Just Desserts~Written by Gabrielle Angel

I actually was indulging in a small piece of cheesecake with Autumn earlier today. Thinking we both needed a treat I bought us individual slices of pumpkin cheesecake and headed to her house. We both love it, why didn’t I buy a whole cheescake? Very simple, we would be tempted to eat a much larger piece! 😉 That would mean  lots more of exercise time, so I spared us.

Anyway, we got to chatting about desserts in general. Autumn thought it a grand idea for me to write a blog about desserts. I just wrote a blog about pasta recently, am I talking about foods too much perhaps? The pumpkin cheescake is seasonal in our area, yay! Autumn and I both love cheesecakes of all or any variety. Who is with us on this one? I don’t off hand know anyone who doesn’t love cheescake!

Being health conscious, I should say we favor fresh fruit! 😉 Of course I can’t lie, of course we both do love fresh fruit. But to be honest, don’t all of us just like a good dessert?

One of our Dad’s favorite was cream puffs and Mom made these homemade. So many different pies were also a family favorite in our home and brownies(topped with ice cream sometimes). Mom would also make homemade doughnuts, Dad would help her sometimes with those. That leads me to an Italian dessert strufoli, a deep fried dough which was later covered in powdered sugar or honey.

My husband Dave loved apple dumplings and so many other desserts. So not fair, he was tall and thin and could eat whatever he pleased. I know ice cream was Craig’s (Autumn’s late fiance) and eclairs was another.

Autumn and I were chatting about a very minor and few people who didn’t like desserts or sweets. How can people not like chocolate? We actually do know of a couple people who don’t like chocolate…Personally we think there’s something wrong with them! 😉 That is said and meant as our humble opinions only. Everyone is entitled to their own likes and dislikes of course…Of course they are. Anyone reading this care to let us twinnies know if you really don’t like chocolate? We promise not to tease you!

That reminds me of chocolate chip cookies, I believe they have got to be a #1 favorite cookie. I would make a batch a week for my husband Dave, then restrain myself from helping him eat them.

Anyone reading this care to share their favorite dessert with Autumn and I? Also, am I making anyone hungry? 😉 I almost forgot, our Dad also loved Boston Cream Pie and Mom would make that homemade, too. Our parents liked to take a walk each evening together. Dad used to joke about the walk was meant to help burn off those “just desserts” calories. 🙂

Dad really did have a wonderful sense of humor, Autumn and I sure do miss him and his awesome sense of humor. If dessert is being had in Heaven, well then Dad, Dave and Craig are all indulging big time…That makes Autumn and I both have a little laugh. I guess a little laugh should always be served up with “just desserts”…That makes it all that much sweeter! 🙂


Dad’s HomeMade Ice Cream~Written by Gabby Angel

I was having a scoop of my favorite ice cream tonight, it was good. I do love ice cream and do give in to this indulgence from time to time. But, what I was remembering was Dad’s homemade ice cream. Oh my, no brand has ever come close to how good Dad’s was.

He started making this delicious ice cream when Autumn and I were so young. We kind of grew up with this, so all other brands did kind of pale in comparison. Of course we had store bought ice cream, too. Dad just couldn’t be making it all the time! Dad really did have a magic touch with home made ice cream though, he experimented with so many different flavors.

They were all outstanding, I remember one time in early fall he made pumpkin. That was one of my favorites, I still search for a pumpkin flavored that comes close, I have again found one that comes close! Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, yes Dad made those. Sticking with the basics at first, but he was quickly branching out since everyone had an idea of what might be tasty.

Back in the early days, it was so much fun taking turns cranking the handle on the ice cream maker. It was kind of an adventure all by itself, or maybe it was just Dad making it exciting and an adventure somehow!

I was thinking of how it was just Autumn and I when we started, then all the little sisters came along to share in the fun. Dad along with Mom really did come up with such awesome happenings when I really think about it. We were all quite blessed having them as parents, I do need to say.

One of Autumn’s and my favorites was chocolate malt, it still is actually. We did find one brand in our area that is pretty good! What an excuse for taste testing ice cream, trying to find one as good as Dad’s homemade! Mom had a couple flavors she remembers fondly, chocolate mint was one and a peach one. Of course you can buy these two flavors, but I swear Dad’s were still the best!  We were talking about this and it is funny when we reflect on the many different flavors  Dad made.

We used to tease him from time to time that he should market his ice cream, obviously he never did. That would have been a pretty cool family business though, wouldn’t it? So many childhood things were so special at our house, I am sure any of you reading this can remember your own, I sure do hope so.

As I always seem to be saying, aren’t family memories so nice and comforting, too? But they are, they are some of  the best times of our lives. For Autumn, my sisters and I anyway. I hope the same goes for all of you reading this one, too.

Hopefully this all made you smile and perhaps sent you racing to your freezers or favorite ice cream store as well. Let me know please! 😉 🙂