Butterfly Princess

Hi Bonita, this is for you 🙂 Looks like fun! love and hugs Autumn Massi ♥

I am the butterfly Princess, here to say

Look at me, up up and away!

I can fly up so high

Across the sky

I close my eyes and smile

I zoom across the miles

The butterflies and me

Look and you can see

My feet are bare,

I haven’t a care

Butterfly wings

I have to sing

We sail above the clouds

I am so very proud

The magics flows

And so it goes

a brand new day

Up, up and away!!


Butterflies and flowers ~ by Autumn

Butterflies and flowers

and lightly raining showers

show the beauty all around

with hardly any sound

hiding under  a flower so tall

is a butterfly so very small

the sunshine is back

all is on track

the growing

and showing

also the knowing

that all is fine today

so you may fly away

little butterfly of blue

and so many others of every hue

fly so high

up in the sky

the flowers bid you goodbye

you may try

to follow the sun

the day has just begun …

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