Dad’s HomeMade Ice Cream~ BY Gabby Angel

I was having a scoop of my favorite ice cream tonight, it was good. I do love ice cream and do indulgence from time to time. But, what I was remembering was Dad’s homemade ice cream. Oh my, no brand has ever come close to how good Dad’s was.He started making this delicious ice cream when Autumn and I were so young. We kind of grew up with this, so all other brands did kind of pale in comparison.
Of course we had store bought ice cream, too. Dad just couldn’t be making it all the time! Dad really did have a magic touch with home made ice cream though, he experimented with so many different flavors. They were all outstanding, I remember one time in early fall he made pumpkin. That was one of my favorites, I still search for a pumpkin flavored that comes close, I have again found one that comes close!
Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, yes Dad made those. Sticking with the basics at first, but he was quickly branching out since everyone had an idea of what might be tasty. Back in the early days, it was so much fun taking turns cranking the handle on the ice cream maker. It was kind of an adventure all by itself, or maybe it was just Dad making it exciting and an adventure somehow! I was thinking of how it was just Autumn and I when we started, then all the little sisters came along to share in the fun.
Dad along with Mom really did come up with such awesome happenings when I really think about it. We were all quite blessed having them as parents, I do need to say. One of Autumn’s and my favorites was chocolate malt, it still is actually. We did find one brand in our area that is pretty good! What an excuse for taste testing ice cream, trying to find one as good as Dad’s homemade! Mom had a couple flavors she remembers fondly, chocolate mint was one and a peach one. Of course you can buy these two flavors, but I swear Dad’s were still the best!
 We were talking about this and it is funny when we reflect on the many different flavors  Dad made. We used to tease him from time to time that he should market his ice cream, obviously he never did. That would have been a pretty cool family business though, wouldn’t it?
So many childhood things were so special at our house, I am sure any of you reading this can remember your own, I sure do hope so. As I always seem to be saying, aren’t family memories so nice and comforting, too? But they are, they are some of  the best times of our lives. For Autumn, my sisters and I anyway. I hope the same goes for all of you reading this one, too.
Hopefully this all made you smile and perhaps sent you racing to your freezers or favorite ice cream store as well. Let me know please! 😉 🙂

My Husband Dave…His Memory Lives On~Written by Gabby

Autumn has encouraged me to write this and share the story of my husband Dave. So I am taking her advice and writing about my wonderful husband. This has needed writing for quite some time, honestly. Dave’s memory will live on, I will make sure it does. Dave has so very much been on my mind, more than the usual I mean.
 About my husband, Dave was and will forever be my soulmate. My sweet Dave, and my once in a lifetime love. Sadly, I lost him to cancer eight years ago on May 30th of this year. To me it seems more like eight minutes ago most of the time . They say time heals, but I’m sorry they are wrong because it doesn’t.
Does anyone have the perfect love story? Probably not, because none of us as human being are perfect. I would just have to say ours was as perfect as it gets … For me, anyway.
The Diagnosis 
Dave was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer) on June 3rd of 1998, the day that started changing my entire world forever.  If anyone is following the blogs here, then you may heard Autumn and I speaking about our Dad, also who passed away from Multiple Myeloma.  It’s not a made up story, it’s real…They passed away exactly 40 days apart from this same evil cancer. Dad being the 40 days after Dave. I also miss my Dad every day of my life, this cancer robbed me of the two most important men in my life. I don’t think Dad would mind if I center the rest of this post on Dave, he is no doubt giving me a thumbs up as I write.
Well, Dave was so incredibly strong and a very special man in so many ways. He walked into my life when we were both rather young, and he never left. Dave was an educator, a carpenter, a musician…All in one package. His sense of humor was amazing, we laughed quite a lot and often.We brought out the very best in each other, we were just simply meant to be. The musical part of him, well that was just plain magic… A real God given talent.
 Dave had a wonderful voice… He so often sang to me, sometimes I would fall asleep to the sound of his voice. He played drums, guitar and piano. While in bands he was always the drummer, he just was outstanding.
We both shared this love of music so very much. Dave also was the bringer of surprises, sometimes wild flowers, chocolate and other assorted things…Just because. We didn’t limit our gifts to each other for only birthdays (which were only 5 days apart) and holidays. He used to joke about being very old people and still having a blast and rocking it out. Also, he had conjured up a story of how we could exit this life in the same instant. That way neither of us would ever suffer without the other one, we were just too joined that way. Too bad that story didn’t go as planned.
Dave was a romantic, to the very core. To the outside world he just appeared a very happy guy who loved his wife and was clearly loved in return. Dave called me his angel, well I thought he was mine. He had such a gift for making every day we shared an adventure, he really did. One of the last memories of us while Dave was still healthy…Romping around a large amusement park. It was so much fun, we acted like young kids and just lived that day to the fullest. I’m sure we also made tons of people look twice, wondering who were these two crazy people? Racing from ride to ride and laughing loud and long. So many, many memories and that is my blessing because most of them are happy.
Love that transcends time
When he was diagnosed, we joined forces to beat this evil beast and kept fighting hard. Yet, we lost. And I continue going on… because I promised Dave I would. I am not saying it’s easy, I would clearly be lying if I said that. In speaking with Dave’s cousin Emily, she said something quite profound. Her words to me “You and Dave just had and still have such a love, it transcends time.” I think she’s right, we had pure magic together and so much love.
 Each and every day is a challenge, but time goes by very quickly and I will meet up with Dave on the other side. For those of you blessed to have found love, hold on tightly and treat it kindly, please.
Oh, I almost forgot…If you see a star shining very brightly in the sky? Well, that would be Dave.

The Twins Love Camping by Gabby Angel

This business of camping, we were born into a family with Mom and Dad both loving the outdoors and the mountains. Our first camping trip would have been maybe at 5 months old! Obviously neither Autumn or I would have memories of that. We were so blessed to have a family owned cabin in the mountains, it was so beautiful set in a breath taking setting.

All our lives both Autumn and I have always been most serene, calm and completely at peace in those mind blowing mountains. It’s where you find yourself able to think, meditate and at times find answers to problems. Anway, the trip in particular I am going to tell you about the twinnies are about 8 years old. This trip was set for the whole entire weekend, it was going to be so much fun. It was going to be Mom, Dad and the twins along with 2 little sisters.

Dad was taking off early Friday and we took off about noon with Autumn and I dancing about with excitment. We helped Mom pack the car and ready to roll when Dad got home we were! Off we went with and within one half hour we saw the cabin in sight, yay we were here! Autumn and I helped put clothes, food and things away because we loved to help. 🙂 We would first have a little picnic because everything tastes much better outdoors.

Dad got to grilling and Mom got salads and things ready, happily eating because after that a hike to the little creek just a short walk away. Which was best because each parent had ahold of a little sisters hand, but keeping their eyes on Autumn and I. Stopping to pick some wildflowers, those little sisters picked more stems and grass blades than flowers.  We thought we had taught them better than that! On to the creek where we happily played in the water, skipped some stones with Dad and just had a good old time. Autumn who had gotten a little too spunky took a tumble in the creek, I followed trying to grab hold of her. It wasn’t deep but we carried on because we had scared our little selves. Dad hauled us out of the creek and as it was a nice sunny warm day our shorts and tops dried quickly. Small lecture for us again, even though we knew about water safety an how this was not a planned swimming aventure. Autumn and I nodded our heads solemnly and were back to the edge of the creek with Dad trying to catch minnows.

Never, ever a dull moment with the two of us and how embarassing the little sisters were being good. Soon we headed back to the cabin and played some outside collecting little stones because we found them fascinating for some odd reason. We entertained ourselves while Dad snoozed in the hammock and Mom lounged on a blanket with the little sisters. Before we knew it time for supper and after that time for bed. Mom and Dad got some alone time to chill out and relax on the enclosed porch. All of a sudden a big racket, what was happening? Autumn and I woke up, the little sisters woke up and Mom came in to settle us all down. It was a pair of racoons that had showed up, tipping over the garbage can and whatever other mischief they could find! They are very curious creatures after all and we had been told that often. Dad scared them away and took the garbage can and locked in the shed. Sadly for Autumn and I we had missed them and were sure they just might return the next night. We all fell asleep soon after the racoon adventure, with another fun day to look forward to!

Dad went off fishing downstream and we all played in the water, this time we didn’t miss the next animal excitement. Way down close to where Dad was, we saw a big old bear running away as fast as it could over the bank heading away from Dad! It shook us all up a bit, but Mom and Dad herded us off back to the cabin, not quite sure what the bear was up to. How cool in a strange way to see a bear and thankfully running way, not towards us. Something that sticks with me to this day, happy we saw it but glad it didn’t come close to check us out!

The rest of the weeked uneventful with the animal scene, but fun and before we knew it we were packing up to come home! Another camping trip over , but many followed this one and no, we never did see another bear!

Trick or Treat Twins~By Gabby Angel

This adventure features the twinnies and again the neighbor boys. Trick or Treating done on October 31st , Halloween here in the US, what fun! I know the day also means other things. Bear with me please, this involves costumes and all with Tim and Alex joining us. They have been featured with Autumn and I on several adventures now. As they were involved in many of our “twin memories”, this one too is begging to be written. Please read on, I think you will get a few smiles! Autumn and I had been planning our costumes for weeks. This one is at 6-7 years old, closer to 7 because our birthday is in January.

Back to the story, sorry but my mind gets ahead of me at times 😉 I wanted to be a princess, Autumn just begging to be Tinkerbell, seriously. No, we didn’t want to dress in similar costumes this time. As always, Autumn saying she knew Tinkerbell had blond hair. And no, she wasn’t asking Mom to go blond! 😉 Tim was going to be a pirate, Captain Hook he said since his buddy Autumn was going as Tinkerbell. I confess I did plead my case to Alex to be Prince Charming, to match my princess get-up. No way, he was being a cowboy…John Wayne, was one of his heroes at the time.

Halloween night rolls around and we all meet up with our Moms (Lucky them!) 😉 They walked with us around our neighborhood as went door to door, to what amounts to asking for candy and treats. Small town, traditions and all the kids were doing it…Also so very safe back then. We all were behaving fairly well. Autumn and Tim were teasing and pushing each other, but that was fairly normal for those two. I must say Autumn not pleased when Tim hooked his Capt. Hook “hook “in her fancy hair up-do! 🙂 The Moms got them settled down and on we went smiling, laughing and collecting so many treats!

Last block and no major mishaps, the Mom probably wanted to do a Happy Dance! Next house Mrs B she answered with a smile, opening the door. Oops, luck ran out..Autumn and Tim spotted her cat beside her and reached to pet her. Yikes poor Patches liked us all, but wasn’t in the mood to be petted. Off she went out the front door and up a tree! Patches was an inside cat but thankfully still had claws to climb and climb she did! Way, way up she climbed in the maple tree..Mrs. B. was very upset! She fetched nice Mr B. who got a ladder and coaxed Patches down close enough to reach her. Yay!! Mr. B. saved the day and all adults smiling now. The Moms hurried us away after good byes to Mr and Mrs B.

A lecture for Autumn and Tim, who had the nerve to start whining “We didn’t get treats from Mrs. B.” That ended our night of trick or tricking, no more houses were visited and we all retreated to our separate homes. The Moms no doubt to get some headache remedy or perhaps a small glass of wine! 😉 Halloween and trick or treating over for the year with one small mishap! 😉 Not really, it had caused plenty of commotion and attention to other parents and Trick or Treating kids. Not to mention poor Patches and Mrs B. She forgave of course, but Autumn and Tim’s stunt “haunted” them for months. 😉 It was talked about by many adult neighbors and kids as well…What a pair those two could be!  Hope you enjoyed this one and see you all soon! 🙂

Sing to me … ~ By Autumn Sunshine

Sing to me

I love to be

listening to your guitar weep


me away…

I will stay

day after day

lost in love

stars above

white doves

happy smiles

endless miles

My Forever man

you can

take my hand

and walk in the sunshine…

with me

we’re free

let’s be

and see

only the love


just sing to me awhile

with your rocking style

I could look into your eyes


My Dandelion Memories ~ by Gabby Angel

As very young girls Autumn and I would pick dandelions to be used in making wine. As we were young, it was just fun because we were helping and we did love to help!  We learned you picked the dandelions in late morning to early afternoon when the flowers would be fully opened. *No, I won’t be boring and tell the whole process, you all can look it up if you feel compelled to get the recipe! 😉 Autumn and I watched all the time, love and patience put into making this wine and how it all was finally put into bottles to set for months.

I do need to say, while in that crock while brewing those dandelion heads and orange slices looked harmless dancing about together!  What is truly the key to how stong the wine gets is “the longer it sits, the stronger it gets”, well here I am  rhyming without intent!  Watching the grownups drinking this (not to excess) and enoying it just seemed so elegant in those pretty wine glasses.

When you are a young child, you listen when they say “this drink is not for children”. Well, as you get a bit older and hit about 15 years old, you just get more curious…At least that was the case for Autumn and me. Those bottles on the shelf seemed to be calling our names! So one fine Friday night, after everyone else was off to bed while Autumn and I were still awake chatting and listening to our music. When we clearly heard those wine bottles calling…”Gabby, Autumn come have a taste!” We got out those pretty wineglasses and felt ever so grown up and adult, filling those glasses full. I will confess I was pouring for us, Autumn was being far too giggly and dancing around over the new experience and adventure we were embarking on. We proceeded to down a few glasses, still chatting, laughing (everything seemes so funny!) and dancing …Just having a good old time of it. Before long, we were both feeling a bit tipsy, of course getting louder and Autumn was posing with her wineglass saying, “I look at least 18 now, don’t I?” Which cracked me up, giggling so hard and loud as guess who cranked up the music? 😉 Naturally it woke up our parents after awhile…We were being so quiet and careful just how did it happen that our Dad suddenly appeared? Much to our surprise Dad was kind of funny and said “Enough girls, you aren’t in trouble now but you will be in the morning” as he herded us off our beds.

. Leave it to bold Autumn, after Dad closed our door to say giggly and proudly…”I just knew it, see Gabs we aren’t even in trouble!” What a true joke that turned out to be, for real. Saturday morning rolled around and Dad rolled in waking us both up Very Loudly, singing a tune and saying “Come on girls, let’s rise and shine!” We both were awake by then, feeling lousy, headaches and just plain miserable.

Whining (No pun intended) ;), both of us carried on to Dad to let us sleep, we feel sick! “Of course you do, this is your lesson”, said Dad…”You found your own trouble, your punishment is one you brought on yourselves and now time to get around and get to your Saturday morning chores”. Dad was a wise one all right…Mom and him knew we wouldn’t need grounded or in any big trouble. Instead we got to haul those hangovers along with us as we did our chores! Yuck, it was a miserable day to say the least and these type of lessons learned sure do stay with you, trust me! 😉 🙂

The road back ~By Autumn Sunshine

We travel back the same way

From the path we followed yesterday

Today we are so strong

nothing going wrong

We sing our song

going along

holding hands

we know we can

climb any mountain…



I never

loved a man like you

each day so new

we made it and it’s really true

that we will grow

and show

and sow

our lives


a new vine


We win…

The Twins Ruffle Some Feathers~BY Gabby Angel

Another fun memory of the twinnies 🙂 I was reading something and noticed a petting zoo advertised  just the other day. That really brought this memory to mind. Some of our adventure and stunts really were quite innocent … But ended up causing us big trouble. This happens to be one of them … Hang on everyone for we are off to the petting zoo 🙂

It was exciting, we were gearing up for a day trip to a petting zoo maybe 50-60 miles away. Autumn and I were about 9 yrs. old, the oldest girls and also the most responsible. 😉 We started out early in the morning, everyone happy and geared up for a fun time. It was just us twinnies and two sisters, Mom and Dad just knew they could handle this one…or so they thought. 🙂 We all were settled in the car, a station wagon of course and singing and doing some chatting on the way…everything going well. Oh yeah, except for several are we there yets and how much longer, and when will we be there ? Finally, we arrived at the petting zoo! We saw so many different animals, got to pet and feed them, pose for pictures with some…Which of course Autumn and I loved, we were a bit of the divas back then when it came to pictures. We especially loved the baby lambs who were soft and made cute sounds.

There was a lot to see and take in…Behaving pretty good so far. OK, well except for a bit of showing off to some of the other visitors who were intrigued by the “twin concept”…Giving us compliments and also Mom and Dad. We were little hams and a tiny bit show offy. Oh my, but I do make us sound vain which we weren’t…we just reveled in the admiration. 😉 It was really only a little dancing about and a few bars of our favorite song…Well, Dad got us calmed right down with “the look” and his promise of some singing on the ride back home.

We finally came to upon our most anticipated animal … The peacocks! The beautiful colors of the male’s feathers caught our eyes and both Autumn and I thought there was something special and magical about the peacocks. We were allowed to give them food, but no petting because they didn’t like that. One minute everything was fine and the next a small ruckus broke out … The twinnies thought it was OK to pick up some feathers from the ground and the peacocks thought not! They just turned on us…Weren’t they are friends? The sounds they were making, the feathers getting ruffled just scared us silly. A few more guides and helpers rolled in to calm things down…The look on Mom and Dad’s faces, we were going to be in some big trouble!

Crying because no feathers were collected and upset at the rumble of it all, the little sisters were pretty good kind of looking at Autumn and I in surprise and maybe disgust perhaps. We were nicely 😉 asked to please move along to the last exhibit, alas with still some sniffling over peacocks gone wild and No Feathers!

Last exhibit was the ponies, we got to pet them and have a little ride…giving Mom and Dad a short break. 😉  It was fun, more pictures, more posing and off to the car to head back home! Autumn and I were only given a short lecture, what a relief because Mom and Dad understood sometimes peacocks really can get excitable after all.

The little sisters fell asleep in the car…Autumn and I were chatting and singing softly with Dad, before we knew our house appeared and another adventure over! 🙂

Believe~by Autumn Sunshine


It’s so total

this trust

I must

tell you

again and again

this is  real

and I feel

and seal

the deal

with a million kisses …

I love you

I do


and always …

We’re on track

and we won’t look back

at what we once lacked

On our way to here

we came so near

of losing all that was dear

and so much fear …

but here we are

and two shining stars

Let’s go on our way

into a brand new day…

The Twins love Hats~By Gabby Angel

When young girls of 3 years old until way into early teens…The twinnies just loved hats! We were always on the hunt for the new and unusual. From Mickey Mouse ears, which we insisted were  more fashionable worn backwards to cowboy hats, etc. We had so many anything worn on our heads was intriguing! Starting so young, we just loved pretending we were the characters of the certain hat we chose to wear.

What can I say? Twinnies do make their own fun even when quite silly to others! The Indian feathers, the tiaras, wide brimmed Southern belle type sun hats, scarves fashioned in unusual styles and the list goes on! 🙂 Our Mom and Dad used to get driven round the bend when we insisted the hats were just fine to wear on the most ridiculous occasions. We progressed to beaded leather headbands, shiny and sparkly scarves styled like gypsies, exotic looking brightly patterned cloth headbands as young teens.

We were blessed to have a wonderful next door neighbor girl who was 5 or 6 years older that helped us fashion paper hats which was a new one to us! Dusty was so patient and kind, very much fun and she encouraged our love of hats! 🙂 If you watch back our home movies that Dad loved to take, many and such a variety of the different, exciting hats we owned. Autumn an I watched them with our Mom just a short while ago and that did kick off this particular “Twin Memory”. 🙂

Mom loved elaborating to us how we even “borrowed” her hats and yes we witnessed the home movies and the pictures for ourselves. Luckily none were damaged or injured so Mom’s hats remained safe! 🙂 Dad wasn’t safe from the hat hurrah either, we borrowed his bandana handkerchiefs and  styled those every which way on our pretty little twinnie heads, too! He used to just crack up laughing at our “style sense” at times! 🙂 A lovely memory that is, our Dad possessed a beautiful & infectious kind of joyous laugh. I can still hear his laugh and it brings lots of smiles and good memories, but also the tears still of losing him to cancer much too young. Autumn and I try to concentrate on the smiles. So, we twinnies as you can tell rarely met a hat we didn’t just simply love! 🙂

Autumn rarely wears a hat these days, I must confess I still do. My collection only consists on maybe 8 of them these days, but I’ve been thinking of adding to them! Maybe trying to get Autumn to join me to recapture our younger selves and embrace our “inner child” which I feel can be a joy to everyone, that’s only my very own personal thought. Hopefully you enjoyed yet another stroll down Autumn’s and my “Twin Memory Lane”. Perhaps it inspired you to all to drag out your own hats and just have fun, wear them proudly! 😉 After all, in life we all do wear our many hats as needed, sometimes real and other times they flow with each job or responsibility we take on!

See you next time for another one of my many, many Twinnies Blogs! 🙂