Christmas Kisses and Candy Canes ~ by Autumn Sunshine

What is your favorite?

Christmas Kisses or Candy canes,

All candies  are sure not the same

it’s all in the name

I have to vote for a kiss

those never miss

At holiday time it seems to me

that we all want a treat to be

better than all the rest

so make a choice or maybe try both

chocolate from Hershey’s

or peppermint canes

I hope this makes you smile

If only for a little while

both candies have style  😉


Crushing Candy Canes… ~ by Gabby Angel

The title doesn’t do this one justice! I think you had to be there to get the entire picture. We are on the the last week before Christmas, only a matter of days to go now. It is now crunch time for some and things have gotten a bit ugly. For some this means, bad tempers are showing because the stress they are bringing on themselves. Christmas should be a time of joy, not everyone going crazy!

Also, some of the kids are being affected, which does make me sad. I unfortunately witnessed one of these incidents for myself. Earlier today I went out to pick up a couple things from the local little market. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? It should have been,  the market wasn’t crowded and I grabbed a shopping basket. I thought I heard a small commotion going on, but didn’t think much of it.

It is a very small local market here in my small town, kids live here after all. Hoping things would calm down, that maybe I wouldn’t be heading down that aisle. I really am naive, trouble seems to find me and I always seem to get involved. Autumn wasn’t with me, so it wasn’t a twin incident…But I sure do wish she had been with me.

I wandered over and picked up a small bag of oranges and on to the candy aisle for some candy canes. That’s when I realized where the commotion was taking place. Oh no, my nice neighbor and 2 of her young kids…They are good kids so I was stunned by what I saw. The usually well behaved little girl and boy were literally stomping on candy canes, while their poor Mom was trying to settle them down. I did help her get them under control, the store owner also appeared and he looked as surprised as me. The Mom went on to explain how stressed she was and trying to get everything done for the holiday, etc. The kids were overly wound up…Yeah, we kind of noticed! Anyway, it all worked out and by the time I got home I knew I would write this.

I know it usually gets wilder than usual this time of year, too and nothing should surprise me. It would be nice though if everyone could just relax and enjoy the season. I for one will not be venturing (I hope) into another store the rest of the week!

Who Doesn’t Love Christmas Candy? ~By Gabby Angel

We all must, right? Wrong, I have known only just a few  people who don’t really care for Christmas candy, or any candy for that matter. Imagine that! So very hard to believe I say. Or, maybe they really do and didn’t want to fess up? 😉  Hmm…That could be, I didn’t know any of them all that well. Maybe they figured it wasn’t my business! The one person who said she didn’t  ever eat such things…Well, perhaps  just wasn’t wanting to admit she liked any sweet treat! After all, it was someone who worked out where Autumn and I did. Perhaps she was just not going to spill her secrets? 😉 Well, you just never know do you?

Well, I work out and so does Autumn and we  freely admit…We love Christmas candy and other goodies. Moderation is what we say, if you can’t do that…Exercise more?( Because why deprive yourself?)  It works for us…It’s so worth it after all! 😉 Autumn loves the Christmas Hershy’s Kisses, the shiny red and green wrappers attract her she says and she hates to to not answer their call.

We both also really do like candy canes, I personally love peppermint a lot. The twinnie likes some of the flavored candy canes, too. I also just love all chocolate kinds, not just the Hershey Kisses either! 😉 Harry London Chocolates are the best, and so are so many…Too many others in fact!

My husband Dave loved  any of the Chocolate/Peanut Butter types, he simply loved Reese Cups. So many different types of Christmas candy, it makes me curious of what any of you kind readers favorites are. Anyone care to share…As always, Autumn and I would love to hear. Here we go again… seems the inquiring twinnies just want to know!

Are we getting a bit inquisitive? I know, I am writing this…But trust me, Autumn said she would love for people to share their favorites. It’s all with being in the spirit of Christmas, so join in please! 🙂 🙂