A fairy so young

A young fairy learns

how the magic turns

crystal ball in hand

she sees a unicorn stand

a pixie at work

an elf that lurks

beside a tree

she also sees

and angel in flight

oh what a light

she studies and tries

and time passes by

she’s young but she knows

that the magic grows

a dash of love

a snow-white dove

the swirls

and whirls

as magic unfurls

she has got it so well

the music swells

she smiles and turns

she really has learned!



The Last Two Unicorns

Another tale of magic and love so true

the unicorns danced

and pranced

and took a chance

the last two,

the very last unicorn pair and they knew

that once they were safe and sound

the magic would protect them and surround

them with safety and hope so strong

so they went to the place that they belong

with the fairies and all the rest

their safety had been put to the test

now they live free

and are happy as can be

in the land of the magic folk

so many have now awoke

to the magic that weaves

and believes

that these last two unicorns are here to stay

for many a day …


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Much Magic … by Autumn

It’s barely dawn

and a balance of magic goes on

look at all the fun

the day has just begun

yet fairies chase butterflies around

magic surrounds

them all

and the birds call

What a happy tune is sung

and the bells have rung

to celebrate the day

A unicorn frolics in the forest stream

as if in a dream

A pixie hiding with a smile to say

Hello friends, it’s a happy day

The swans seem to agree

they are swimming so free

Not a human in sight

the magic begins with the light

the forest is still it seems

except for some sunbeams

and the sound of butterfly wings …
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Do you believe? ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Do you believe in magic at all?

or how about an angel’s call?

The fairies sing

as the pixies take wing

and golden bells ring

Look and you will see

and elf hiding below that little tree

There is magic big and small

short and tall

and do you recall

the many times you made a wish ?

think back and you may find

that the magic is kind

so let that remind

all who can

throughout the land

that magic stands

and lends a hand

remember magic grows

and soon you will know …

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