Beautiful People ~ by Autumn Sunshine

Look around and you will see

Beautiful People like you and me

Sometimes you won’t know who’s who

so take the time to see those that do

know it’s true

We have the caring to share

we should all start to care!

Strangers can be friends

the journey never ends

we do have so much in common, we should reach out

and on and on without a doubt

No one would have to be alone at all

we’d have a friend nearby to call

we would never fall

just reach out a hand and try

The changes begin with you and I

The World is Changing ~by Autumn Sunshine

Here and there

and everywhere

one can see the signs that many care

we all should dare

wonder how this world will fare …

lessons learned

through the ages many have turned

and burned

with rage

if only we could gauge

the fate of tomorrow

and not waste time to borrow

a thought or two

of what is true

we open our eyes

and should have no surprise

The world is changing

and rearranging

we are in danger

of losing so much …

hold out your hand to a stranger

and just try, it can’t hurt you know

it only will show

that many still really do care

if we all can just share …