. I just think it’s mean and I happily boycott the whole deal! So does Autumn by the way, TF <3=Twins Forever all the way on this event! Who is with us? Please kind readers, do not give in to the hype of it all, think about the poor and sweet little groundhog!

To further top things off, the poor defenseless groundhog’s name here in PA is called Punxsutawney Phil. That was our Dad’s first name Philip.  I don’t like them borrowing Dad’s first name for the pitiful groundhog either! The whole day makes us twinnies sad, who is with us? Any kind readers have any thoughts? I am trying to not make this all doomy and gloomy, I know it’s been a tradition forever. They make a day of it all…Early morning festivals, speeches skits, bands and all kind of social events. Yay! While the groundhog gets to be shoved back in his burrow…Did he see his shadow? Didn’t he? It all depends on the weather after all…No matter, we still have a bit of winter left. Pure groundhog abuse!

It’s tradition started from folklore after all…Autumn and I got told this since we were young kids. Both of us crying and worrying over the groundhog, were we the only ones? We always were very sensitive and loved all animals, neither of us can watch Bambi to this day. Well, that is my take on February 2nd and I say let’s protest! Don’t celebrate and be a party to such things…Anyone with us twinnies? Don’t worry I will be back to my cheery self tomorrow kind readers. I just had to speak my mind about this and thank you ever so much for listening. Perhaps you think it’s silly that the twinnies get all mad, sad and just plain had enough…Groundhog abuse it is! Pure and simple and we will instead be celebrating Down With Mean People Day!! No, it’s not real, I made it up…But it sure fits. Hmm…Well, just maybe poor little groundhog will run for freedom! That would make for some mighty good headlines, wouldn’t it?! It could happen…With perhaps just a little help. 😉 Run little groundhog, run fast!!