The Celebrated and National Foods for April

Here we are again, another month of Celebrated and National Foods. As always, I am very happy to share them with you kind readers. This month brings us 3 National foods and 5 Celebrated ones. The 3 National ones are very good and let’s do start with them! 🙂

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches 2. Soft Pretzels 3. Pecans…Yay, not a bad one there I do have to say! 🙂 Come on, who doesn’t love grilled cheese sandwiches? Soft pretzels, another winner there…Well, at least Autumn and I think so! Pecans, they are very good and especially in pecan pie. I have a feeling not everyone will be agreeing, so do share your thoughts and feeling on those 3 National foods please!

Now, let’s move it along to the Celebrated Foods shall we? OK, right off the bat I need to say…Not everyone is going to like all these. I just have one of those feelings…The Twinnies have to put in their 2 cents and say a couple of these are kind of yucky. That’s to us of course, some of you kind readers really may like them. You never do know, everyone is different, right?

Here they are those Celebrated foods for April…1. Cranberries 2. Gooseberries 3. Brussel Sprouts 4. Cabbage 5. Soy Foods. I know right away I will tell you, Autumn and I both say Yuck to Brussel Sprouts and we both really love most veggies, too. Gooseberries, what are those and I really mean it! Cabbage comes in as OK, nothing real wild and exciting to us and nothing we Twinnies will rave about. Cranberries, we like them for real we do! Soy Foods…Well, Soy Milk is OK with both Autumn and I. Most especially the vanilla and chocolate! The rest of the Soy Foods…not too much there to say. Well, like I told you kind readers, the National Foods came in more to both Autumn’s and my liking.

Now, what do all of you have to say? Any among the National or Celebrated foods to your liking? Any of them you can say Yuck to? Do feel free to share any and all thoughts with us Twinnies please. We are both wanting to hear your opinions. Autumn and I both are seriously wanting to know… does anyone really like Brussel Sprouts? Nobody is going to make fun or be mean to you, honestly and it’s a good question. Well, there you have it kind readers…The foods of April! Never fear, I will be delivering the news next month on the foods of May, too! 🙂 🙂